Web Blast: Cool Carry Options

Filling Your Hand From A Few Different Angles

By John Connor

January/February 2010 Issue

If you haven’t heard enough of these stories, I’ll let you borrow some of mine, like the retired deputy working private investigations, his pistol snug in a high-ride hip holster as he sat behind the wheel of his car doing surveillance on a cheating husband. Surprised in that position, he died reaching for his inaccessible gun — and not quite making it. Other stories involve carjackings of victims who possessed handguns — they just didn’t have ‘em where they could speedily get them into play. There was the detective whose backup gun — a small revolver in his pants pocket — suddenly burst through weak stitching, fell down his leg to the floor and became Harry Hairball’s primary weapon; the robbery victim who was shot simply because his pocket rocket “printed” through the material at the wrong moment and the stickup man panicked.

There are dozens more, some funny, many sad and some truly tragic. I prefer the happy tales of guns that seemingly came outta nowhere, surprisin’ scumbags who just weren’t ready for a “victim” who’d done their holster-homework. I can’t cover all the bases for you, but I’ll try first to present you with some options you may not have seen or noticed before, and second, to get you thinkin’ where you might wanta park that second pistol, or how best you can keep that howitzer handy while driving to Great-Aunt Emily’s place — okay? Here we go.

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Web Blast Extras

Carry 1

Kingston Car Seat Holster from DeSantis puts Roscoe right between your legs and ready to rock.

Carry 2

It’s not a fanny pack, belt pack or backpack, but it could be any of `em. Elite Survival Systems’ Avenger
is a multi-functional gear-and-gun packer which comes with both small and large movable interior holsters included.

Carry 3

Sorta the ultimate non-holster, the Clipdraw simply clips your handgun to the waistband of your pants.
Their latest development is the new Universal Clipdraw, designed to fit any pistol or revolver.

Carry 4

The PDA Holster from Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement is a great low-cost alternative compact packer

Carry 5

Hiding in plain sight, the Boxter from Haugen Handgun Leather gives no clue what you’re carrying.

Carry 6

Bluestone Safety’s Undercover provides a deep pocket with adjustable snapped-in safety.

Carry 7

Carry 8

Gunvault’s Microvaults look like high-tech compact laptops, and open with either a finger-tapped code or fingerprint recognition. So, you’re just another nerd with a fancy little computer, huh?

Carry 9

Galco’s Front Pocket Horsehide Holster goes great with their P.M.C. Mag carrier.

Carry 10

Galco’s P.M.C. Magazine Carrier gets great reviews and works neatly with any pocket holster.

Carry 11

DeSantis may be the only maker to offer a holster made to fit cargo pockets — the Cargo Nemesis.

Carry 12

Deep, deep cover: The cool, breathable Undershirt from Kramer Leather contains two under-arm holsters — team it with an EOTAC Operator Grade shirt with zip-front concealed behind the placket.

Carry 13

Bluestone Safety’s Original Belly Band carries much more than a handgun,
for those who walk in dangerous places.

Carry 14

And finally, yeah, it’s a “regular” holster combination, but if you want to buy just one superior-quality setup and be done with it for, say, fifty years or so, check this out: Handmade from super-tough premium quality black sharkskin, High Noon Holsters offers their Slide Guard holster, Tie Breaker magazine pouch, and Rock Steady belt.

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Jan/Feb 2010

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