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Bright lights, laser sights and one super gun-grip!

By John Connor

Looking for one laser that will leap from one Glock to another in two seconds with no tools? How bout a real mil-spec Picatinny rail for optics, which you don’t have to remove when running your iron sights? A grip sleeve you can use on your handgun, flashlight, hatchet and carbine? Night sights you can store glow power in with your tac light or sunshine? Guns and ammo may be in short supply these days, but there’s lots of goodies for your pet popguns — and you’ll find ’em right here and on Web Blast! Happy hunting, handgunners!


Got a box fulla’ Glocks but lack the bucks to put a laser on each one? American Tactical’s new CAT laser can jump from Glock-to-Glock just by pushing the unit straight down over your OEM Glock rear sights. Interior grooves create a snug fit with the slide cuts, and in conjunction with powerful magnets keep you zeroed and true through recoil and violent action. It incorporates short-radius iron sights and it fits most open-top holsters. The CAT comes in two sizes for the two Glock slide widths.


I’ve written before about Viridian Green Laser’s ECR (Enhanced Combat Readiness) holsters, and now they have a sleek new green laser for your Ruger LCP or LC9, and ECR pocket holsters for ’em! Just turn your Reactor-5 on, shove it in the holster and it turns off. Pull your Ruger out and voila! — Your Reactor-5 comes on automatically! And remember, even at its teensy size that green laser is daylight visible way out there.

When the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) tested Advantage Tactical Sights, they found them superior in daylight to low-ambient-light situations. And by the time you read this, they’ll be superior in complete darkness as well. New Firefly sight inserts use a material storing light, providing long-running luminosity and lasts decades longer than tritium. How’s 3.5 hours glow time after only 30 seconds of exposure to a 90-lumen light sound to ya? Or 7 hours glow after 90 seconds of sunlight?

smith & wesson

The new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield a sweet little shooter, and you can make it even sweeter with the addition of a LaserMax CenterFire laser. Doesn’t look like an add-on though, does it? That’s because it’s custom designed to meld smoothly with the Shield, integrating with the frame, providing a steady-beam red laser just under the boreline, with an ambidextrous switch. And, and you will like the price!


Listen up, Streamlight fans: If you’re already sold on the lightweight, compact TLR-2, you’re gonna love the new TLR-2 G, which adds a long-range daylight-visible green laser to a bright, center-loaded 200-lumen tactical light, plus disorienting strobe function. Like its predecessor, the G-model features a fast, 1-handed snap-on-and-tighten interface, which mates with a broad range of weapons, and, it will fit existing TLR-2 holsters.


Hey, here’s more handgun goodies for you guys — and they’re NOT “second place winners;” just MORE first-rate gear! Enjoy!


SureFire’s X300 WeaponLight has been around for (yawn) years, hasn’t it? Well, yeah — and no. The new X300 Ultra has leaped from 170 to a blazing 500 lumens using the same two 123A lithium batteries with a runtime of 1.5 hours. Plus, all the “old” X300’s handy ambidextrous controls are still used: including their time-proven push/toggle switch, which provides one-finger operation for either momentary or constant-on modes.

The Rail-Lock system fits Universal or Picatinny rails, and an array of accessories is available to work with both handguns and long guns railed or without rails, and to change control switch options. And, of course, it has the coated and tempered lens and virtually bombproof construction you’ve always counted on. The X300 Ultra is a top choice for both your “socially serious” handgun and your carbine.

sight mount

sight mount 2

So you’d like to be able to mount a mini-reflex sight or some other gizmo — like an infrared targeting unit — on top of your pistol without having to remove your rear iron sight or fiddle around with multiple spacers, plates and adaptors? Check the photos: Sight-Mount replaces your original rear sight with a mil-spec Picatinny rail, including its own integral rear sight. Sight-Mount secures into your rear sight’s dovetail and one screw-hole drilled and tapped — a quick and fairly cheap operation by your gunsmith — for a solid, stable and permanent lockup. This allows for quick mounting and dismount of optics or other accessories without tools, and reliable return to zero. I filed this one under “Wish I’da thought of it.” One of my pistols is gonna wear a Sight-Mount soon; just haven’t figured out which one yet!

hiviz sights

hiviz sights 2

Here’s another cool upgrade for you lucky Smith & Wesson Shield shooters: HiViz Sights has a new sight made for the Shield, and it looks terrific. I like HiViz sights, though I admit I tend to forget about them sometimes, because I only have them on one pistol which I rarely shoot — it’s kinda “too pretty,” if you know what I mean. But every time I’m at home base, reach into the back of my gun safe and pull that one out, I think, “Dang, these are nice sights!” Guess I need to get a set installed on one of my “beaters.”

If you’re not already familiar with them, HiViz makes some of the brightest, boldest and most precise fiber-optic sights available, and prices them very favorably. This set for the Shield looks flawless. The front sight is resin overmolded with a blade height of .160″ and fits all the other Smith & Wesson M&P pistols too except the M&P9L. The rear sight is specific to the Shield, and fits both the 9mm and .40 S&W variants. It’s all-steel construction, and the dovetail mount is further secured by a retention set screw. Both sights are available with red or green LitePipes, so you can go matching at front and rear or go two-color. I like the green LitePipes myself, and think they give you the greatest contrast against most backgrounds.


And, here’s somethin’ else from HiViz; an item that’s much needed, convenient and potentially life-saving: Mag-Sto Protective Magazine Covers. No matter how many pistol mags I may be wearing or carrying in pouches, depending on the situation, sometimes I like to just dump extra mags — okay, sometimes a buncha extra mags — into a roomy pocket. It’s a personal comfort thing. When I’m headin’ out, I sorta sniff the breeze, and sometimes, just sometimes, there’s a whiff in the air saying, “Pack more mags, moron; ya might need ’em.” At various times I’ve made my own “pocket mag sleeves,” but wasn’t pleased with them. Mag-Sto is the perfect way to pack extra comfort.

These sorta “magazine socks” are water resistant, long-lasting durable neoprene designed to keep dirt and other foreign matter outta your mags and protect the feed lips too. They fit most single and double-stack mags from 9mm to .45 caliber, and come two to a package for just $12.50. A handy pull-tab at the top end skins ’em right off in a hurry. I like the concept and I heartily recommend them.

Years ago a “professional acquaintance” of mine grabbed a loose P35 mag out of his coat pocket and tried to jam it into his pistol under grave circumstances. His eyes were on his opposition. His pistol jammed up. Immediate action — racking the slide, pulling out the mag and re-inserting it — solved the problem, just in time. It was only later another guy who had rushed to cover him figured out what had happened. Apparently a coin in his pocket had wedged itself between the top round in his magazine and the lip. It could have cost him his life. Ummm, you’d prob’ly wanna keep your life, right? Think about it. Connor OUT.

For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/product-index and click on the company name.

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