Unipro Sight Tool

Okay, so we’ve all done it and will likely do it again, but that doesn’t make it a good idea. I’m talking about bashing sights into and out of dovetails using a brass punch and a hammer. Or an old nail and a rock — that one’s a long story. Small adjustments one way or the other to handle windage changes are fine, just make sure to use a brass or non-marring punch and don’t over-do things. But if you need to completely remove and replace a front or rear sight mounted in dovetails, a dedicated sight-pusher is the civilized way to go.

There are many available, but frankly, most are overly complicated and overly expensive. I have one model I’ve had for years, and in order to move sights I have to fumble with inserts, adaptors, spacers and otherwise juggle things into alignment. Then I can twist the knobs to tighten things down and eventually move the sight. But even then, things tend to shift since there’s so much going on. No so with Robar’s new UniPro Sight Tool. Our test unit worked great.

In the “simple is best” category, the UniPro is, well … simple. What you get out of the box is all you need for about 99 percent of sight chores. An important feature is the fact the threaded rod you turn to actually push the sight has fine threads, allowing you to put some serious torque on it. Some guns (like Springfield XD series pistols) usually take three men, a boy, a big dog and an impact wrench to move the sights — but the UniPro handled it easily. Everything is beautifully made and the bearing surfaces have synthetic pads to help prevent marring the gun’s finish. It even works on some revolver sights!
By Roy Huntington

Robar says it’s on sale now for Handgunner readers at $199 (regular price is $220). Let ‘em know we sent you. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/robar-companies-inc, (623) 581-2648

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