Playing “What If…?”

The Survival Game

Rifles and Handguns

Here’s a varied array of persuasion. Tank’s used Remington 870 with 20" barrel is still handy, as is an AR-15 pistol. Handguns can be as varied as you want, as long as you’re familiar with them. Each gun has a specific purpose and is right for the job.

As a young cop, one of the favorite ways we youngsters would pass the quiet hours during a shift was playing “what if?” — keeping ourselves alert and our brains thinking. The game involves asking your opponent what they’d do in different scenarios and — why. Then a back and forth would take place, debating positives, while pointing out any negatives, for a tactically sound and safe approach to the particular problem, or call.

Short of doing live scenarios, this is an excellent way to prepare yourself, or getting yourself ready for any possible situation. It made the hours pass quickly in a productive way for us by prepping for any situation we could be possibly faced with. Sneaking in actual past calls you ran wasn’t uncommon, and was a great way to critique the way you approached the scene, or handled the call. This is one of the best ways young cops learn how to do the job.

Going the solitaire route is also an effective way of playing the same game. Analyzing how you respond on every call makes you have safer responses in the future. In most instances, you knew right off the bat if you screwed something up. Rehashing the incident and playing out better responses simply gives you more tools to use from your growing toolbox of responses. “What if…?” is a game I continually play to this day. With my imagination, I’ve got several responses for scenario’s ranging from carjacking to home invasion robbery.

Be prepared for the worst, while enjoying the comforts and joys of life. It’s all any of us can do, right?

Anyone Can Play

It’s also a great way for citizens to develop proper mindset. Suppose you’re going out to dinner with your spouse and as you pull into the parking garage you’re approached by an unsavory scumbag. What’s your response? What’s your spouse’s response? Have you talked about how you’re going to respond as a couple? Play the “what if” game now, before it happens.

How about the midnight caller? You and your spouse are cuddling on the couch and the doorbell rings at 11:30 at night. Do you simply answer the door? Do you grab the hall closet gun and answer the door. What if it’s a neighbor who heard a suspicious noise at her home? What would you do?

Pick Your Poison

Depending on your home situation depends on how you can have different guns stashed throughout your home, vehicle or workshop. Unless you’re constantly carrying your EDC at home — and there’s nothing wrong at all with that, in fact, I encourage it — having something stashed makes perfect sense. You never know when it might come in handy, and when it is handy, it’s usually not under good circumstances.

Do you have a gun handy by the front door, maybe a coat-closet cannon? Shotguns come in real handy for discouraging unwanted guests. How about your favorite easy chair? If some misplaced miscreant came charging through your front door taking you by complete surprise, would you be able to defend your family?

You’ve just finished dinner after a stressful day at work and are ready to relax in your workshop. While puttering around the workshop, you notice a suspicious vehicle drives down your lane. What do you do? Suppose you turn around and a complete stranger is standing behind you? It happens. Maybe some simple bells on your door to alert you of someone entering your shop is all it would take to give you the drop on any unwanted drop-in?

Think Mind

Think About It

All I’m doing is getting you to think about possible scenarios and possibly start acting on some of these easy fixes. The last thing you want to do is not have a response played out in your mind; giving you the proverbial “deer in the headlights” look. No response is worse than a bad one. A well-rehearsed response is even better.

While watching the news or a favorite murder mystery, talk about the show afterward with your honey and talk about your responses. Whether its home invasion, house fire, hurricane, tornado, talk about a proper response. Having some kind of plan is better than no plan at all. Acting on the plan is even better.

Don’t stick your head in the sand and say it’ll never happen to me. Are you willing to jeopardize your life, or a family members life with good intentions and well wishes?

Proper Tools?

Now the fun part, what tools do are necessary for these scenarios? Sure, picking the right gun is mighty fun. But as I mentioned, a simple string of bells, a dog, a home security camera/intercom system, security lighting, strategically placed thorn-bushes and other related items used to discourage trespassers or give you a heads-up to their encroachments are critical too.

As to guns, there are a whole slew of options out there, including used guns. Be it shotgun, rifle or handgun, think of where and what you would need it for.

Just Think!

Self defense, survival or just being informed is not a one article read. It’s a developing mindset, continually growing in tactical options you can use. Just as the criminals are constantly developing new techniques to make an easy score, you must be up to date and continually think and be aware of what your options are. Be vigilant in your pursuits to keep your family and yourself safe. Play the “What If…?” game. It just might save your life one day.

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