Timberwolf Glock Replacement Frame

When testing handgun ergonomics and “pointability” I place the cleared gun in front of me and focus on a target. Without taking my eyes off-target, I grasp the piece, and keeping my head in position, close my eyes, point the gun, then open ’em and see how close — or far off — I am to a true point of aim. The drill is repeated several times, to see if my grip and point tends to shift. Sometimes a gun points consistently wrong for me in the same way. Even worse, a few guns seemed to alter that “wrongness” in different ways every dang time.

When I received the Timberwolf Glock replacement frame that’s the drill I performed. I tried to be cool, but upon the very first “blind point,” a Wow! just sorta burst outta me. I suppressed the Wow! on several repetitions, but it never went away. Helena’s responses were Gee! and Gosh! times 10 or so. Handing it off to a buncha Glock-fans and Glock-haters both, the unanimous finding was: This is the frame Glock should have given us.

Designed and developed by Lone Wolf Distributors, the world’s largest source of OEM and aftermarket parts for Glock pistols, the polymer Timberwolf features a multi-spec rail system which accommodates both Picatinny and Weaver accessories, a roomier rounded triggerguard that fits all standard Glock holsters, an extended beavertail to eliminate slide bite, very grippy yet comfortable checkering, and two interchangeable backstraps. With the flat grip seen here, which gives the feel of a 1911, it’s the smallest Glock frame in the industry. With the humped grip insert, it feels like an XD grip. But the game changer is the sheer feel and pointability of it! The Timberwolf is compatible with eight different Gen-3 Glock models, and is available as a bare frame at $199.95, and “built-out” with all parts, set up for 9mm slides and barrels, or .40 S&W or .357 SIG slides and barrels, for $336.53. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/lone-wolf-distributors

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