Vote For Your State Gun!

State Gun

Do you wish your state would follow Utah’s lead and select a state gun? Well here’s your chance to nominate an official state gun — handgun or long gun— for your home state.

In 50 words or less, make a case for why that firearm is an appropriate “fit” for your state by leaving a comment below. We’ll keep a running tally once we have a few to report so you can see the results. When we have a couple bushels of ’em, we’ll get them to the right “State” people.

Now let’s get rollin’! Connor OUT.

237 thoughts on “Vote For Your State Gun!

  1. Kali

    California’s official gun should be the “pointing finger” model. No actual firing pin. Mostly safe, except when presented in the “middle finger salute” firing position. Concealable. Easy to operate for both right and left handed people. The liberal left handed model seems to be the most popular in this state.

    1. Suleiman

      Get involved with the NRA and California Gun Owners association to help in the fight. It’s easy to take shots at California but it’s tougher to put your money and your time where your mouth is.

      1. Matt

        I Think that the official gun of California should be the 1849 Colt Pocket Pistol because it was often carried by the gold miners or police of the area. These were the people that made California a state.

    2. Roy Jaruk

      I disagree. If only to frost the cookies of the Wicked Witch of the West and her ilk, the official state gun of the Peoples Democratic Republic of California should be the Smith & Wesson Model 29 with a 6 1/2 inch barrel. There isn’t a person in the world who won’t instantly identify it with San Francisco’s most famous movie cop, Inspector Harry Callahan.

  2. John Smith

    The Walker Colt for Texas. It I believe was the first gun ordered by the Texas Rangers back in their beginnings. They used it to fight the Commanche. They usually rode alone and needed more than a single shot pistol or rifle, because the Indians would wait for them to fire the one shot and then attack the lone ranger (no pun intended). The gun was even designed with enough weight to be a handy club if he did run out of bullets.

    1. V. Tinker Shays

      I’ll second that vote, Mr. Smith!! Anybody that’d disagree ain’t Texan, doesn’t know Texas history, never heard of Capt. Samuel H. Walker and probably never heard of Samuel Colt!! Further, I’d put up a small company of ole-time Texas Rangers against a militia from all the other States and Puerto Rico, combined, with whatever piddly little firearms they come up with!! (Hell, I guess I’m a tad biased, Mr. Conner; no need to tell ya where I’m from)

      1. Craig Petty

        As a Texan I fully endorse the Walker-Colt as the Texas State Firearm, hands down. While my sources
        indicate the 5-shot Patterson-Colt actually preceded the Walker-Colt in Ranger service it was input from
        Capt. Walker and his fellow Rangers that ultimately produced the Walker-Colt, and its subsequent notable
        successors of Dragoon, Navy, and Army models. The Texas frontier was the crucible in which the single
        action Colt revolver was forged.

          1. Brandon Davis

            I was going to suggest a more recent design, but I have to agree. Historical legacy means a lot to us native Texans. The Walker-Colt for our state gun. God bless Texas, and take pity on the poor dumb schmuck who breaks in a three AM.

          2. Agustin Alvarado Jr

            I was going to propose a different gun; the Long Colt .45 Peacemaker, but after doing some research on the Walker-Colt, I must agree that this would certainly be in line with our great state of Texas…so I give my vote to the Walker-Colt as the choice for Texas State Gun.

          3. Ron

            I agree that it should be the Walker-Colt for a Texas State gun. There is no other organizaton with the fame of the Texas Rangers. It has been my reat honor to have known a few. I remember my best friend’s dad had his ranger badge in a case on the wall. He was an FBI agent at the time. Once again, Walker-Colt all the way.

          4. Roger Johnson

            The Walker Colt in the perfect state firearm for Texas. The history of the Walker Colt shows that good people will do whatever needs to be done for something they belive in.

          5. LeroyG

            That is exactly what I thought of for Texas. People started moving to Texas in the late 1800’s because of what the Texas Rangers were able to accomplish with that gun.

      2. Roy Jaruk

        I agree completely. The Walker Colt is synonymous with the early Texas Rangers. No other gun would be as appropriate. I may not be a Texan, but I’ve been there. The state deserves the Walker Colt.

        1. Fibonacci

          The Walker Colt was the first thought I had when I read about a state gun for Texas. It was the most powerful handgun made for a VERY long time (till the .44 Mag was introduced, I believe??)

    2. Craig Petty

      As a Texan I fully endorse the Walker-Colt as the Texas State Firearm, hands down. While my sources indicate the 5-shot Patterson-Colt actually preceded the Walker-Colt in Ranger service it was input from Capt. Walker and his fellow Rangers that ultimately produced the Walker-Colt, and its subsequent notable successors of Dragoon, Navy, and Army models. The Texas frontier was the crucible in which the single action Colt revolver was forged.

      1. Terry Wacasey

        I agree , the Walker Colt brought Colt out of bankruptcy and proved the viability the revolver in combat, at least in the hands of ‘Los Tejanos Diablos’

    3. Ross Eckstein

      Walker has my vote also, I don’t need to say anything else, these guys have made the point.

    4. Rick Adkins

      As a Texan, I’ll add my vote for the Walker Colt. It was the first gun I thought of for a “Texas State Gun”. I think it would make Ranger Walker proud.

      1. Lance M Hillier Sr

        I agree with the Walker Colt designation as Texas State Gun. Developed by a Texan, Walker, with Col. Colt, it was worn by “Dos Tejanos Diablos”, and helped carry the Mexican-American War. (Capt Walker gave his life during one of the battles). As a revolver, had more stopping power than muskets of the day, and truly helped Texas move from frontier to civilization. Immortalized in ‘Lonesome Dove’ by Robert Duvall’s portrayal of Gus, former Texas Ranger. BTW, feel proud to be a Texican.

    5. Frank Seals

      This Texan from Pecos also votes for the Walker Colt. It was the first firearm I thought of when reading Mr. Connor’s column.

    6. Marvin Faulkenburry

      There is no better fit than Texas and the Walker Colt. Aside from the Texas Ranger Captain Sam Walker connection, it is large with a 9″ barrel and heavy at 4.5 lbs. It remained the most powerful pistol until the .357 in 1935.

  3. Ray Arellano

    For the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I would nominate the KY/PA
    Kentucky Long rifle.It was the deciding factor in several of the revolutionary battles, and is immortalized on the Infantry Rifleman’s combat pin.It is also the Minuteman’s rifle as noted.

    1. Brad

      The gunshop built by Martin Meylin, where possibly the first Pennsylvania Rifles were built, still stands in Pennsylvania. From that shop, A rifle smithed by Meylin and passed through his family for generations, is held by the Lancaster Historical Society.

      1. Bigbear66

        My vote would be for a savage lever gun in 300 savage or 30-30 it’s the all time most used deer gun here in the commonwealth it’s at home for bear to deer to turkey all that’s needed here in a true free state!!!!

      2. Don Leyh

        I vote for the PA Flintlock rifle, sometimes called the Kentucky rifle because many were made in PA.

  4. Kirk Freeman

    Indiana: The Gatling Gun, conceived, designed and built in Indianapolis. Dr. Gatling is buried in Crown Hill cemetary near downtown Indianapolis.

      1. Grady Cobb

        As a fourth generation Texan I endorse The Walker-Colt as THE STATE OF TEXAS firearm.

        1. Charlie Buchanan

          As a 6th generation Texan and one who had a relative in the Alamo as well as a great-great-grandfather who was an early Texas Ranger, I whole heartedly agree with the walker Colt. My great-great-grandfather’s Walker Colt was in my family until it was stolen along with other guns. So I definitely agree.

  5. Gary Owens

    The Texas state gun should be the Walker Colt that Sam Colt with input from Texas Ranger Samuel Walker made in 44 CALIBER with a nine inch barrel and engraved “Sam Colt’s gift to the Texas Rangers” and etched a picture of “Battle of Walker’s Creek” in which the first five shot, 36 caliber revolver help the Ranbers defeat the Commanches.

  6. J. Bean

    For Kansas it should be the Sharps .54 breechloading rifle. During the Border Wars the Kansas settlers were able to protect themselves from the Border Ruffians with their “Beecher’s Bibles”.

  7. Sven Baker

    Massachusetts should be a super soaker. It’s such a nanny state run by Dems for Dems

    1. Roy Jaruk

      Sven, I disagree. Little love as I have for the Commonwealth’s gun laws, we have to remember that for more than a century the Springfield Arsenal was a prime source of firearms for our armed forces. With that in mind, and with a sad look because of the state’s contempt for private gun ownership, I feel Massachusetts deserves the M1903 Springfield Rifle for its state firearm.

      1. Stephen

        I was thinking the exact same thing. While I hate the current gun laws and cant wait to move out and be reunited with my beloved AR, I still think the 1903 is the perfect candidate for the state gun of MA. I was just scanning to see if anyone else had suggested the same thing before posting it myself.

  8. Scotty Grizzle

    Just adding my voice to the other Texans with respect to Walker Colt. Not sure how or if any Texan would not know this as the ONLY choice.
    Thank Ya’ll

    1. Malcolm

      AMEN! PENNSYLVANIA RIFLE ALL THE WAY FOR PA. The Pennsylvania rifle is different than the Kentucky which should be the state rifle of Kentucky.

  9. Mark

    I’d vote for the Texas state gun to be “Chuck Norris”. Nothing else needs to be said…….

  10. Wade McManus

    Louisiana’s State Gun should be the 12 gauge shotgun. How many ducks,geese, deer,dove,squirrels,clay pidgeons ,etc have we Cajuns popped with a 12. Tens of thousands. We’re called the Sportsman’s Paradise for a reason.

    1. John Sanders

      Second that, but has to be a Remington 870. They’re almost issued to LA citizens at birth.

      1. rynosaur

        As a Louisiana resident I’d vote for the Remington 700 Rifle… but that’s just my 2 cents

      2. Luke

        I agree whole heartedly with the 12ga, but i have to nominate the Remington, 1100. It is the quintessential Louisiana firearm. All function, very little flash, hard working, durable, and just gets the job done. Plus everyone I know either owns or has owned one at some point in their lives.

  11. Lamar

    The great state of Arkansas is home to not only Bill Wilson and Wilson Combat, but also Nighthawk Custom and Gunfighter Industries. They all excel at manufacturing, customizing and improving one pistol: the 1911. That’s my vote for Arkansas’ state firearm.

    1. Muncy Zuber

      Absolutely, with Wilson Combat, Nighthawk & Gunfighter in AR. I also believe we should change Arkansas’s State Motto from then Natural State to the 1911 STATE!

        1. Matt

          Well like five states have the Mockingbird as their state bird so why not have the same gun for a few states?..

    1. DougDoty

      I vote for the Remington 870 for New York’s state gun as it is made here, and it is the greatest selling shotgun of all time. Besides, it stands a better chance than any handgun, with the current anti-handgun legislators we have.

      1. Dennis

        I second the nomination of the Remington 870. Just think of the tax revenue this brought to the state, how that revenue has been used and what the business attitude of the state has forced the company to do.

    2. Doug S.

      I think the Remington Model 700, should be the NYS gun of choice for the states gun/rifle. The reason is:

      It was 1962 when Remington Arms (NYS company) first introduced the Model 700 that would go on to become “America’s most popular bolt action rifle on the market”. With its simple yet elegant design, the Remington Model 700 would prove to be the staple by which all other rifles are compared. It’s out of the box accuracy and rugged durability is a statement of it’s longevity to any shooter who owns a Model 700. It would be these simple qualities that would also make the Model 700 an attractive choice by the United States Marine Corps., and later the U.S. Army

      Today, the Remington model 700 is still known for it’s out of the box accuracy and it’s classic look. Since 1962 it has been produced in more than 50 variants, from classic wood stocks to the space age synthetics. It has also enjoyed a wide range of caliber selection, all the way from 17 Remington to the 458 Win. Mag. With nearly 3.5 million being manufactured since it’s introduction, it will continue to be a top contender for many years to come. With a history like the Model 700 has enjoyed, it truly is, “America’s most popular bolt action rifle!”

      1. RoyT

        I vote for the Henry Rifle for NY. as it was a ground breaker and made here in a very unfriendly gun state.

  12. bob hollingsworth

    for illinois it should be a craftsman grease gun, because of Chicago politics, nothing gets done without politicians getting their palms greased and the tax payers getting prepped for the reaming. bilge rat bob..

    1. Jonas Bergstrom

      The Illinois state gun should be the iconic Henry Rifle.
      Abraham Lincoln owned a customized model which he greatly cherished.
      It’a wonderfull weapon with an amazing history and a connection to Illinois.

      1. Mick Wood

        I must sadly disagree. Since Les Baer wised up and went to Iowa, the great gunmaker, Armalite, holds the patent and produces great guns in IL, including, I believe, the the modern variation of the new-classic AR-10

        1. Warrant

          Chicago should be seperated from Illinois, just like the city of New York should be seperated from the state. Chicago should be the Saturday Night Special.

    2. Verisai

      I think Illinois should have a target as their “gun”. Since we aren’t free to carry our own firearms for self defense making law abiding citizens easy targets or criminals.

      OR you could go for the AK 47 since it represents the weapon used by the “bad guys” in most situations, standing for how the criminals have the guns but not the heroes.

  13. Redbeard

    The golden state of California requires a golden gun, and the man with the golden gun, at least in the Bond film, was Christopher Lee and he carried a Colt 45.

  14. Kansas Slim

    Kansas’ official arm should be the Sharps Rifle in any of the buffalo hunting calibers, although I would personally prefer the .45-70 as it is more available today.


    1. Bruce Younger

      I wholeheartedly agree. Sharpes 1874 in 45-70 it is. Nearly wiping out the American bison is nothing to be proud of; nonetheless it is a prominent part of Kansas history. We should also recall that this rifle played a big part in the last of the settler-Indian skirmishes, and the defense of the early homesteaders, our great-grandparents.
      Connor, if I could attach a picture, you could see my first grandson, after four beautiful girls. Little Connor will be one year old on June 15th.

  15. Kevin Strickland

    I grew up in WV and, from what I remember growing up, everyone used a 30-06 or a 12 guage, no specific manufacture so a weapon in either would be perfect for that state. Since I spent much time in NC as a carreer Marine I must nominate either the humble M16A2 as the official NC state firearm.

  16. Dennis Smith

    Recognizing the influence of Elmer Keith in the development of the .44 Magnum, Idaho should adopt the Smith & Wesson Model 29 as the state firearm.

  17. Frank Kerr

    Nebraska: Because the Great Plains weren’t a safe place to live and could not be populated with settlers due to Indian depredations, and due to the fact the Indians were no longer a factor once the buffalo were wiped out, the Sharps Buffalo Rifle should be the State Firearm.

  18. J.L.Peddicord

    The Smith & Wesson model 10 should be the Tennessee state handgun. Many police officers in Tennessee started their careers with the 38 special model 10 in their holsters.

  19. Kevin hoag

    In 1836, the most revolutionary design in handgun history was brought to us from New Jersey…That’s right…NEW JERSEY!!!

    The Colt Paterson revolver! The first repeating handgun was made!

    Semper Fi, John!

  20. cade wigger

    HMMM being from Idaho I suppose any thing Elmer Keith or John Taffin like would be fitting!!

  21. Michael Mosteller

    I believe the Colt 1911A1 has proven its self time & time again for 100 years. So I believe th Colt 1911A1 would win Hands down.

  22. Lance David

    As noted, the Pennsylvania Rifle should be the State Firearm of Pennsylvania. It is inarguably the rifle that made the expansion and colonization of this country possible. It’s embarrassing that a few extreme liberals were able to derail this effort earlier. The Pennsylvania Rifle deserves to be honored in this way.

  23. Agustin Alvarado Jr

    I wanted to suggest the Long Colt .45 Peacemaker, but after doing some research on the Walker-Colt, I give it my vote. It goes in line with our great State of Texas.

    1. Terry Wacasey

      I might suggest the Navy Colt, since it was used so effectivly in the border war by Missouri irregulars and then by Wild Bill in the prototypical “gun fight” here on the square in Springfield

  24. Dan Sarmir

    Massachusetts…are you kidding? The shot heard round the world…the “kentucky long rifle”.

    1. Roy Jaruk

      Kevin, you are absolutely right. Jew Jersey deserves the Paterson Colt as its state gun.

      1. John Volkening

        Any gun for NJ would have to have a jack-booted cop attached to it, that’s about the only way you will find one there!

  25. Jim Sparks

    Here in Arizona we are moving forward to make the Colt Peacemaker our state gun.

    1. Chuck Heller

      Peacemaker is a fitting pistol for our beautiful state. Our state rifle should be the AR-15, where else in the country can you carry it around just about any place you like.

  26. Wayne Sutherland

    In Wyoming we have historically seen use of almost every type of firearm, and many could be appropriate. However the quality of life in Wyoming is matched by the quality and reputation of the finest production revolver ever (made in Wyoming), the Freedom Arms Model 83 .454 Casull, which should be designated as the Wyoming State Firearm.

  27. Lars Olsen

    I sure this already may have but…

    By David Schwartz

    PHOENIX (Reuters) – Taking a page out of the old West history books, the Arizona Legislature early on Wednesday made the Colt revolver the state’s official firearm.

    In what resembled a Western shoot-out, the Arizona House narrowly approved a bill calling for the Colt Single Action Army Revolver to join the ranks of the bola tie, turquoise, the cactus wren and a handful of other items as official emblems of this desert Southwest state.

    The proposal was shot down once in the early hours, but backers were able to muster enough support the second time to pass the measure by a 32 to 25 vote.

    “Anytime you see a Western movie, the revolver in John Wayne’s hand is a Colt single action,” Senator Ron Gould, the bill’s sponsor, told Reuters late Tuesday. “This is a historic firearm and it fits well with the story of Arizona.”

    Despite the Colt’s fame, the proposed designation drew fire, with some critics questioning its timing.

    Opponents charged Arizona has more important issues on its plate and is still coping with the January 8 mass shooting in Tucson that left six people dead and another 13 wounded. Among the wounded was U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

    A Navajo Nation lawmaker said he had a major problem with the state glorifying a weapon used to kill his people and others.

    “If you want to symbolize something and shove that something … in their faces, this is what it is,” said Albert Hale, an ex-Navajo president, at an earlier hearing on the bill. “The gun symbolized the extinction, the extermination of those Indians who were here.”

    The bill still must be acted upon by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to become law.

    Users of the Colt, made popular in the late 1800s, read like a virtual “Who’s Who” from the rough-and-tumble days of the American West.

    Legendary names like Bat Masterson, Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickok were Colt owners, according to “The Book of Colt Firearms”, by R. L. Wilson.

    Production first ran from 1872 through 1941 and then again from 1955, making it “unequalled in length by any other firearm whether handgun or longarm,” Wilson wrote.

    If signed into law, the bill would make Arizona the second state in the nation to have an official firearm. Last month, Utah designated the Browning model M1911 automatic pistol as its official gun.

    (Editing by Jerry Norton)

  28. William Wallace

    The State Gun of Texas should ,indeed, be the Walker Colt. Designed by Texas Ranger Walker (not Chuck Norris) and used by both the Texas Rangers and the US military. There were only 1100 or so built (1846) and they all were given rough service, so there are very few original dragoons left and almost none in good condition. There are a lot of reproductions and people who try to pass them off as originals. The Texas Ranger Museum in Waco, Texas had a not so great example of the Walker Colt on display the last time I was there.

  29. Drew

    I would like Connecticut to adopt the Colt Python as it’s state handgun. This revolver is excellent and dependable for competitive shooting and self defense. My preference is the nickel plated four inch revolver.

    1. Mark

      Since Connecticut has a rich history in firearms manufactorers maybe a medley of them should be included to remind the statists and liberals that run this place what our history is and what it accomplished. ( colt, high standard, marlin, mossberg) just to name a few.

  30. Bob

    Wisconsin sells between 600 & 700,000 deer hunting licenses each year. A deer rifle should be our State firearm. Lots of choices here but I’ll vote for the Rem 700. If we add a State handgun, let it be the 1911. State shotgun, how about the Winchester Model 12.


    1. Chuckew

      How about a single shot .22 to symbolize too little too late. Perhaps something in “pink” for all the “Nancies” in Madison

    2. Kellly Bailey

      I agree with the deer rifle for WI. I would suggest that a Winchester 94 or a Marlin in 30-30 would be a good choice since much of our hunting is done in the woods. It is also a good choice as a black bear gun.

  31. Jack B. Slack, Texan

    Being a Native Texan, and a student of history, I can not fault the choice of the Walker Colt as the official handgun of Texas. Although I could argue that the official firearm of Texas should be the muzzle loading canon depicted on the Gonzales Flag sometimes known as the “Come and Take It” flag. In some respects it better reflects our Texas love of freedom and our willlingness to fight for it!

    Being an American and having traveled around the country I do have some ideas for the other less fortunate states in the U. S.

    Arizona – Colt Peacemaker
    California – Weatherby Rifle in full Californian Style Excess (or middle finger)
    LA.- The Le Mat Pistol (Designed in N.O.if not made there)
    Conn. – High Standard Target Pistol
    Idaho – Smith and Wesson Model 29
    Washington – Lewis and Clark Air Rifle
    Missouri – Hawken Rifle
    Nebraska – Sharps
    Colorado – Hawken or Sharps
    South Carolina – Palmetto Armory 1842 Musket
    New York – Remington Rolling Block
    Mass. – incredible choices here but should be Springfield Musket or M1 Garand or even revolutionary era long Rifle but the current folks would problably vote for the finger (and not the index or middle extended) What a bunch of wussies!!!
    New Mexico – Winchester Model 92 or 94
    Ohio – Camp Perry 1911, Springfield 1903 or M16
    Tennesse – Barrett M82
    Kentucky – Kentucky Long Rifle
    West Virginia – Smith and Wesson Hand Ejector (Labor Troubles)
    New Jersey – Colt Patterson Revolver (or middle finger)
    Ill. – Tommy Gun, Chopper or Thompson Model of 1921
    Montana – Winchester Model 70
    Alaska – Marlin Guide Gun
    Michigan – Remington Model 740 and succesors
    Maryland – Matchlock or “call 911 quick”
    Virginia – Matchlock or Jefferson’s excercise gun (flintlock rifle)

    I could go on but …..

    Live Free or Die Trying!!!

    1. Robert Mullinix

      I believe Mich. should be the Navy colt since we are surrounded by so much water.

    2. KenK

      The Tommy gun does not convey the right message…
      however apt it may be.

      I 2nd the 1860 Henry rifle.

  32. John Chisum

    I am from the great state of Louisiana. God bless all our patriots down in Baton Rouge. I vote for the LeMatt revolver for our state. It may not have contributed all that much to history, but it definitely has the cool factor.

    1. Chris Leabo

      I second the vote for the LeMatt revolver for Louisiana. Probalby the only, if not most famous, gun designed here in Louisiana, not the mention the cool factor of both 9 pistol rounds Plus a shotgun round all in one.

  33. Dennis D Feller

    For South Dakota: The M1873 Trapdoor Springfield. This was the primary arm of the 7th Cav during the exploration of the Dakota Territory that spurred the Black Hills Gold Rush (which pretty much started the state).
    Other option would be the good old Remington 870 12 guage. I don’t think it is possible to say how many of these excellent weapons have taken untold numbers of Ringneck Pheasants (the state bird)in fields of the SD plains.

  34. John Beissel

    Minnesota should have 30-30 lever action deer rifle as its State Gun.
    So many youth hunters learned big game hunting with this gun.
    Still popular…ideal for the Minnesota woods.

    1. STRider

      I agree, the 30-30 Model 94 should be the Minnesota State Gun. Photos from the logging years show it was the universal rifle of logging camp provisioners. It’s as Minnesotan as Paul Bunyan, and still used in great numbers every deer season.

  35. Edward Covington

    There’s little doubt that the Colt Walker has to be the Texas State Gun. Texans like everything Big don’t we? The real reason being the early history of the weapon, associated with Samuel Walker and the Texas Rangers.

  36. Roy Jaruk

    For New York, it’s hard. I’d love to nominate the 120mm cannon mounted on the Abrams tank, which used to be made at Watervleit Arsenal near Albany, but that’s not a gun folks can carry.

    At the moment, I think the gun most worthy of New York would be the Henry AR-7 US Survival Rifle. It’s manufactured in Brooklyn, New York and is a utilitarian little firearm that does not run afoul of the evil Patacki Gun Ban.

    Besides, if the anti-gunners in the Rotten Apple had their way, that’s about the heaviest caliber they’d allow us to own!

  37. Al Voss

    I suggest the State Gun for Georgia to be Glock.
    The factory is in Smyrna,Ga. and employs many people and adds to the state economy.
    Secondly, Georgia hosts at least 3 GSSF competitions yearly and that adds popularity, tourism, and revenue to the state.
    My carry Glocks are a 35 in a shoulder holster, and two 27s, one on each hip,but well concealed.

      1. Mike Carey

        Glock is a good choice, but so might be a Daniel Defense M4, as they are also headquartered in Georgia…

        1. Al Voss

          But the Glock, in all its models and calibres is bought by far more civilians than the M4.

  38. Wild Bill Reckitt

    I first visited Texas in the 60s.. I moved to Texas 20 years ago.As a Texan I’ve have been very interested in the history of our great Texas History and its Texas Rangers. Therefore is should be the Walker Colt Revolver which was the weapon of the Rangers.

  39. WW Paul

    For my home state of Maine I would suggest the Winchester’94. They were the first rifle for many of us, I can’t imagine how many of them are spread around the state.

    1. Gil

      Good choice – I was going to suggest the Marlin 30-30 but then I went in a different direction. I’d like to nominate the Bushmaster AR-15 in .450 Bushmaster. Designed and built in Windham Maine. Enough power to drop a Black Bear, Moose, or any two legged vermin in its tracks.

      1. Sgt Higgit

        I agree with the gent from Bangor. Hirem Maxim is deffinately a Maine born inventor with a gun on almost par with Brownings first machine guns.

  40. D Raymond

    Though not “strictly” a gun, it is a gun-type device, so I think the “Little Boy” atomic bomb should be the New Mexico State Gun as it was developed here in New Mexico at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  41. D Raymond

    Another thought for New Mexico: Billy the Kid carried a Colt Lightning, and Sheriff Pat Garrett gunned him down with a Colt SAA. I’d rather celebrate the Lawman’s weapon than one associated with the Kid.

  42. Steve T

    I’m from Delaware-THE FIRST STATE-.Our Congressman,Tom Carper,had family that made rifles in the 1700’s.I don’t know the actual name of the rifles but they should be our State firearm. Maybe someone is familiar with them and can give us some more info.

  43. Wayne David

    Connecticut should lay claim to the “Peacemaker”. After all “God created man, Sam Colt made them equal”. Who could argue with with the words God and peace when comes time to vote.

  44. Martinicus

    New Hampshire: Since SIG is based in the state, some flavor SIG, like the 226 was the first thing that came to mind–but nother says: Live Free or Die (the state motto) like an M-2 .50 caliber….

  45. Greg

    For Texas, although the Colt Walker is a strong contender, as are the Colt SAA, I have to say that the 1911 probably had the most effect on the State during the 1900’s. Pretty much most serious cops carried one, as did serious hoods. It was the Glock of it’s day.

  46. magman454

    I must say that I am surprised to be the 1st from Florida. I would recommend the Kel-Tec P-3AT as the official firearm of Florida. They are made here, and they were the first of the super compact, light weight .380 ACP’s. Ruger, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Et. Al., may be getting the lion’s share of the attention in the press, but they are merely versions of the Kel-Tec original. The P-3AT is probably carried by law enforcement personnel and concealed carry licensed individuals more than any other firearm in the State.

    1. Tim

      Since Florida’s concealed carry permit is honored by more states than any other, the Florida state firearm should be a concealable pistol. I would just rather see something associated more with quality than a Kel-Tec. The common thought about Kel-Tec’s compacts is that they are lower quality than some of the other manufacturers.

      1. magman454

        This would not be the 1st time that the common thought was wrong. I will admit that the finish on some of the others is better, and that the 1st generation P-3AT’s had reliability issues out of the box. Issues that were easily corrected by the end user. However, the 2nd generation seems to have taken care of the problems that were evident in the 1st. They were the 1st of the super-compact .380’s. A few glitches should be expected. They did the R&D for all of the rest.

        I would bet that a majority of the CCW holders in FL either own, or have owned one. I would further bet that most have shot one. The newbies may look a bit better, but functionally they have nothing on the Kel-Tec. Add to that the fact that the Kel-Tecs cost less, have a lifetime guarantee, and Kel-Tec’s excellent customer service, and I just don’t see where you can go wrong.

        My P-3AT has fired over 1,000 rounds. I have not had a single malfunction in the last 500 or so. The few parts that have gone bad (2 Magazine catches, worn recoil springs, and even a broken magazine spring.) were replaced by Kel-Tec for free. Most manufacturers want you to send the gun in for warrantee work. If you are comfortable doing the work yourself, they will send you the part, saving a lot of down time.

        Before anyone asks; I have no association with Kel-Tec beyond owning a few.

    2. Glenn

      Any of the 380 ACPs would be great, easy to conceal, easy to load, easy to fire and even seniors (there are a few of us in Florida) can carry these light weight guns. The P-3AT is probably the right choice (made in Fl) although the Taurus PT 738 is also made in Miami.

  47. Pingback: Nominate your State's official firearm.

  48. Kent Teichman

    The State of Texas should vote the Colt Walker Dragoon, first magnum, as the state firearm. It was the first handgun used by
    the Texas Rangers to bring law and order to the southwest. The
    original gun was the first black powder revolving pistol to use
    six chambers, which lead to the invention of the bored though
    chambers we now use.

    Semper Fi

  49. Sporich

    From the Commonwealth of Virginia here:
    I would suggest the Richmond Rifle. Produced at Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, it was one of the most used rifles during the Civil War. Tours of Tredegar are available today, and a fine example of this rifle can be seen at the National Firearms Museum.

  50. Mike

    Ruger SR9c:
    1. 9MM (so, virtually anyone can shoot it)
    2. Great, out of the box, trigger (so, virtually anyone can shoot it accurately)
    3. Ambidextrous controls (obvious benefit)
    4. Adjustable back strap (great for smaller hands)
    5. Compact (so, it’s easily carried)
    6. Not much smaller than a full size (so, still good muzzle velocity and site radius)
    7. Ten round magazine (because that’s all that Massachusetts allows)
    8. Extended magazine (in hopes that the ridiculous magazine restrictions will be lifted/defeated)
    9. Excellent loaded chamber indicator (obvious benefit)
    10. Mass compliant

  51. Jack Rosati

    At the risk of repeating anyone who beat me to it: Ohio, ’03 Springfield, Camp Perry, ’nuff said.

    1. Ben Wheeler

      Henry Repeating Arms since they are now made here.
      The 03 is most associated with Camp Perry and I love mine.

      Hand gun: We make the Hi-Points in Dayton.

  52. RJ ADAN

    New Jersey,
    My suggestion is the “mosquito” MIB version. It corresponds to the unofficial state insect and since it is a fictitious piece its’ chance of ever being made is about equal to the chance that NJ would ever adopt a “state firearm”

    Cognito ergo porto tellum

    1. Kevin hoag

      This is True. Had there been no historic contribution by New Jersey I would have recommended the index finger with thumb pointed up, however, if this is done at the elementry school age, local law enforcement may need to get involved!

      Yep, this state sucks!

  53. Peter M. Cromwell

    For Michigan, the Liberator pistol. Designed and produced by GM’s Inland Guide Lamp Division, it went from concept to production in the blink of an eye, and 1,000,000 (that’s right, one million) were produced in just 3 months (June-August, 1942)! The FP-45 (“Flare Projector”; even the individual component parts had obfuscatory code names) was air-dropped into occupied Europe and the Phillipines for use by “insurgent” forces. (Isn’t it amusing, how that term depends on who’s being “resisted”?) Only Detroit, “The Motor City” could pull of a feat like that – even without Government Bail-Outs! Of course, there’s also the Whitney Wolverine .22 pistol, or the Marble’s Game Getters, too.

  54. Bruce Donohoe

    I retired to Alabama and I think Alabama’s state gun should be a 30 cal M1 carbine. It’s about as straight a shooter as I’ve ever had. Easy to clean, easy to load and easy to hit targets with. What else can I say? Besides, it would look cool on the state flag!

  55. John R Blair Jr

    Mississippi’s gun?
    That’s a no brainer!!! The U.S. government contract model 1841 percussion rifle was so “Nicknamed” 165 years ago as THE Mississippi Rifle; due to its use by Jeff Davis in the Mexican war of 1846! The Mississippi Rifle was the first standard U.S. rifle to use a percussion lock system.

    Respectfully submitted
    Cpl. Blair USMC (77-81)
    John R Blair Jr.
    Utica MS

  56. R. E. Thornton

    GEORGIA: I nominate the GLOCK 17 semi-auto pistol as the “Official State Gun” of the sovereign State of Georgia.

    This is not my favorite, I would prefer a Cook and Brother (1853 Enfield style) rifle which was produced in Athens, Georgia, during the War for Southern Independence. The Cook and Brother Armory produced a number of weapons and accoutrements for the State and the South. The Cook and Brother Rifle commands a very high price on the antique collector’s market.

    As a second choice, I would like to see the Doubble Barrel Cannon of Athens, Georgia recognized as the “Official” State “gun” of Georgia. The Doubble Barreled Cannon is the only one of it’s kind in the world. It was designed by a man named Gilleland during the War of Northern Aggerssion to defend our homeland from the infestation of invading vandals. The idea was to simultaniously fire a ball from each barrel. The cannon balls were connected by a length of chain and it was intended that upon firing, the balls would seperate and stretch the chain creating a scythe to mow down yankee formations on the battlefield. Unfortunately, the concept was unworkable with the technology of the time. Two barrels could not be fired at the same instant, leaving one ball in the barrel. When the first ball reached the end of the chain, it swung around and became a danger to the crew. The Doubble Barrel cannon was used in “combat” [without a chain connecting the balls] to defend the city of Athens when Sherman sent Stoneman in his unsuccessful attempt to burn the University of Georgia.

    As this year marks the 150th Anniversary of the War Between the States, it would certainly be fitting to name a gun from that period, manufactured in the State, as the State Gun. But, in a country where one in four high school seniors can’t name our first [U.S.] President, the chances are remote.

    So, I support the nomination of Al Voss [above].
    1. The GLOCK ASSEMBLY Plant is in Smyrna, Georgia [parts are shipped from Austria and assembled here].
    2. The GLOCK 17 was the first of it’s kind in history.
    3. Glock is the “official” handgun of the Georgia State Patrol and numerous other law enforcement agencies in the State.
    4. Glock is a popular pistol for civilian ownership in the State.

    All the reasons listed above are reasons why the Georgia General Assembly might be inclined to name the GLOCK as the “Official” Stae Gun of Georgia.

    Semper Fi
    R. E. Thornton

  57. Billy Blackmon

    When the Texas Rangers were placed under the Department of Public Safety in the mid to late ’30s, the Colt .45 and the lever action Winchester .30 caliber rifle were modern weapons provided by the state. I think the colt .45 should be the choice gun for the State of Texas.

  58. David Clendenen

    For Indiana I would nominate the Thompson smg, tool of choice of Indiana homeboy John Dillinger.

  59. James Howman

    In case it hasn’t been mentioned yet, Arizona has selected the Colt .45 single action revolver as the official state firearm. Two down, 48 to go.

  60. Tom Stallone

    The Water Pistol. Thats about all we are allowed here in the state of ILL OF NOISE!!!

  61. W.Howie

    North Carolina – M1 Carbine – David M. “Carbine” Williams, designer of the gas piston used in the M1 was a North Carolinian. (He designed the piston while in prison in NC) While not as glamorous as the Garand, the Carbine was mass produced and was in the hands of American troops as they dropped into Normandy and was still in service (albiet, as the select-fire M2) as they advised the ARVN in Vietnam. 6.5 million rifles later, the M1 is still going strong thanks to the brain power of a North Carolinian.

    1. M. Bright

      I agree. The David Marsh (Carbine) Williams not only designed the action for the M1 Carbine, but he done it under all kinds of obsticles while serving a 30 year prison sentence for a crime that he was never proven to have comitted alone. He built the whole concept in his head ahead of time. It was one of the guns that changed the abilities of our U.S. Military in the world. so as a fellow North Carolinian it gets my vote. Plus it already has a large display in our State’s History Museum in downtown Raleigh.

    2. John Valles

      I am a native Texan, but have been stationed at Fort Bragg in my adopted NC for 10 years now. As such, I think the M16A1 should be in the running for the NC state Gun (although the M1 has the history as well). During Vietnam, Fort Bragg deployed tens of thousands of troops to that country sporting M16A1s. Also, Ft. Bragg is the militarys hub for Special Operations, and that rifle was issued to SF first, then to the rest of the infantry. If anyone can make a claim to it, I think NC can.

  62. Bob Smith

    I retired in Arizona which just made Colt’s “peacemaker” the official gun. I was born in Indiana and lived in Wyoming so will choose those two. Indiana should make the Muzzle loader rifle official since the NMLRA is located there. The trap door Springfield 45/70 is my choice for Wyoming as it was there through the indian wars.

  63. Fred Simpson

    North Carolina
    Carbine Williams’ M1 Carbine. Historical, made a great movie, and still right useful. A lot of NC boys carried them in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam though my relatives preferred a tommy gun.

  64. Ben davis

    Pa should have a lever gun like a savage or a pump like the Remington 760 7600 in a cal like 300 savage or 30-30 an all around rifle for all the states big game from deer to bear to turkey it would be perfect and tells of or rifle hunting heritage every one round here has either shot one owned one or has one stashed away for the first Monday after thanksgiving!!!



  66. Bobby C Monday

    Tennessee state gun the Confederate Model of the Colt 1873 Singla Action in 38-40.

  67. Herb Bryant

    Being a resident of North Carolina for over 40 years, I only remember one firearm being mentioned in our NC history. That would the M-1 Carbine as in “Carbine” Williams in the old movie, supposedly invented and prototyped while incarcerated in the NC Prison system while held in Jackson County. What a great contribution to the world from our fair state.

  68. D Clark

    For Maryland, the obvious choice is a Beretta Model 92FS/M9 pistol. The Beretta USA factory & headquarters is located in Accokeek, Maryland & I believe the factory assembles them there. They may be manufacturing parts for them there now, also. Since the Maryland State Police were among the first to adopt the Model 92 for duty, that model seems more appropriate than other Beretta models.

    I’m surprised that, so far, no one has nominated the Harper’s Ferry Model 1803 Rifle or the Harper’s Ferry Model 1805 Pistol for West Virginia. One of those would seem to be an obvious choice, so I hereby nominate them both.

    I’m also surprised that no one has nominated any Smith & Wesson handguns for Massachusetts. Although I cannot argue with the 1903 Springfield as the obvious choice, I think that Smith & Wesson deserves to be at least considered, possibly as the state handgun. So I think I’ll nominate the S & W Model 3 Schofield, just for the sake of argument.

  69. Bitterroot Bill

    I would like to nominate an official firearm for my home state of Montana. We have such varied history with firearms from old west to buffalo guns to big game rifles to exibition shooters to long range record holders to varmit hunters to bird hunters to custom gun builders of all sorts. It is a very tough choice. All I have been able to come up with are several suggestions;

    1. Cooper Arms’ Montana Varmiter in .220 Swift made in Stevensville, Montana

    2. Colt Single Action Army .45 Long Colt ala Bob Munden

    3. 1874 Sharps .45-70 ala Mike Venturino

    4. Weatherby Mark V in 30-378 Weatherby

    5. The Noreen Ultra Long Range Rifle in .338 Lapua made in Belgrade, Montana

  70. Andy Leach

    I think a lot of people are faily to realize that CA here was the birthplace of one of the most iconic starting places of all military rifles : The Armalite AR-10

  71. Desert Eagle

    The State Gun for Idaho should be the H&K MP5 N “replica” which shoots lightweight 6MM Airsoft BBs because the governor of Idaho is a BB-brained lightweight.

  72. James D. Hargis

    It might seem an odd pick, but I’d nominate the single shot break open shotgun (of various makes and bores) as the Oklahoma state gun. Why? Because for generations after statehood, many farmers and other rural Oklahomans (including my own grandfather) relied on these inexpensive but reliable firearms to feed their families, guard the stock and the henhouse and defend home and hearth. My grandfather’s gun was a Victor 12 gauge – it and a J.C, Higgins were the only guns he could afford to own. But they served him well. Therefore, I hereby nominate the single shot break open shotgun as the Official Firearm of the Great State of Oklahoma.

  73. Ray Harrison

    NC State Gun has to be the MK6 16 inch 45 cal as mounted in turrets on the USS North Carolina.

  74. Joe Kelley

    For my home state of Maine, I nominate the first true machine-gun, the Maxim Gun, invented by Hiram Maxim, born in Sangerville, Maine.

  75. Bruce P. Barton

    Being from Connecticut I have to give the vote to the Colt 1911A1. Its history stands as its merits.

    The Colt Peacemaker could qualify.
    Many Winchester rifles/shotguns could also compete for title in this state.
    Marlin would place in the money.

    Living in a state that once had 19 florishing firearm manufacturing firms (3 of the top 4 selling firearms)it is sad to see where we are going now– give up our high capacity magazines or become a felon!

    I’m also sorry you have to sort through all the dumbass comments made by those jackasses too lazy to find a better source of venting.

    Love your publications. I salute John Conner and the staff.

    1. RUhl

      Man being from Connecticut is a tough choice. Colt is obviously here in Hartford so I’m thinking we should definitely choose it as the manufacturer. However there’s two models in particular that stand out.

      The Colt 1911A1 is (in my opinion) one of the sweetest handguns ever made. I really have never gone wrong with one.

      The Colt Python is one of the most beautiful revolvers ever made. They’re freaking gorgeous.

      In the end I’m gonna have to support the 1911A1, seems like the right choice. Has far more history behind it and I personally prefer shooting semi-autos.

  76. Ben Gallagher

    I have to throw one more gun in for Michigan. I did a little research and found the J. Kimble 30 Carbine that was made in Detroit in 1958, and the most powerful semi auto made at that time. It looked like a colt woodsman, and it was a good looking gun. Sincerely, Ben Gallagher

  77. Dave B.AZ

    It’s a shame that the gun state of AZ didn’t do this first. I think the Colt Peacemaker would be perfect for this old west state.

  78. Leonard

    No disrespect to Camp Perry or the Springfield ’03 but the ’03 was made in Massachusetts, a state whose Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website proudly proclaims that they have “some of the toughest gun control laws in the country.”
    So my vote for Ohio would have to go to any one of the products made by Hi-Point. Love ’em, hate ’em or don’t much care, they are made right here in Mansfield, Ohio.

  79. Alan Adams

    I live in the great state of Minnesota. Because they are manufactured right here, I would have to vote for on the variants of the DPMS AR-15’s. They are remarkably well built and extremely accurate, and I wouldn’t give up either of mine if the cupboard was bare. (Probably just use one of them to go fill the freezer)…..

  80. Brian Thompson

    Oregon: The Nosler 48, loaded with Partitions and Scope by a Leupold, In warne Mounts


    Noveske AR.


    1. CS

      I agree with the M1 Carbine for Michigan. General Motors produced 2,632,097 at Inland, and 517,213 at Saginaw Steering.

  81. lee

    I think even Taffin would agree that Idaho’s gun should be the Keith #5 in 44 mag, or if you want, just the 44 magnum.

  82. Dan Spears

    I am from Indiana and I think our state firearm should be the S&W .357, pre model numbers. Indiana has been a trend setter in favorable laws much like S&W’s magnums have always led the way in powerhouses.

  83. Don Kimsey

    I suggest the Colt 1863, 45 Colt Peacemaker as the “Official Stae Gun” of Kansas, keeping in mind that such famous names as Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson just to name two, carried these great guns to help establish law and order in the early days of our country.
    Im sure that multitudes of other individuals recognized the great qualities of this handgun and purchased one whenever and wherever they could

  84. Jeff Growden

    For Washington State my vote is for the Lewis and Clark “Contract Rifle”.

    Lewis obtained fifteen rifles at Harpers Ferry Arsenal in the spring of 1803. Convincing evidence indicates that these rifles were the “1792 Contract Rifle” (see note 1 below).

    The contract rifles were plain, Pennsylvania-style, single shot, muzzleloading flintlock rifles, with no ornamentation, hand-made by gunsmiths in Pennsylvania. Full stocked, they had an original barrel length of 42 inches. Lewis says that he had the rifles “prepared” for the exepdition. No note was made of what was done, but it may have included shortening the long barrels a bit to make them more handy in boats, and the rifling may have been refreshed, increasing the original caliber of the contract rifles, 0. 49, somewhat.

    Perhaps the expedition rifles served some role in the development of the Model 1803 rifle.

  85. Randy Raney

    I vote for the Sharps for Kansas state firearm. Sorry Nebraska, but Dodge City is a lot more famous for buffalo hunting than anywhere in your state.

  86. Dan Allen

    North Dakota. Winchester 1895, favorite of Teddy Roosevelt, who credited his time spent in the Badlands as significant in his development and conservation efforts.

  87. D. Allen

    North Dakota. Winchester 1895, Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite rifle. TR said his time spent in the ND Badlands were formative and led to a deep appreciation for the outdoors, hunting, and conservation. Although used many different weapons the model 1895 was a favorite and his Big Medicine.

  88. Morley Dresden

    To hell with all these boring old guns. The state gun of Oklahoma should Tromix-modified Saiga 12.

  89. Dave Pinkerton

    My vote is also for the Hawken rifle. While there were many gunsmiths making rifles by hand, the Hawken is the most famous. Few have heard of John Sites of Arrow Rock, Missouri. He could make a rifle in a week, plain but dependable for $35. At a time when land was selling for $15 per acre and a good wagon for $65.

  90. Pat W.

    I agree with Lamar and Muncy that because Wilson Combat, Nighthawk & Gunfighter are located in Arkansas the 1911 would be a great state gun.

    However, let us not forget that Remington’s Lonoke, AR plant produces trillions of 22 rimfire, hundreds of millions of centerfire and shot shells annually. Remington also produces primers, bullets, and other components in Arkansas for reloaders everywhere.

    So for a rifle the Remington 700 would work and for shot gunners the iconic 870 would do.

    If we can have only one, then I’d stick with the 1911.

  91. Capt Hal Jordan

    Texas should adopt the Colt single action .45 peacemaker for it’s state gun…Nothing says Texas like a good old fashioned Cowboy gun 🙂

  92. Stephen Holman

    My nomination for the great state of Oklahoma would be a rifle created by John Dubiel of Ardmore, Oklahoma – a pre-war custom Mauser-action sporting rifle chambered in .276 Dubiel. According to F.C. Ness in “Practical Dope on the Big Bores” (Stackpole and Heck, 1948), the .276 Dubiel ballistics were excellent with a velocity of 3200 fps and a muzzle energy of 3200 ft-lbs.
    This beautifully-crafted rifle is truly an American classic.

  93. Chuck F

    Up here in VT, it would have to be the icon WInchester 94 in 30-30. Seems like that is still the favorite after more than 100 years for getting deer. The newer high zoot bolt action magnums I don’t believe will ever overtake the 94. There has to be one behind every barn door in the state, thanx to VT’s liberal (not political) gun laws.

  94. Stephen Holman


    For the great state of Oklahoma, I nominate the a rifle made by John Dubiel of Ardmore, Oklahma – the pre-WWII Mauser-action sporting rifle chambered in .276 Dubiel. With a muzzle energy of 3200 ft.-lbs. at a velocity of 3000 fps, it was no slouch. With a beautifully finished walnut stock and engraved steel butt plate, it is an American classic.

  95. Richard L. Bernardi

    Being from the Commonwealth of Kentucky I nominate the Kentucky Long Rifle. What needs to be said that hasn’t already about this great accurate flintlock rifle. It’s reputation speaks volumns.

  96. KYFAN

    The Kentucky Rifle. A strong case could be made that without it, we would still have a queen. Need I say more than “Kentucky Windage”? Try dialing in “Ohio Windage”, and see what happens.

  97. Dan Moore

    For Ohio should be the Hi-Point handgun. Made in Mansfield and the price point makes them affordable for just about everyone.

  98. Scott Masker

    Michigan should be the Winchester 30-30 lever. It seems to be the favored deer rifle there. Having just moved to Wisconsin I don’t know much about the history but it can be any gun as long as it’s NOT concealed. Maybe soon though.

  99. Chingarora

    New Jersey
    Our state pistol would have to be one you cannot carry without a great deal of legal help and in a caliber only available in hardball.
    It can only hold a maximum of 15 rounds and not be able to be concealed.
    I nominate a large sling-shot, which is a firearm here!

  100. Dave

    In Oregon most of use are easy going and own guns not 1 but several as a state handgun I nominate the Smith & Wesson 686. There isn’t that much firearm history here. Everyone loves shooting a revolver a .357 mag is a great round. But hey we’re easy going the gun can also shoot .38 special rounds.

    oh and Oregon does have several of the greatest knife company’s in the world, benchmade, lonewolf, kershaw, gerber, leatherman, columbia river knife and tool, etc…

    yeah we like knife’s, just my thoughts

  101. Ponzer04

    My vote for North Dakota would be the Girandoni Air Rifle. This was the weapon carried on the Lewis and Clark expedition. It was a smokeless, bangless, .46 caliber gun, which was capable of taking down a buffalo. It had a 22 round magazine and could fire 40 shots before it lost noticeable velocity. By showing off the capabilities of this gun to each tribe of Native Americans they encountered, the Lewis and Clark expedition avoided any possibility of being taken over. This is a gun that is not only significant to North Dakota, but the entire United States.

    * I also find the Teddy Roosevelt idea very appropriate. That would get my #2 vote.

  102. Tom Verburg

    I would like to nominate the black powder “Trade Gun”. It was used in Michigan during the 16th,17th,18th,and late 19th centuries. The gun could be used to shoot an Elk or loaded with shot for small game. No other gun has that history in Michigan.

  103. ChrisMycek

    Easy for PA, the Pennsylvania Long Rifle that helped win the Revolutionary War for us!

  104. David Connor

    Connor to Connor! It’s a given; the .45 Peacemaker for Texas! The Lone Star Republic, John “Duke” Wayne and all the other firsts I cannot think of. I’ll bet Governor Perry would be for it. Out!

  105. Walt

    Michigan’s state gun should be the M16A1 made at the GM Hydramatic plant in Ypsilanti. I understand it was much superior to the Colts of the time.

  106. Gary Andersen

    FOR HAWAII, I think it should be the M-1 Carbine. We have no bear, elk, but we do have some rather large Pu’aa or very large wild boar. Plus in order to get them we must slog through jungle. We also have Muflon Sheep that must be taken at distance. The Carbine does the job.

    ‘O wau iho no me ke aloha,

  107. Mark T

    I’m from IDAHO!… I think or state gun should be the Sharps 45-70. We have or use to have some great large game hunting that ranged from long range shots for prong horn and Buffalo, to Bear and mountain lion. We are a hunting state. The Sharps was our medicine gun.

  108. JGus

    For Illinois, something from Springfield Armory in Geneseo, IL. Maybe the Springfield XD40 or the Springfield 1911?

  109. Doug McDonald

    Here in Nevada all guns have seen much use. However, I would suggest the Krag Carbine in .30-40 to honor the units of Nevada Volunteers which were raised to fight in the Spanish-American War.

  110. Leland Williams

    I’m sure other Arizonans have already responded but I believe Arizona beat Utah to the punch by recognizing the Colt SAA Peacemaker as the “Official” Arizona firearm back in mid April 2011.

  111. Tom Smith

    For Missouri, why not the Hawken rifle. It was developed in Missouri, manufactured in Missouri, and was THE choice foe mountain men of the fur trade era.Still available today as replicas.

  112. Greg Hayden

    S&W .44 Magnum. Hell, everyone packs in Alaska, even grandma packs a .44 when she goes out berry pickin’ and I don’t mean one of those pussy light weight jobs either, she carries heavy!

  113. Alan Laidlaw

    I agree with those who chose the Colt SAA Peacemaker in 45 Colt for Connecticut. Designed and built by Sam Colt in Hartford I believe it is the hands down best choice. Although I agree there are many good guns and gun makers to choose from here in the Constitution State.
    But what handgun is more famous than the Peacemaker? The M1911A… Utah has already claimed the 1911, lets get the SAA.

    Why are so many saying Arizona should choose the Peacemaker?

  114. Chris In Arizona

    I found what we just went through here in Arizona awful silly. With a mountain of troubles to take care of our legislature ignored it all to argue out a “State Gun”.

    Then they picked one made in Connecticut.

    While I don’t think this was something the Arizona Legislature needed to check off their Bucket List, if it absolutely had to be done they ought to have picked an Arizona made gun.

    Sturm, Ruger & Co. in Prescott, AZ would have been my obvious choice. Favor a local employer with a little publicity. Under Arizona law, they’d have to get something in return for doing this. Maybe a discount for Arizona law enforcement personnel on handgun purchases?

    Instead we gave free advertising to a Connecticut outfit, breaking our own law to do so.

    What a bunch of brilliant pebbles we have in our State Legislature.

  115. Mark Stockdale

    For the Great State of Tennessee, I nominate the M1911. Without a doubt, the great popularity of the 1911 today is due to the actions of a Tennessean and his M1911…Alvin C. York October 8, 1918.

  116. Billy Farley

    What a wonderful idea this is, educational to say the least.

    Here in New Mexico our weapon of choice should be the Springfield 1873 Cavalry Carbine in 45-70. Kepr those pesky native Americans at bay for years .

  117. Steve Daunoy

    The Colt Walker belongs to Texas. It would not have been designed and built if not for Texas Ranger Captain Sam Walker. It’s an early example of “Everything’s bigger in Texas.”

  118. Willie Pete

    We need a Glock for the Florida State Handgun! Down here with all the humidity and salt water these boys do great! Plus Glock just had their 25th Anniversary. The Florida Highway Patrol just adopted the Glock 37 in 45 GAP……….There you go, it’s the Glock 37 for the State of Florida Handgun!

  119. Michael Hood

    I don’t know what the first commercially produced gun in New Jersey may have been, but I nominate Samuel Colt’s Colt Paterson for New Jersey’s state gun. Paterson, NJ was the location for Colt’s first manufacturing plant.

  120. Flieger

    The state of Indiana should adopt the M3 ‘Grease Gun’, as all three-quarters of a million of them were made right here.

  121. JJ

    The Alaska state gun should be the Marlin 1895 45/70. Furthermore, wild west guns in Anchorage, AKmakes a bush pilot take-down model off this gun for bush pilots around the state. The 45/70 is the best bear gun around and Marlin’s 1895 is an excellent platform for it. The lever actions contributes to the “last frontier” spirit that is exemplified throughout the nations largest state that is full of adventure. Thank you.

  122. Jerry Smith

    I also submit the Walker Colt or the Colt .45 SAA. What else would you have for a Texas gun except possibly the Winchester 73.

  123. Erik Nervik

    For the Great State of Washington, the birthplace of “Shall Issue” concealed pistol licenses, I nominate the S&W Model 15. Model 15 was carried by State Troopers, Park Rangers, and Game Wardens at the time Wa adopted the shall issue CPL statute back in the late 60s

  124. RCD

    The gun that helped tame the forgotten territory.
    Winchester 1873 rifle, originally in 44-40cal. Load it on Monday and shoot it all week.

  125. John Eary

    I’m from West Virginia and we are Mountaineers and the Mountaineer carries a mountain rifle. I think that is the only choice for WV.

  126. Erick

    I nominate the Glock 17 for New York State. why…its the gun that was stuck in my face by the person who mugged me and my wife in Brookyln last year. I know it was a Glock 17 because I have a valid “Upstate” New York State Pistol permit and own one myself….unforunately I’m not allowed to carry it within the New York city limits.

  127. Chuck

    I nominate the long rifle for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The settlers gained a reputation for hardy independence and rifle marksmanship as a way of life, further reinforced by the performance of riflemen in the American Revolution as well as the War of 1812.

  128. Mike

    The Louisiana state gun should be the Remington 870. A shotgun to be had in multiple gauges with ammunition to take ANY huntable critter in the Sportsman’s Paradise is certainly appropriate. I took my first squirrel, rabbit, deer, duck, goose, snipe, woodcock, crow and snake with the 870. The one I got 34 years ago is, like me, minus a little shine but, like me, keeps on hunting.

  129. Patrick LW

    I have been looking through these comments and am suprised no one from the great state of Nevada has posted a comment yet, since I am a Native Nevadan I belive I would have to say that the firearm that would best represent our state at this time would have to be any style of an AR. This weapon is ideally suited for our area due to the drier climate we have around here. Also we have the top training for military flyers currently with both Top Gun and Red Flag being in Nevada, plus we have other local groups that train since our area is almost the same as that of our country’s current theatre of operations. These rifles are also ideally suited for a lot of the wild game(predators and pests included) that is around this state such as the coyotes, rabbits, deer, elk to name a few and seeing as we have these open spaces that sometimes contain tall brush I can’t think of a better weapon to have.

  130. Karnivore561

    Due to our high ratio of gangs down here the Florida state gun should be the Glock 19, held sideways of course…LOL

    Seriously though, Florida kicks A$$ for the fact that we have such gun friendly laws… and as such we should have the Mod 500 S & W .500 Magnum. On accounts of its attitude are much like our state long and awesome.

  131. Richard J.

    Having lived all my life in S.C., and having spent uncountable hours hunting doves, ducks, and quail, I would vote for the Browning A5 as the state gun. I don’t particularly like this gun (I prefer an 870,) but I saw more of those than any other brand, with the possible exception of the Remington 1100 or 1187. Any of the aforementioned would get my vote.

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