Trigger Press: Striker-Fired Semi-Auto

Roy’s Insider Tips #510

August 2012

Trigger Press Part 1 of 6: You have a perfect sight picture, but you pull your shot and miss the target. Chances are, you rushed your trigger press. Roy Huntington, editor of American Handgunner, explains the important technique using a strker-fired Springfield XDM 3.8.

One thought on “Trigger Press: Striker-Fired Semi-Auto

  1. randy bottieri

    thx for the info..this is something i recently learned at the range with my Glock 19 after years of going on and off to the range..(unfortunitly not enough!) i like the dime part and will practice with that technigue also after making sure the weapon is cleared.

    thx again, and for my fav magazine subscription.


    Randy Bottieri
    Hollywood, FL

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