Timberline Battlehog

Timberline is sort of one of those companies often flying under the radar. I think if you take the time to check ’em out, you’ll find a remarkable cross-section of high-quality knives, sharpening systems and unique, highly useful accessory items for people who like and use cutters of all kinds. John Anthon, the president of Timberline, started the company in 1989 making high performance sharpeners, and has branched out since.

Over the years, Timberline (parent company GATCO — Great American Tool Company) has consistently offered solid, work-horse designs, at very affordable prices. They’ve built a successful business making sure people who need hard-working cutters get what is promised on the package. And they regularly surprise, with truly innovative design ideas, stretching the cutlery envelope.

The BattleHog series (this is the Model 1164), keeps it simple and tough — just what this sort of knife is built to do. The 3″ titanium coated stainless steel spear-point, combo edge blade is mated to a machined and textured G-10 handle, making a tidy but “grabby” folder. The Vallotton “Kickstart” assisted opening technology allows you to bump the blade open with a nudge of your thumb. Handy in an emergency, or even if you’re just opening a box with one hand. The “pocketed” stainless steel liners keep the scales stiff, and the blade locks open using a rugged liner-lock system.

With the right/left reversible pocket clip, handy lanyard and modest blade length, the BattleHog is right at home in a pocket, yet big enough to lend a sharp hand when you need it most. I like this sort of “all-round” using knife. While big, brawny blades get the press at times, most people I know have something like the BattleHog in their pockets to do the actual work. The best part is you get all this for around $50. For more info: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/timberline-tactical/, (716) 646-5700
By Roy Huntington

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