Video: Defensive Revolver

Wheel guns are REAL guns. Learn to shoot them correctly.

From the Defensive Revolver Thunder Ranch Training Video featuring Clint Smith

Highlights from the new Thunder Ranch Defensive Revolver DVD hosted by firearms training expert Clint Smith. — 04:18
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One thought on “Video: Defensive Revolver

  1. micko77

    Clint, thanks for putting this series together. While I haven’t had the chance to buy them, their presence on the market obviates a primary concept: the wheelgun is not dead! I keep several as primary/secondary arms in the home, as there are fewer things infrequesnt shooter like my wife has to try to remember, front sight, press trigger are universal. I’m taking her to her first CCW class tomorrow, and refreshing her on roundgun use took 10 minutes, then dry practice. Can’t say the same about the wide variations of semi-autos. Thanks again!
    p.s. there’s an American Handgunner ad on this page–I’ve subscribed for years.

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