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Packs & Bags – Some New,
Some Classic, All Good 2 Go!

By John Connor

bag 1

bag 1a

5.11 Tactical’s  Bail Out Bag has an effective ergonomic easy-carrying cut, and holds an amazing
amount of widgets and gizmos. Made tough and tactical, it’s a fine design for, well… Bailing out…

bag 2

Century-old Boyt Harness Company recently jumped into the tactical-gear field with both fearless
feet, and their TAC030 Tactical Medium Backpack shows their tough, harness-making history;
rugged and durable as a good saddle.

bag 3

Brownells designed their Three-Gun Competition Case specifically for 3-gun match shooters, but cops are telling them it’s a terrific SWAT case too. Built to securely transport two long guns and a handgun in their own padded, divided compartments, plus lots of accessories, it’s a lot of bang for the bucks.

bag 4

Sometimes you just need a big-mouthed gear-bucket with a handle plus shoulder straps.
Atlanco makes their classic military duffle bags (“seabags” to sailors and Marines) to tight
mil-spec. And you don’t even have to enlist to get one…

bag 5

If you’re a certified gym rat who hits the iron pile hard, you deserve the Pro Training Bag by BLACKHAWK! Lots of room for all your athletic gear, and built to the same combat-tough standards as their battle gear.

bag 6

The cavernous BAB Deployment Bag by Diamondback Tactical is correctly named; built for
tactical deployment with full battle-rattle anywhere in the world, whether the mode of
transportation is a Blackhawk or an old Buick, an LAV or an 757. Most of all, it’s built to last.

bag 7

Here’s the Larkspur, the compact model of Maxpedition’s  new Gleneagle messenger bag.
It’s “compact,” sure, but with a 15.5″ wide, 10.5″ high and 4.5″ wide main pocket plus five more
purpose-built pockets, it has plenty of carrying capacity and tons of character.

bag 8

Elite Survival Systems christened it the International Bag, because it was designed for discreet overseas travel by “persons representing certain governmental interests.” But a buncha buyers call it their “Get Outta Dodge Bag” because you can cram about ten days worth of clothes, tools of the trade, sensitive documents and sundry novelties into it in about ten seconds flat and be on your way to Sheremetyevo before the KGB knocks on the door. Sturdy and slick, this is the one you keep in the hall closet, ready to jump.

bag 9

Galco’s Hidden Agenda isn’t just a gun-carrier disguised to look like a day planner – it is a
fully-functional day planner, hiding a covered compartment equipped to conceal a pistol and
spare magazine. You can even open the day planner portion and make notes while making your
Roscoe instantly available. Made from the same fine full-grain leather as Galco’s handbags, the
Hidden Agenda can make your day… and help you survive to the next one.

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