Trio Of Treats

From Freedom Arms

What would the state of the sixgunning world be without dreamers? Those who looked at what was and saw what could be. While Keith (one of those dreamers) was touting the .44 Special, Phil Sharpe was working with Colonel Doug Wesson on what would eventually become, in 1935, the .357 Magnum. Wesson promoted the first Magnum by using it to take several big game animals. So we had the heavy loaded .44 Special and the .357 Magnum; what else did we need?

A young Utah gunsmith by the name of Dick Casull wanted something more.  In the early 1950s solid head .45 Colt brass, as opposed to the older, weaker balloon head style, had just become available and Casull saw what could be. After blowing up several Colt Single Actions in his quest for a 230 grain bullet load at 1,800 fps, he built special 5-shot cylinders and then designed and built his own sixgun. After several false starts all this work culminated in the opening of Freedom Arms in 1983 and the production of the premier single action sixgun, now known as the Model 83, chambered in .454 Casull.

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