Web Blast Extra: Handgunner Revisits STI 16 Years Later

When American Handgunner visited the STI shop in 1995 (American Handgunner, July/August 1995), we were, in a very real sense, getting a first-hand look at our own handiwork. Of course, the inspiration and perspiration that launched the 2011 Modular Competition System came from Vergil Tripp and Sandy Strayer. They had figured out how to house a wide-body, high capacity magazine within a lightweight frame with essentially the same circumference as the 1911s that dominate the action shooting sports. American Handgunner was an enthusiastic and effective promoter of global competitive shooting. Seeing the 2011 system in action, Handgunner writers deemed it very good, and supplied the ink making Tripp Research and then STI a household name among the members of the International Practical Shooting Confederation.

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Tim Dillon became CEO of STI International in May 2010. An instructor at the
prestigious GunSite Academy, he came to STI by way of Brownell’s where he
was Director of Military/Law Enforcement Operations.


A 15-year veteran, Karen Fuessel is office manager and is very adept at navigating
the Sturm und Drang of global marketing.


Mike Nguyen runs the 2011 magazine department. A 20-year employee, he
was on board during Cameron’s 1995 visit.


This is where the widebody magazines get their start. This press rivals
Mr. Nguyen for longest tenure at STI


Trent Fuller has been with STI six years. Here he cheerfully demonstrates
the set-up for doing “sidework” on 1911 frames.


A 2011 with modular frame in progress



Jose Hernandez — one year — blending slide and frame. There is an amazing
amount of direct human evolvement at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Evelyn Carter, on-board for four, years and therefore a vested owner, reams and
chambers frame holes, does bushing taps and cleans up frames as they come off
the CAM mills. You can trust Ms. Carter with a gun and a dremel tool on the same table!

STI 10

STI 11

Another versatile owner/employee, Richard Ringwood as been at it for 13 years.
Here he is chambering SteelMaster 9mm barrels and at the same time, forming
the barrel hood, ramp and foot.

STI 12

Skilled gunsmiths hand fit slide to frame. Turner Mayo Jr. Is a seven-month
employee of the gunsmithing department.

STI 13

This is the new STI live-fire testing range.

STI 14

The VIP is an “Officers” size 2011. Here Charlotte Kosub, Texas Concealed
Handgun Instructor, checks out the .45 version. It’s also available in 9mm or .40 S&W.

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