Exclusive: Walther Creed

Or: Quit Pickin’ On Polymer!

By Tank Hoover

Okay! I admit to being on the conservative side, but when it comes to guns, I’m as open minded as they come — as you should be too! Why limit or deny yourself to what’s out there? Don’t make assumptions before you ever shoot or even handle the many guns available today. Bottom line is, don’t be a gun snob!
Sure, I love blued steel guns as much, if not more than most shooters —but I don’t turn my nose up on a gun because it happens to be polymer-framed. Those put-off by polymer pistols have probably never had to carry a gun day-in and day-out, 10 or 12 hours a day. Polymer-framed guns have several advantages over their all-steel brethren, as you shall see.


Walther Creed

Walther firearms are well known for their ergonomics, great triggers, reliability and accuracy. The 9mm Creed maintains these standards in a reinforced polymer-framed semi-auto pistol. Many scoff at polymer but I don’t mind it at all. It’s lighter, easier to maintain and doesn’t rust. It keeps the manufacturing price down while allowing ergonomically friendly designs to be easily molded, with adjustable back-strap inserts. A good grip is the foundation of good shooting and the Creed does just that.

Walther’s famous smooth action also adds to the “shootability” of this double-action, hammer-fired pistol. The steel, 3-dot, low profile sights really stand out, especially in low-light conditions and make for fast sight alignment and target acquisition.

The stainless steel slide has both front and rear non-slip serrations, is coated with “tenifer” to resist corrosion and rust from sweat or humid weather conditions. The frame is complete with ambidextrous magazine release and picatinny rail for laser or lights. The Creed has a 4″ barrel and comes with steel double stack magazines in either 10- or 16-round capacity, satisfying the draconian restrictions in some states.



The Walther Creed is a budget-minded gun delivering performance out of proportion to its price. It is an accurate delivery system chambered in 9mm, fun to shoot, easy to carry and very effective. For you “Polyphobes” out there, give the Creed a try. It just might surprise you and open your eyes — along with your attitude.

For more information: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/walther-arms-inc/

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