Training From Your Sofa

The Next Best Thing To Bein’ There!

I’ve never met Clint Smith in person. I’ve read a lot of his writing, but never shaken his hand. That said, I’ve spent several hours of informative, personal 1-on-1 time with him, reaping the benefits of his knowledge on subjects from defensive use of the revolver to fighting from and around a vehicle. We haven’t had dialogues — it’s been Clint talkin’ and me listening — but that’s okay, because I can listen to myself anytime! It’s my dime, so I want to listen to him!

I’m not a gunsmith. Hey, I’m not even a decent gun mechanic! But you name the gun, and I can get a master gunsmith to patiently guide me through the process of stripping it right down to the frame, answering all my questions about how the plunger prods this pin and what the heck this widget whacks.

Paul Howe is an ex-cop and 20-year Army veteran, with ten of those years in Special Operations as a tactical team leader and senior instructor. I like his training style and content, but it’s tough to get down to Nacogdoches, Texas for a session at his Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT) facility. No worries though, I’ve got the best of his expertise captured on some little round discs, and more available online. And I know he’ll pardon me if I also spend time with Bill Rogers, the master of reactive pistol shooting, and the hard-core training team of Chris Costa and Travis Haley, a pair of real high-speed low-drag guys, if you’ll forgive the term.

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