The SCCY 9mm CPX

The Perfect Size For Carry?

By J.B. Wood

First of all, it’s exactly the right size. Among today’s little pistols in 9mm, the “sub-compacts” are marvelous, and very concealable. With full-house loads, though, their pronounced felt-recoil may discourage more frequent practice. For the CPX from SCCY, this factor does not apply.

In size, I would describe it as very slightly less than a “compact”, but not as small as a “sub-compact.” The difference, in the recoil department, is addressed further by some other design points. The good shape of the polymer grip-frame gives an excellent hold, with recesses on the front-strap for all three fingers of an average hand, the lowest one a magazine extension.

Other recoil-control factors include dual concentric recoil springs. They are captive on the steel guide, and won’t fly away during the easy take-down. Another point is the locking system, classic falling-barrel type, with the squared chamber area engaging the large ejection port. The recoil cycle also compresses the hammer spring, another factor.

The firing system is Double-Action-Only, with a pivoting internal hammer. The trigger action is not a reset-type, it is continuous. So, if necessary, you can give a hard European primer another whack. The pull is quick and easy. The trigger has some vertical ridges, but they are low-profile, so I won’t make my usual complaint about them.

With the DAO trigger system, there’s no real need for a separate manual safety, and on the version shown here, the CPX-S, none is provided. For those who insist, one is available. More on this further on. There is also no pesky magazine-disconnect safety. With a lost or damaged magazine, you still have a single-shot pistol.


Slide latch at the top of the grip, magazine release at rear of trigger
guard. J.B. likes the slightly extended grip supplied.


The magazine release button is in the familiar place, at lower rear of the trigger guard on the left side. It has minimal protrusion and a good spring, so it’s not prone to accidental depression. The double-row magazine holds ten rounds. With today’s high-performance 9mm loads, 11 rounds should easily solve any serious problem.

When the last round is fired, the slide stays open. The external slide latch is a nice compromise — not too much protrusion, but enough for easy operation. Location is perfect, at the top of the grip on the left side. The sights are good, square-picture, three large white dots. The rear sight can be moved laterally in its dovetail.

When I tried out the SCCY at the range, I decided to go beyond the usual 7-yard routine, and made it 15 yards. Standing, two-hand hold, the CPX did well. Groups were mostly 4.5″, well-centered in the 8″ black of the Champion VisiShot target. Even with Plus-P loads from CorBon and Black Hills, the felt-recoil was not unpleasant. A test with wrists rested on a bag would very likely deliver much tighter groups as the gun seemed to have the ability, but alas … the shooter did the best he could off-hand!

The version shown here, with the slide finished in black Nitride, is the CPX-2 CB. With the same features, the CPX-2 TT has the slide in satin stainless. A quality note: The slide and barrel show careful machining, and the material is 416 stainless-steel bar stocks. The grip-frame is high-tech polymer.


Take down is simple and shows simple but robust construction
with attention to machining details.


The clean lines of the SCCY are clear here. A bit bigger than a sub-compact
but smaller than a “compact” according to J.B.

Some Thoughts

I can’t imagine why anyone would want the manual safety (ambidextrous), but maybe it would get you extra points in states with un-American regulations. The cost is just $20 more than the basic suggested retail of $314. The ones with the manual safety are the CEX-1 OB and the CPX-1 TT. Otherwise, they are the same as the one shown here.

For those who want more concealability, there are flat magazine floorplates included. I prefer the ones with the finger-rest. The control improvement is notable, and they don’t protrude that much. All of the SCCY pistols come with a lifetime guarantee. With the materials, care and good design shown here, you probably won’t need it.
By J.B. Wood

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4 thoughts on “The SCCY 9mm CPX

  1. Bill

    I’ve had my SCCY for a few years now and I love it. It fits my large size hand perfectly and has been dead nuts reliable. Comfortable carry in my belt holster and you can’t beat the value. I highly recommend it.

  2. Russ

    Nice, I really wanted one bad.
    But I’ll have to move out of California.
    Russians would have a better chance of acquiring one than I would here in this Socialist state.

    1. Jon Arck

      Hi, Russ

      Nice review!

      Now, if only they’d add a right-side slide lock for us lefties, I’d have it on my short list; until then, I’ll have to stick with the M&P 9C and FNS FS 9C.

      We just moved from California to Florida and feel like kids in a candy store (I couldn’t even buy my M&P FS 9 in California any more because of their feel-good, ignorant laws that only support criminals)!



    it just reminds me of a KEL-TEC, which I have and the drop in barrel and slide in 9, 40sw and 357 sig.

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