By Mark Kakkuri

Problem: Holster clips that clip but don’t hold very well. They slide too easily off a belt, sometimes when drawing. Moreover, if you’re tucking a shirt over a holster, the clips are still on the outside of your belt, painfully obvious to anyone who’s paying attention. Solution: Ulticlip, a spring steel clip system able to replace most holster clips. Ulticlip installs in about 30 seconds — usually a matter of loosening a screw, swapping the clip and then tightening a screw. Now the holster installs on your person with the Ulticlip snapping down and clamping onto your belt, or, for maximum concealment, on the waistline of your pants, behind your belt. Either should work fine.

The design of the Ulticlip spring and hinge really puts some bite into how it attaches. It won’t let go unless you release the clip. So the clip will not release when you draw. It will hang on. Clamp Ulticlip on your waistband, behind your belt, and none of it can be seen. And it will still hang on and not let go. In other words, for a retail price of $11.99 each you can replace a traditional holster clip and make your holster system not only more secure but also more concealed. Ulticlips offers more than one installation point to accommodate a variety of holster attachments but I find the end hole the one used most often. The holster you see here is a single-point swivel from Cover 6 Gear. Riding in it is a Walther PPS M2, a single-stack nine. Equipped with an Ulticlip, it’s proven to be a great appendix carry rig — comfortable, secure and nobody can see it when my shirt is tucked in over the Walther. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/index, Ph: (239) 400-CLIP.

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