Web Blast Extra: Ruger’s Nifty SR22

These are interesting days for those who enjoy rimfire pistols. No doubt ammunition cost and availability is a major factor. I also suspect shooters are finding it easier and faster to develop skills without a lot of muzzle blast and recoil. The other night at a public range I noticed a couple of shooters with what they said were their first handguns, a .38 Special snubbie and a 9mm. Both were shooting reasonably well, but they certainly did not seem to be enjoying it. I hope they develop enough skill to be capable of home and personal defense, but I doubt they’ll ever become shooting enthusiasts.

The pistol shown here is the SR22, a neat little semi-auto from Ruger. It has a polymer frame, with the slide made of aluminum alloy. A separate steel breechblock is dovetailed/pinned into the slide, and holds the extractor, firing pin, and firing pin block. The barrel is stainless steel with six rifling grooves, right hand 1:16″ twist. Operation is straight blowback and the barrel is secured to the frame with a large hex-head screw accessible in the triggerguard just ahead of the trigger. Actually there’s no need to remove the barrel for routine cleaning.
By Dave Anderson

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Reviewing and shooting Ruger SR22 semiauto .22LR pistol.

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One thought on “Web Blast Extra: Ruger’s Nifty SR22


    Handled one at local gun store…pretty cool…might be my next .22.

    Would be nice in .22 mag!

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