Web Blast Extra: Handgunner Christmas Gift Guide

It’s Not Too Late To
Be A Super Santa!

By John Connor

Hey, congratulations! You’re poised and ready to do some serious Christmas shoppery, and it’s not even Christmas Eve yet! Bravo, mates! And even though you haven’t got a single clue what to get anybody on your list, you knew you could count on us to do all the sniffin’ and snooping for you, right?

Hang on, Santa; board the sleigh and we’ll take the reins while you stuff the bags! On, Dasher! On, Dancer! On Rudolph and on … Roy? Oh, well. We’ve got seven reindeer, and an elf in harness with a funny hat on. Looks an awful lot like our Publishing Potentate Hisself in loden tights and pointy shoes, but that couldn’t be — could it?


I’m not a jewelry kinda-guy, but I gotta tell you, Hot Caliber Jewelry is, well … Hot! Jeweler-handgunner Manos Phoundoulakis fires lead slugs until he gets perfectly flattened specimens. Then using the lost wax process, casts them in solid sterling silver and 14K gold to make a unique and stunning collection of pendants, keychains and cufflinks. Any choice you make is gonna be a good one, so get on it and make it now!


Yeah, buckets o’-goop can be great gifts, especially if they’re Bill Laughridge’s Dunk-Kit Gun Cleaning System. I couldn’t quite believe in it until The Famous Moustache of Cylinder & Slide himself and I were chattin’. He asked with a smile, “How many guns do you think I’ve cleaned in my time, youngster?” Then I tried it! Dunk-Kit is not only easy to use, it cleans beautifully, and it’s now formulated for use on both metal and polymer-framed handguns.


Zippo lighters are already iconic, but mad metalsmith and handgunner Mike Porter takes extra-thick ARMOR series solid brass Zippos, then flame-treats, acid-etches and silver-solders ’em into functional artwork at his Wicked Zippo Studios. My intro to his work was a gift: an acid-etched Marine Corps eagle, globe and anchor, beautifully done. When we asked Mike about a nice Colt 1911 with a .45 ACP cartridge head; maybe a handy lanyard with an inert 230-grain FMJ “bead,” he just grinned, fired up his torch, and you see the result. Ain’t it pretty?


Master knife designer Bob Lum passed away in 2007, but his graceful, minimalist designs keep his legacy alive. Spyderco’s rendition of his Asian tool-inspired C65CF Chinese Folder is a potential classic, designed to be both lively in the hand and pleasing to the eye. The glass fiber handle scales form distinctive swirls called “Nishijin” by the Japanese makers, and the fully flat-ground VG10 blade cuts clean and holds a sweet edge.


For your handgunning pal who schleps his guns and gear to the range in a cardboard box, two paper shopping bags and a greasy tire-chain sack, the ultimate answer to that “so many guns, so little room!” dilemma: The 2nd Amendment Rangepack by 1776 Tactical. It offers space for several handguns, 36 magazines and up to 60 pounds of range gear! Thirty-three unique storage compartments are built into a comfortable backpack with a raincover, removable waist belt and more.


Lots of tactical pens change only their colors from year to year, but SureFire’s series of pens suitable for both writing and self-defense just keep evolving, getting better and better. Their latest iteration, the Pen IV, has the clicky-top control users asked for, extending and retracting the ink tip so there’s no cap to lose; a Schmidt easyFLOW9000 cartridge for smooth, effortless writing, and the mil-spec hard anodized, aerospace aluminum body that made the original a favorite.


Your giftee can record what they see with these ImageView Binoculars from Bushnell. An on-board digital video camera syncs with the multi-coated 8×30 lenses to snap 5.0 MP still photos or up to 32 GB of video! A 1.5″ flip-up viewing screen lets you check out instant replays of your video, and simple controls make it easy to master.


Most modern Americans lack finger, hand and wrist strength, and it’s more important for us handgunners than for others. Even those of us who are conscious of it hardly know the science to it. Why, for example, training our flexors without training our extensors can lead to serious grip problems. But that’s okay; what we don’t know, Ronald Strossen, PhD., President of IronMind does, and he puts it into products like his Captains of Crush whole-hand grip trainers, and the IMTUG grippers which allow targeting one or two fingers at a time. They’re not toys, they’re serious tools.



A great gift combo for gunners: VZ “Frag” 1911 grips, and a Strider knife to match! Our pals John Van Zyck of VZ Grips and Brady Miller of MonkeyEdge teamed up to offer these excellent Frag Pattern 1911 grips, and a limited run, exclusively for MonkeyEdge, of Strider DB-L knives with matching handle scales. Now all you need is a giftee with a 1911 and a taste for great knives! The grips are G10, precision machined and extremely grippy without abrading skin or clothing. Offered in Brown Earth, Green or Black!


The Elite Discreet Carry Twill Jacket from Woolrich Elite Tactical looks toasty and comfy-lookin’, don’t it? Deep interior handgun pockets equipped with broad elastic holster loops secure sidearms, and are made not to “flare out” and reveal what you’re packing. Roomy zip-closed handwarmer pockets also feature loops to hold magazines, tac lights or pepper spray. The shell is tough cotton twill lined with polyester sherpa fleece while sleeves are lined with 60-gram Arctic Insulation under smooth nylon.


Let your memory drift back to the worst jam you ever got into, and the guy who stepped up unbidden to bail you out of it. Now envision his face when he opens a box, lifts your note and sees this brute-tough, high-tech Falcon timepiece from MTM Special Ops Watch. There’s no paint-on-performance or a cheap movement covered with a fancy face; Special Ops Watches are built from the backplate-up for long life and superior service.



Quality caps and T’s are always welcome gifts, and why shouldn’t they carry a subtle message and an invitation to conversation? Another sideline of our buddy Brady Miller of MonkeyEdge is his Sons of Liberty “subversive apparel,” this set featuring the American shield of freedom and our iconic eagle clutching a Mk 46 5.56mm machinegun. When people ask, tell `em the story of the Boston Massacre and our forefathers who formed the Sons of Liberty.

For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/productindex and click on the company name.


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