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Additional Lights & Blades

By John Connor

November/December 2009 Issue


Designer Mikey Vellelkamp’s “Havoc” folder, made for Fox Knives USA, uses titanium and G-10 scales to slim and anchor his radically styled powerful-cutting blade.

Knives 2

Custom knifemaker Rick Hinderer’s loyal customers say that with his XM-18, he has perfected the modern tactical folder. Available in several colors and blade finishes, this G-10 and titanium beauty is rock-solid and smooth.

Knives 3

Between Brownells Caspian 1911 PocketSmith Tool and their own AR15-M16 Multitasker, there’s not much you can’t fix with their array of widgets.

lights 4

Essential Gear makes these eGear XT tactical lights in several sizes; surprisingly powerful at surprising prices.

Lights 5

Energizer recently made a splash – and friends – in the tactical light market with a couple of very user-friendly feature-loaded lights, the Hard Case Tactical 2AA Handheld and the Hard Case Tactical Helmet Light. No helmet? No worries. Both have multi-mount capabilities and multi-roles to fit your needs.

Lights 6

The latest iteration of Streamlight’s veteran rechargeable Strion pumps out an amazing 160 lumens from its new C4 Power LED. The tailcap switch controls constant, momentary and strobe modes, plus three levels of light intensity. Just under six inches and six ounces, it’s a perfectly-sized powerhouse.

Lights 7

When bad things happen, you use the light you’re carrying, so add a SureFire T1A Titan to your key chain. There, or in a pocket, or around your neck, you’ll have 70 lumens of tactical-level light, or an almost infinite scale of lower-level light, all controlled with one twist of the bezel. Almost indestructible and weighing only two ounces (with battery installed) it can be your constant companion.

lights 8

It’s finally in full production! SureFire’s X400 weaponlight leaps nimbly from handguns to rifles, bringing 110 lumens of center-loaded light and a powerful 5-milliwatt, 635 nanometer red laser to any “socially serious encounter,” at close range or out past Fort Mudge. Crafted for combat, engineered for excellence, and perhaps the last weaponlight you’ll buy – until they make an X500…

Lights 9

Pelican Light buyers have a good thing going with the 3390 Knife and Light Deal. That’s a hardy, handy 3320 PM6 incandescent light and a KB-1250 lockblade folder, both backed up by Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence: “You break it, we replace it… forever.” Yeah; no matter how many forevers you live…

Lights 10

After designing their famed LAPD Light, Pelican improved it with the model 8060, a multi-power-source blaster throwing up to 190 lumens of shockproof LED light for eleven hours from its grenade-grip polymer body. Got serious duties? Here’s a serious light.

lights 11

Add a Codex module to any high-quality precision-machined Pila Torch flashlight, and you can program functions and activation procedures to your personal requirements – then change them any time; perfect for schizophrenics, huh?

Lights 12

A kick-butt trio from the BLACKHAWK! one-stop online shop for all things tactical: left to right, the new 50% more powerful Gladius Maximis tactical light, the Shooting Industry Award of Excellence-winning HawkHook tool, and the perfectly sized multi-mission do-all folder, the Point Man Automatic. What a team!

Lights 1

Master knifemaker Darrel Ralph’s custom creations run into thousands of dollars, but you can cut a slice of that greatness in his production designs, like (left to right) the latest version of the MAXX-Q assisted-opening folder, and his absolutely superb 18-XRAY AUTO automatic, designed for Meyerco. Both these knives have tremendous features you can read about and appreciate, but even more you’ll just have to feel – so, go do it, okay?

Lights 14

It just doesn’t get much better than this: From Spyderco, the updated, upgraded, camo-clad battle-ready Military, the slightly smaller ParaMilitary, and the double-ended SpydeRench, with a whole toolbox tucked neatly away in compact, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Pick `em up, grab your guns and go!

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November/December 2009

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