Handloading Hankerings Getting Hoodwinked By Hidden Hitches?

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www.Speer-ammo.com To The Rescue!


By Tank Hoover

It’s 3:00 a.m. and you’re tossing and turning over a terrible dilemma — was it 22 grains of 2400 or 24 grains of 2250? It’s not the first time either. You’ve just jumped into the miraculous maze called “handloading.” It’s really not hard when someone’s there to lead the way, guiding you through each step.

Your experienced handloading hombre’s started turning their phones off at night because of you. At first, they thought it was kinda’ cool to get your enthusiastic questions past the bewitching hour.

Then it became just down right annoying!

But you still have questions, as your brain replays your day’s labor of love in your laboratory, and you want them answered — now! Only problem? It’s 3:00 a.m. for crying out loud! You need the answer, NOW!

Speer’s website is easy to navigate and chock-full of great info for beginners or advanced reloaders.

SPEER to the Rescue

Speer’s website is www.speer-ammo.com and covers about everything SPEER is doing. The website covers detailed information on products, allowing you to search by product number or name. A complete library of reloading data is at your fingertips. How cool is that? There’s a section on safety do’s and don’ts too. Lastly, there’s the Speer Gear store and links to YouTube for informative instructional videos using Speer products. And get this, it’s all free!

The “FAQ” page has frequently asked questions which expand into clear, simple answers. I enjoyed reading
through them just for fun and l earned good things in the process!

Geek-Free Format

No need to be a pencil-pocket computer geek, either. It’s simple to use! Even I was able to open it up and obtain some load data. If Tank can do it, you can too! Trust me, just ask Roy!

So quit bugging your buddies before they bash your brain in! Log in, get what you need and before you know it, your buddies will be bugging you for load data, how things work or how the heck do you fix this?

If the questions become too much for you, do what I do. Just shrug your shoulders and play dumb. As Roy always tell me, “Well, I can see that Tank. It’s easy for you ….”

There are extensive load listings at-hand so it just doesn’t pay to guess or take chances. Read what the experts say first!

Hey wait a minute….

So there you have it, relief for the HOD-afflicted and we can thank the mighty fine folks at SPEER for the remedy.

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