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Leather Tuckable Pancake Holster

The Leather Tuckable Pancake Holster from BLACKHAWK! is versatile and able to adapt to most popular carry configurations. Its design allows both civilians and law enforcement officers to choose from IWB, tuckable or belt-mounted wear. The holster combines premium leather and injection-molded plastic for comfort, security and durability. It has three slots to allow for strong-side, behind-the-hip, appendix and cross-draw carry on belts up to 1¾” wide. It features tension-adjustable retention and a trigger guard for safety and security. A built-in shirt shield adds comfort and a moisture barrier between the user and firearm. For more info: (757) 436-3101,


Drop-In and Maxbevel Mainspring Housings

Stan Chen Custom
The Drop-In and Maxbevel mainspring housing from Stan Chen Custom are available in carbon steel and stainless steel, either smooth or checkered. Mainspring housings improve the grip and appearance of your handgun.The Drop-In fits most 1911 pistols. It is machined to maximum tolerances for a snug fit, eliminating unsightly gaps and improving performance. A radiused, rounded heel makes the pistol more comfortable in the hand while shooting and against the body while the handgun is carried concealed. The unique design of the Maxbevel provides a large beveled opening without adding a bulky magwell. Extra material on the front ledge of the mainspring housing allows it to form a seamless joint with the frame, deep inside the magazine well. The Maxbevel’s proprietary Bevel-Block fitting block now comes pre-machined with an angled rear bevel to make installation simpler. For more info: (970) 385-7900,


TLR6 Series

Versacarry’s TLR6 series of holsters are made specifically for OWB carry of the GLOCK 42 or 43. Durable, flexible and lightweight, the TLR6 holsters are made of high-quality, heavy-duty English Bridle leather drum-dyed all the way through to ensure any scratches remain the same original color. Available in black, the holsters are handcrafted and finely stitched. For more info: (979) 820-3267,



Bad Boy Off Road
The Stampede 900 4×4 is a side-by-side ATV from Bad Boy Off Road. It has a German-engineered, precision-tuned 846cc liquid-cooled, 80HP engine with electronic fuel injection. With 59 ft.-lbs. of torque to accelerate, climb and tow, the Stampede is a comfortable yet powerful ride. It has 11¼” of ground clearance, high-quality springs, performance shocks and a four-wheel double A-arm suspension. Front and rear sway bars help to keep all four wheels on the ground when cornering for increased traction and handling. For more info: (800) 774-3946,


Pallas Button-Lock Flipper

Spartan Blades LLC
Named after the Titan god of war craft, the Pallas was designed by Curtis Lovito for Spartan Blades. The folder’s 3 ¾”-long drop-point blade is made of CPM S35VN steel with a hardness of 58–60 HRC. The frame is 6061 aerospace aluminum and the attached clip is 6AL-4V titanium. All other hardware is made of stainless steel. Easy to open with a flick of the thumb stud or the flipper tab, the folder has an overall length of 8 ¾” and weighs 4.736 oz. For more info: (910) 757-0035,


Runner Personal Alarm

The Runner Personal Alarm with Adjustable Wrist Strap from SABRE Red is a portable, piercing workout companion. It helps athletes, and even other users, deter danger and call attention in emergencies. Its 130-dB alarm can be heard up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) away and sounds continuously when the metal ring is pulled. The SABRE Runner Alarm calls attention from every direction in case of danger or injury. When help arrives, the user can insert the pin to stop the reusable alarm from sounding. For more info: (800) 325-9568,


Prohands Tactical

Prohands Tactical is a training tool for handgun professionals and is an effective way to train for accuracy outside the range. By mounting a laser sight onto the PRO edition, shooters will be able to train their entire hand, wrist and forearm to lock on a target. Prohands Tactical quickly improves accuracy and control, develops muscle memory, dexterity, endurance and the strength critical for recoil management, weapon retention and subject control. The Prohands Tactical set includes a patented PRO hand exerciser, two removable spring stabilizer plugs, a mount, a high-quality red laser sight and general instructions. For more info: (860) 599-1300,


Model 320 Pump Shotgun

The Stevens 320 pump shotgun series now includes a model for hunting turkeys. The new turkey-hunting shotgun has the same features as the company’s other 12-gauge 320 field-grade models, including dual slide bars, a rotary bolt, rugged synthetic stock and five-round capacity. Features that make the shotgun ideal for turkey hunting include the Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage, an extended full choke, a fiber optic sight and a drilled and tapped receiver ready for optics. For more info:


LG-409 P10 Rosewood Lasergrips

Crimson Trace
Kimber’s new Micro 9 semi-auto pistol will now be equipped from the factory with Crimson Trace LG-409 P10 Rosewood Lasergrips with a red laser sight. The LG-409 Lasergrips are also offered in standard black rubber. Other Crimson Trace laser sights are available for Kimber pistols, such as the LG-478 Lasergrips for Kimber’s Micro .380 pistol. The LG-950, the first grip from Crimson Trace without a laser sight specifically for Kimber’s new K6s revolver, will also soon be offered. More than a dozen other Kimber pistols like the Ultra Pro Covert, Ultra CDP, Custom Covert, Eclipse Pro and the Ultra RCP II can be purchased with pre-installed Lasergrips. For more info: (800) 442-2406, www.americahhandgunner/company/crimson-trace-corporation


Women’s Appendix Holster

CrossBreed Holsters
The Women’s Appendix Holster was designed with the female body in mind. It is made from soft leather and has smooth corners. Intended for small firearms, this CrossBreed holster has no cant so it can be worn on the front side of the body. It also features a hand-molded pocket for a perfect fit. The holster is versatile. It can be worn in the standard appendix or in cross-draw fashion. For more info: (417) 732-5011,


Blue Book of Gun Values

Blue Book Publications Inc.
Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad contains updated values and information reflecting integral changes in the gun industry. This edition tracks both the currently manufactured guns as well as the older makes/models. The book has 2,512 pages with nearly 1,500 manufacturers and trademarks, almost 20,000 gun model descriptions and over 175,000 prices. For more info: (952) 253-2922,


Enforcer Jacket

The Enforcer Jacket is an improved version of SCOTTeVEST’s Alpha Jacket. Both are designed with L.E., military and gun enthusiasts in mind. The Enforcer looks like a stylish soft-shell jacket on the outside, but inside are 30 pockets with unique features. Some pockets have configurable straps so you can always carry, whether it’s a firearm, a blade or both. The two front-positioned rapid-access pockets have built-in sub pockets for extra magazines. With the Enforcer, you can securely store all your gadgets and daily essentials — even a full-size laptop. For more info: (866) 909-8378,


Ground Pounder, Mega Pounder and Dinka

Grayman Knives
Like all Grayman fixed-blade models, the Ground Pounder, Mega Pounder and Dinka series of knives are hand ground and made from 1/4″-thick 1095 HC steel. Grayman Knives will soon bring back double-bevel versions of these models but will retain signature single bevel options for other models. Each Grayman fixed-blade knife comes with a black or green textured G10 handle, a free personalized hand engraving on the spine and a MOLLE-compatible cordura sheath. For more info:


BFR Series Upgrades

Magnum Research
Magnum Research (MRI) has upgraded its Big Frame Revolver (BFR) series with three new features. Handguns in the series now sport a taller and narrower hammer spur, raised vertically for easier cocking. The new hammer is 100 percent machined in stainless steel with a very smooth and consistent trigger pull. Another new feature of the BFR is a soft, rubber one-piece grip from Hogue. Designed with a correct taper needed for single-action shooting, the grip has a “screwless design” to make it fit snugly to the frame. The last feature is a new BFR logo with a more modern look. For more info: (800) 772-6168,



M Tactical
The R.A.G.E. TCS — Rapid Adjustable Gas Expulsion Total Compensation System is a rifle compensator from UM Tactical. Machined from stainless steel and aerospace alloys, it is a reconfigurable recoil tuning and management device with three port washer mounting zones (high, mid and low pressure). No drilling or grinding is necessary to adjust the barrel device. Using R.A.G.E. TCS results in a reduction in felt recoil as well as muzzle rise. It also improves performance and target acquisition. The device is ideal to use for bolt-action, semi-auto and full-auto rifles. For more info: (866) 979.4486,


SIG P938 Custom Grip

Wicked Grips
The SIG SAUER P938 Custom Grip (Black Lace V2) from Wicked Grips is not only functional but also fun to own and display. Made from aluminum, the grip is anodized to create custom art — in this case a detailed lace design. Wicked Grips’ art designs always flow with, not against, the shape of the grip and of the firearm. Production is limited to only 50 pieces per design. The SIG SAUER P938 Custom Grip comes in a collector tin package. For more info: (810) 412-4037,



Spyderco Inc.
The EuroEdge is part of Spyderco’s ethnic series, a collection of knives inspired by cultural cutting tools of the world, then made with state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing methods. Designed by custom knifemaker Ed Schempp, the EuroEdge’s near-symmetrical, 3.9″-long blade is precision machined from CPM S30V stainless steel. With a cutting edge on one side and a long swedge (unsharpened bevel) on the other, the blade has Spyderco’s Trademark Round Hole for quick, one-handed opening. The EuroEdge’s handle features polished, 3D-machined G10 scales and steel liners that form the knife’s liner lock mechanism. The handle includes a pocket clip for right-side, tip-up carry. For more info: (800) 525-7770,



GTG Knives
The GTG-1 is a serious drop-point, self-defense knife. It can also be a strap cutter and a glass breaker making this an ideal LEO duty belt or EDC fixed-blade knife. The knife is made of 1095 steel with a Cerakote finish. It has an overall length of 6.8″; blade length is 2.4 “. The GTG-1 can attach to a molle/pals tactical vest and its skeletonized handle can be left as is, or wrapped with a paracord. The knife comes with a Kydex sheath. For more info: (843) 900-7055,


KILO850 and KILO1250 Rangefinders

The two new KILO rangefinders from SIG SAUER are advanced yet simple to use with very fast digital signal processing engines. The KILO850 and KILO1250 both feature Lightwave DSP technology for fast scan speeds, a HyperScan mode to provide four range updates per second and a simplified user interface with “Range” and “Mode” buttons only. They’re encased in lightweight polymer housing with a diopter adjustment. The rangefinders’ optics sport SpectraCoat, an anti-reflection coating for superior light transmission and clarity. For more info: (603) 610-3000,


Pro Tandem Series IWB Holster

Nate Squared Tactical
Nate Squared Tactical has introduced the new Pro Tandem Series IWB holster. The concealed carry holsters in the series are comfortable to wear with the security of a Level 2 holster. They have N82’s Twist Release Retention System and a dual-clip design to make them adjustable. With four different mounting positions for both clips, the Pro Tandem will give users more options for both ride height and cant. The patented layered design of the Pro Tandem holsters keep the mounting hardware away from the skin with a layer of neoprene and soft suede leather. For more info: (336) 479-3561,



G-Sight Solutions
At 5 ¾” long and weighing 6.95 oz., the EVO-Knight is a lightweight laser sight. Its frame, constructed of hard-anodized aluminum, comes in Tactical Black and Storm Gray. It fits a 1″ mount with small rails for a sure grip. Waterproof to 30 meters, the EVO-Knight has a strike bezel head that can be removed to access the 4-point windage and elevation adjustments. There is also a momentary push button at the tail end of the laser sight. It comes in four laser colors (sold separately): red, green, blue and infrared. For more info: (626) 594-0016,


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