Ruger Does it Again… The SR1911 10mm

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By Tank Hoover

A Power-Puncher For Sure!

Those obsessed with the Phoenix bird have reason to rejoice! Ruger has done it yet again! They’ve come out with another shell-shuckin’ auto-loader built on the SR1911 platform — with an ingenious twist.

Ruger released the 10mm in their tried and true SR1911 platform. But get this; this latest rendition is bushing-free! Its heavy 5″ stainless steel tapered bull-barrel swells out at the muzzle, providing additional weight for greater recoil control, assisted by a full-length guide rod. And, that positive barrel lock-up contributes to match grade accuracy, right out of the box.

The slide and frame are CNC machined for an exceptional fit, along with slick slide travel. The ramped barrel is nitrided for maximum durability.

The aluminum trigger is skeletonized, adding to its lightness and has an adjustable over-travel, providing a crisp, clean, light trigger-pull with fast reset. It’s a joy to shoot! The skeletonized hammer provides fast cycling and hammer-drop speed while the titanium firing pin travels faster for a quicker lock time.

An oversized beavertail grip safety provides positive function and reliability while the thumb safety and slide stop lever are both extended for improved manipulation. The oversized ejection port, Bomar-style adjustable rear sight, along with extended magazine release offer competition performance assistance.

The Ruger SR1911 in 10 mm also features a flat mainspring housing with checkered backstrap and rear slide serrations for a positive grip for slide manipulation. It comes with two, 8-round stainless steel magazines.

Ruger’s SR1911 in 10mm is a stainless steel rendition of the classic 1911 system, but
upgraded with some almost “custom” touches from the factory.

The extended thumb safety, skeletonized trigger and hammer help the SR1911 to function more
like a custom gun than a standard factory pistol. The bushingless barrel system (with full
length recoil spring guide rod) contributes to accuracy.

Shootin’ the SR-1911 10mm

Overall, the Ruger SR-1911 10mm shot extremely well. Like a dummy, I used black targets against the black sights of the Ruger, which is not conducive for the best results when field testing a gun for accuracy. When I tried a 6 o’clock hold, the gun shot to the sights, defeating the purpose of using the nice Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C targets, so I was forced to hold dead-on the bull. Still, I was able to get some decent groups, if I squinted just right and stuck my tongue out, just so.

All shooting was done at 25 yards, from the bench. I rested the SR-1911 10mm on top of a sandbag, which was perched on a carpeted 4X6 chunk of wood. I measured the best four out of five shots, giving the gun and myself that handicap in our favor.

Both the Hornady and Sig Sauer 180-grain slugs shot the best in this test, while all the factory ammo performed well. My worst group was still under 3″ at 25 yards. Given better contrasting targets, or using a 6 o’clock hold, would have improved group size, in my opinion. And, of course, if I could still actually see with my semi-ancient peepers!

Hornady Custom Factory ammo exceeded factory claims for velocity, while the others were just under factory claims, which isn’t uncommon since most factories use pressure barrels for testing. Cheaters!

The gun digested all ammo without fail and spit the spent cases 10 feet behind my right shoulder in a nice neat pile. I’m gonna set a box there the next time I shoot this gun, to catch all the empties. It was really that predictable!

“His Editorship” Roy told me the test gun he’s got shot pretty much the same and he was impressed by the soft recoil. He was expecting recoil to be snappier (he’s the editor, so he wants stuff snappy-like) but said it basically felt like stout hardball .45. But being the big, sorta’ mean, tough guy he is, he probably says that about .454’s and .500 S&W’s too. By the way, this very Ruger model will be the cover gun in the Jan-Feb 2018 issue of American Handgunner, but shhh … don’t tell anyone yet.

Controls are all classic 1911. The SR1911 in 10mm comes with a hard-rubber style grip.

Note the fully adjustable sights to take advantage of this powerful hunting/defensive round,
and the beavertail grip safety.

A Keeper…

This gun with the Phoenix bird and 10mm hole sticking out the barrel has a new home in a newly designed BarrantiLeather “Brazos” holster. The Ruger logo is available upon request from Doc, and I chose a basket-stamp pattern to keep the Phoenix bird in-check.

This snug, minimalist holster, with full-length welt, covers the trigger guard and features a low-cut front, for quick presentation. The holster was named after the Brazos River, which just about crosses the whole state of Texas diagonally and means “from the arms of God.” I also got a matching magazine pouch, in case I need to feed my Ruger more ammo.

Whenever I feel nostalgic for days gone by, I know what rig to pick up as I go on a walk-about, creepin’ through the woods, ready for whatever I may encounter. Hopefully, it’s just tin cans, rocks and stumps that need shootin’.

Ruger is to be commended for doing a mighty fine job by offering us this opportunity to purchase a well-designed, affordable gun that performs so well.

Tank found the SR1911 to be consistent and accurate with factory loads. He’ll be
drumming-up some handloads later. These are 25 yard rested groups.

Modern factory 10mm chases .41 Magnum ballistics, making the 10mm an honest hunting round
for deer-sized game if you keep things sane at 100 yards and under (give or take).

Barranti Leather’s “Brazos” holster is a classic field or even CCW rig showing hints of the
old west but with a modern covered trigger guard design. Tank ordered his holster with the
stamped Ruger logo, offered by Barranti, along with stamping.

Shootin’ Results

X Factory Ammo Performance

Load Velocity Group (inches)
Hornady 175 Critical Duty Flexlock 1,120 2.7
Hornady 180 Custom XTP 1,213 1.6
Hornady 155 Custom XTP 1,386 2.2
Sig Sauer 180 V-Crown JHP 1,229 1.3
1,386 2.2

Notes: Groups the product of best 4 out of 5 shots at 25 yards. Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph screens set 15 feet from muzzle.

For more info:; Barranti Leather: [email protected]; Ph: (421) 860-4804

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