Web Blast Extra: The Tale Of The Ugly Sisters

Just wanted to share this with you for grins … when you’re constantly experimenting with dimensions, add-ons, cuttin’ and pastin’ like we were doing in the run-up to the ModPak Glocks you just run outta pistols to play with at some point! And it happened to us. Jim and I had been feeding our own pistols to the project and one day — after all of our ducks were in a row and honkin’ in chorus (except for the later change of finish to Cerakote) — we reached in and the cupboard was bare.

We really needed another Glock 19 and a 26. Since those we had abused to that point were in comparatively fine condition, I wanted to recruit some ugly ducklings. Let me tell you, ya get some really weird reactions when you start calling gun shops and asking: “Hey, d’ya have any old, worn, abused and ugly Glock 19s? Maybe an ugly 26? No, not in pieces or non-functioning — just kinda sad, lonely and in need of some serious TLC.”

I found two excellent candidates.

Are these ugly enough for ya? Funny thing, though, when I try to take photos, it seems I can never get pretty guns to look as pretty as they are and the same goes for ugly guns. But trust me — these pistols ain’t winning any beauty contests!

The Ugly Ducklings

Check the “Before” photos: If you’ve carried Glocks for any period of time, you’ll know their factory finish is pretty tough. But eventually, time and friction take their toll, and these two we found were well worn. In addition to this, check out the dappling and slathering of skateboard tape on the Glock 19! Purty, huh? The mod 26 was also fairly well worn. The aftermarket sights were dinged, dull and nasty, and a previous owner had installed some kinda screwy screw-on magazine release.

I test-fired both after receiving them, and like many well-used Glocks, they launched slugs okay, with a few caveats. The actions were sluggish, it seemed like the striker-firing system was pushin’ through dirty molasses. And the triggers were gritty and balky.

Jim tore them down to pieces and pins, declaring them to be basically mechanically sound. Their innards were indeed fouled and gummed to a fare-thee-well, explaining their sluggishness. And therein lies a message for all you “Glocksters” out there.
A number of used-and-abused Glocks have passed through my hands, and several have exhibited the same “before” characteristics as these two. To be blunt, I’m sure they had never been treated to an armorer-level deep cleaning and inspection. Glocks can indeed keep runnin’ through a world of crap, but “runnin’” ain’t necessarily “running at 100 percent.”

Sure, I’d like some of you to look at these Uglies in the before photos, visualize your lonely ol’ Roscoes reborn, and go for a Connor Combat ModPak. But if not, seriously folks, send in your tired, sluggish old warriors to an armorer for a full service cleaning. You might be amazed at the results and the change in the way they dance, with new life in their steps.

Another suggestion: When your armorer has stripped out all the gummy, linty detritus, have him treat your oil-stripped pistol with FrogLube — and then keep it clean and runnin’ right with nothing but FrogLube. I’ve had absolutely amazing results with it.

Here’s that formerly ugly Model 19 — now a hot-runnin’ sweetie. Nice makeover, huh? One comment about white front sight inserts: They show up really well on most targets, both range-type and seriously social-type. But if you shoot white steel plates with ’em, you should change to red, orange or green front inserts for best contrast.

The After Look

Anyway, now check out the after photos. These ladies have whole new lives in front of ’em now. Jim installed a Ghost 3.5 connector on the Model 19, and just cleaned, slicked and smoothed the factory trigger on the 26. Both run like little freight trains now.

Pity I won’t be seeing much of them, because the red-headed rulers of the “Gun Bums” have already staked ’em out, proclaiming them “pretty … too pretty for YOU!” But I get to keep the G21, which is good enough for me.

The little Model 26 turned out nice too, right? I’ll tell you, just cleaning out the innards, slickin’ up the trigger and slappin’ Advantage Tactical Sights on her improved her performance impressively. Now she’s a real pocket rocket!

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Best regards to all of you! Connor OUT
By John Connor

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One thought on “Web Blast Extra: The Tale Of The Ugly Sisters

  1. Jim22

    That looks a bit like dried blood on the slide of the 26. Was it?

    Also, what happened to the finger grooves molded in to the frame on the 26. In the before image they’re there. In the after image they’re not. Doesn’t look like the same frame.

    Methinks there was more done than a good cleaning.

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