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Guardian 2011 Pistol

STI International Inc.
The STI Guardian is now available in a 2011 platform with a double-stack magazine. Packed with firepower, the Guardian 2011 is an ideal personal defense, concealed carry gun. It has a narrow lightweight aluminum frame in Cerakote finish with a stainless steel slide and a 3.9″ barrel. The 9mm gun maintains a 15-round capacity despite a shorter VIP grip for easier concealment in light cover. It also features a 2-dot adjustable rear sight with fiber optic front sight for quick target acquisition in low light conditions. For more info: (800) 959-8201,


Manta-Ray Snap-On Weapon Light

LaserMax Inc.
In collaboration with Manta Defense, LaserMax has developed the Manta-Ray LMR-M, a weapon light for duty and protective use. Emitting 140 lumens of mint green LED light, Manta-Ray LMR-M offers target identification and illumination while permitting rapid mounting across a host of platforms using the Manta rail connection. The Manta-Ray lighting system easily snaps on and off the firearm rail without need for tools, levers or clamps. The light is powered by a rechargeable battery with a 1-hour constant runtime. For more info: (585) 272-5420,


Browning Hi-Power

Gary Reeder Custom Guns
A new long-slide Browning Hi-Power is available from Gary Reeder. Fully engraved with a deluxe finish and fire blue small parts, it comes with Corian-aged ivory grips. The slide and receiver are engraved with curlicue and the words “The Ultimate 9mm” appear on the slide. The Browning Hi-Power is one of 70 full-custom guns currently being built by Gary Reeder. For more info: (928) 527-4100,


Böker Aurora

Böker USA Inc.
Designed by Jens Ansø and manufactured in Solingen, Germany, the Böker Aurora (model 112629) combines elegance with durability. It features a framelock design with titanium liners. The Aurora also has radial milling with two-tone anodizing, showing a grayish-blue base tone with bronze colored accents on the ridges. Its 4mm-thick blade is 3″ long and made of 154CM steel. The Böker Aurora weighs 5 oz. with an overall length of 7½”. For more info: (303) 462-0662,


Havoc 30 Backpack

5.11 Tactical Series
The Havoc 30 is a low profile, lightweight and durable backpack made from 500D/1050D nylon. It features quick-access waist-belt magazine pockets, zip-secured double AR magazine/water bottle pockets as well as admin pockets. The pack’s 1.5″ waist belt is removable and holster-compatible. It is also compatible with 5.11 Tactical Zero-G Plates, a modular load bearing system that increases the efficiency and comfort of your duty belt. A laser-cut MOLLE platform and padded eyewear pocket provide further customization with 5.11 pouches and added storage capability. It is an urban version of 5.11’s RUSH bag series. For more info: (866) 451-1726,


Premium Holster Clips

Alien Gear Holsters
Premium Holster Clips from Alien Gear Holsters enhance concealability for handgun carriers. Just replace the standard nylon clip of an IWB holster with Alien Gear’s drum-dyed leather loops, steel clips, or “C” and “J” clips. The “C” and “J” clips are made from impact-modified nylon. The “C” clip has a small visible profile but good retention over a belt while the “J” clip has an even smaller visible profile but hooks under the belt only. Alien Gear’s leather loops, made from English bridle leather, come complete with directional snaps for added security. For those looking to conceal carry with the strongest holster clips available, Alien Gear’s black holster steel clips are for you. For more info: (208) 215-2046,


M.U.D.D Knife

Hawke Knives
M.U.D.D. stands for “Multi-Utility-Dirt-Defiant” and defying dirt is the driving force behind the design of this folder from Hawke Knives. The M.U.D.D.’s locking/delocking mechanism is completely sealed by two 360° synthetic wipers, located on each side of the blade tang. Its delocking lug is encapsulated within flexible bellows, which eliminate dirt and debris. The M.U.D.D.’s XHP blade has bead-blasted, tumbled-titanium frames and carbon fiber overlays. It also has a bead-blasted clip and molded urethane seals. The locking slide on the side of the handle is used to close the knife. For more info: (208) 392-4911,


I-MOD Cleaning System

Otis Technology
The I-MOD cleaning system from Otis was originally developed for the military but is now available for hunters and shooters. It contains all the tools needed for proper breech-to-muzzle cleaning — such as Memory-Flex cables, bore brush, slotted tip, and patches. Featuring a Ripcord for quick, one-pass cleaning, the I-MOD cleaning system also includes an all-purpose receiver brush, and solid rod sections. It is available in a variety of configurations that fits your needs. For more info: (315) 348-4300, /company/otis-technology


Diamondback Binoculars

Vortex Optics
Vortex Optics redesigned their Diamondback Binocular series for 2016. The binos now have become sleeker with a short hinge making them easier to hold. Their new optical system has enhanced, dielectric fully multi-coated lenses allowing the binos to perform even in low light. An ultra-wide field of view allows them to cover ground and acquire subjects easily. The Diamondback binoculars have rubber-armored housing with diamond checkering along the sides and multi-position twist-up eyecups for comfort and eye relief. A center focus wheel and right eye diopter provide optimal image focus. For more info: (608) 662-1088,


Gekko 1505

Steel Will Knives
The Gekko 1505 from Steel Will Knives is a drop-point PVD-coated D2 steel folder with a blade length of 3.94″ and 0.14″ thickness. Overall length is 8.98″ with a folded length of 5.04″. The lock-back mechanism is designed to withstand the loads of a fixed blade in the convenience of a folder. These knives have Micarta handles and ambidextrous clips to boot! For more info: (877) 969-0909,


Razor Series

Walker’s Game Ear
Walker’s introduces its new Razor series of ear protection. The “razor”-thin muffs were designed to have a low profile without compromising their hearing protection and amplification properties. Delivering a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23dB, the earmuffs in the Razor series protect one’s hearing while giving the user focus to be on target. Available in several color options, the folding earmuffs also feature a comfort-fit headband with a metal wire frame. For more info: (972) 606-8866,


The Apocalyptic Desert Eagle

Magnum Research Inc.
Magnum Research introduces another Mark XIX Desert Eagle Pistol this year: the Apocalyptic Desert Eagle. It comes in .50AE and .44 Magnum and sports a Cerakote distressed white finish. The .50AE is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a 7-round capacity. The .44 Magnum has an 8-round capacity. Both guns measure 10.75″ in length, with a trigger reach of 2.75″ and a sight radius of 8.5″ with the 6″ barrel. The .50AE weighs approximately 4 lbs. 5.8 oz.; the .44 Magnum 4 lbs. 6.6 oz. This Desert Eagle features a G10 grip and a Weaver style accessory rail for easy installation of aftermarket optics and scope rings. For more info: (800) 772-6168,


“2 in 1” Clip/No Clip Holster

Remora Holsters
Remora introduces the “2 in 1” Clip/No Clip Holster. The holster’s “clip” option is draw-side specific for IWB carry with a swivel clip to accommodate your preferred cant. The “no clip” option can either be for IWB or pocket carry and are for both left- and right-handed users. The lightweight holster has inner padding for user comfort as well as firearm retention. It also has non-slip binding and smooth interior lining for a seamless draw. Sewn with marine-grade thread, the holster is water-resistant, fire retardant and durable. It features a sweat shield to protect the weapon from body oils and sweat and to prevent the user’s body from getting irritated. For more info: (239) 434-7200,



Fenix Law Enforcement Training Systems LLC
BarrelBlok is a safety and training device developed by Fenix Law Enforcement Training Systems. The device transforms any firearm into a training tool. To ensure safety, BarrelBlok is designed to prevent a firearm from chambering a round. It also serves as a visual indicator to an instructor or user that the firearm is safe and prevents negligent discharges. A firearm doesn’t need to be disassembled when using BarrelBlok. Initially used by the Law Enforcement D.R.A.W. School Firearms Training program, the device is now available for consumer and retail sales. BarrelBlok is currently available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. For more info, (704) 935-4433,


Texan Air Rifle

AirForce Airguns
AirForce Airguns is adding to its lineup of big bore airgun calibers. The Texan Air Rifle will now be in .308 and .357 caliber aside from the original .45. The new Texan Air Rifles are shooting in excess of 350 foot pounds of energy in .357 and almost 300 foot pounds in .308. The original AirForce Texan is a pneumatic air rifle with energy levels of 500 foot pounds with the ability to take down a whitetail in a single shot from its .457 barrel. For more info: (817) 451-8966,


Micro Hawk

TOPS Knives
The Micro Hawk by TOPS Knives was designed by Shawn Owens — a pilot, Filipino martial artist and hand-to-hand/edged weapons instructor. He pulled from each of his areas of expertise for his design of the Micro Hawk, which has the characteristics of a tomahawk, karambit and straight knife all in one. It’s a serious everyday defense tool that can also be useful in survival situations. Small and lightweight, the Micro Hawk is ideal for pilots of small planes where weight is especially important. For more info: (208) 542-0113,


.38 Special 100-Grain Xtreme Defense

Black Hills Ammunition
The .38 Special Xtreme Defense round from Black Hills Ammunition is a high-performance ammo providing 1,000 fps from short-barreled revolvers and over 1,250 fps from 6″ barrels. Its sharp-edged, homogenous copper design does not rely on expansion when it hits the target, but cuts and redirects the tissue radially as it penetrates, creating a larger cavity than what conventional hollow points make. The Black Hills Xtreme Defense round is an ideal ammunition for the .38 Special snub-nosed revolver, one of the most popular and reliable self-defense firearms. For more info: (605) 348-5150,


Red and Green Lasers for Pocket Pistols

Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace is offering a wide selection of laser sights — with red or green lasers — for pocket pistols. The laser sights can be installed on Kimber’s Micro and Solo; Smith & Wesson’s Bodyguard 380; Ruger’s LCP; Bersa’s Thunder; GLOCK’s Model 42 and 43s; Remington’s new RM380; Kahr Arms P380; SIG SAUER P239, Springfield’s XD-S and more. Some handguns already have Crimson Trace laser sights pre-installed. These include Kimber, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Browning, Springfield Armory, Remington, Bersa and Wilson Combat. Crimson Trace laser sights make aiming smaller handguns much easier. For more info: (503) 783-5333,


XT 22 Magnum

Rock Island Armory 
The XT 22 Magnum is a 1911 handgun packing the powerful 22 magnum cartridge with a 14-round capacity. It is engineered with a pinned solid-state 5″ barrel with delayed blow-back slide combined with Rock Island Armory’s standard 4- to 6-pound trigger. It features a low profile anti-snag angle front and rear sight with skeletonized hammer and trigger with adjustable over-travel stop. The XT Magnum is finished with parkerized coating, fitted checkered rubber grips and a beaver tail safety. For more info: (775) 537-1444,


VX-3i 1.5-5x20mm Riflescope

Leupold & Stevens
The VX-3i 1.5-5x20mm Riflescope from Leupold & Stevens features precision metric finger click adjustments for windage and elevation in increments of 1 centimeter at 100 meters. It also features the Twilight Max Light Management System providing maximum brightness in all colors and intensified contrast across the entire field of view. Dual Spring Precision Adjustments perform with match-grade precision. The easy-turn power selector can be quickly turned even with gloves on while watertight seals ensure fog-free performance. For more info: 1-800-LEUPOLD, www.americanhandgunner/company/leupold-stevens-inc


Ground Pounder, Mega Pounder and Dinka

Grayman Knives
Like all Grayman fixed-blade models, the Ground Pounder, Mega Pounder and Dinka series of knives are hand ground and made from 1/4″-thick 1095 HC steel. Grayman Knives will soon bring back double-bevel versions of these models but will retain signature single bevel options of other models. Each Grayman fixed-blade knife comes with a black or green textured G10 handle, a free personalized hand engraving on the spine and a MOLLE-compatible cordura sheath. For more info:


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