And the reason it’s considered hell for Doc and me? It would take months to comb through every part to unearth what’s hidden in this treasure trove of hammers, triggers, cylinders and sights. Sights? You wouldn’t believe how many if I told you — so forget I mentioned it.

This is the kind a place that makes a guy unconsciously rolls up his sleeves and start delving into piles of parts, gears churning, inspired by all the vintage components lying about. The shop’s familiar smell fuels the flames, as we explore, taking in all the tools, parts and projects in various states of progress. You can’t help but pick up and examine everything that catches your eye and yelling, “Hey Ken, what’s this for?”

Ken is a man who knows how to blend, mend and EDM those parts into a unique, working revolver with the looks, style and performance Mag-na-port is known for. After all, he learned from the best. Ken himself was awarded Pistolsmith of the Year in 2007 by the Pistolsmith Guild.