Threshin’ Out The Thrashers

Iver Johnson’s Tiny 1911

Iver Johnson is going to the birds! First we had the Eagle and the Hawk (Taffin Tests, March/April 2010) and now a whole flock of Thrashers have landed, and I’ve been busy at the Taffin Trappin’s Threshin’ out Thrashers. The flock consists of four birds, all different, and yet they have some attributes in common. The original Iver Johnsons were 1911 and Commander-sized, however the Thrashers are different. They are all Officer’s ACP-sized, and grip panels made for Officer’s Colts readily fit the Thrashers.

My test guns are all chambered in .45 ACP, however they will also be offered in .40 S&W and 9mm. Barrel lengths are 31/8″ with an overall length of 67/8″, overall height of 47/8″, and an unloaded weight of 34 ounces. Magazine capacity in .45 ACP is 7 rounds, and each magazine has a bumper pad on the bottom.

The four different models are Polished Stainless, Polished Blue, Satin Stainless and Matte Blue. All four models have Commander-style hammers and beavertail grip safeties with the memory bump to assure its being pressed, and grip frames are the older-style flat housing found on the original 1911s. They all have barrels which are tapered to a larger diameter at the front to fit solidly into the slide, and all have guide rods. Slide stops, thumb safeties and magazine releases are all on the left side and are standard size. Lowered ejection ports are also standard to each version. I’d call these pretty classic styles with no real design surprises, and nicely built.
By John Taffin

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