True Custom Bullets

Belt Mountain Punch bullets are turned from solid brass one at a time on a lathe. The base is then hollowed out resulting in a core filled with lead while the nose of the bullet is basically solid brass.  The resulting Punch bullets are designed for one application, namely deep penetration on large heavily muscled and boned critters. Being made one at a time they are neither cheap nor designed for casual plinking; load them, sight in, and go hunting. Kelye’s newest offering is a 270 grain .430″ designed mainly for the .44 Magnum. This bullet is already being offered in loaded ammunition by Grizzly Cartridge Company and clocked out at just under 1,400 fps from my 71/2″ Freedom Arms .44 Magnum. You may recognize this name from Belt Mountain Base Pins for SA revolvers. Kelye Schlep runs both side of the business.

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