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By John Connor
From The January/February 2011 Issue Of American Handgunner

lawmen 1

Lawman Leather’s Head of Assembly edging with an artist’s brush. All holsters receive a
double coat of sealant and a double coat of edge dressing and all Lawman personnel are trained
to be skilled in at least three areas of leathercraft.

lawmen 3

Lawman Leather’s BIG-HAWK Scoped Handgun Shoulder Holster — a Classic from 1978, available for any handgun with any scope/mount combo; shown here with Lawman’s Founder’s hunting souvenirs.

lawmen 4

Jerry and his son fitting guns after a hard night’s work.

lawmen 5

Here is their Snake hide Original Dirty Harry, all genuine Diamondback Rattlesnake.
They sell a lot of these to Europe and especially Japan.

lawman 6

A 5,000 pound roll of Lawman Leather’s custom
core steel which Lawman Leather tempers.

lawmen 9

A group of Original Dirty Harry holsters made-to-order for various
guns and barrel lengths ready to ship.

Lawmen 10

Lawman made the first speed loader pouch for shoulder
holster harness wear back in 1978.

lawmen 12

The S.T.U. is now manufactured for every revolver ever made.

lawmen 15

The S.T.U. Tactical Shoulder rig, full view.

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Jan/Feb 11

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