Web Blast: More Cool Carry Cutters

More Cool Carry Cutters

There’s A Knife For Every Need

John Connor

With just a little bit of attention – like, from you – Spyderco’s fixed-blade Temperance 2 and Sage C123 folder could easily become classics. The T2’s VG-10 blade, almost five inches long, is fully flat-ground, then the body is double-distal tapered from front to back and spine to edge. The combination makes for ultra-smooth cutting and terrific balance; something you’ll have to feel to appreciate.

The Sage is a mid-size liner-locking folder with twill-woven carbon fiber handle scales and a three-inch leaf shaped blade of premium CPM-S30V steel. The Sage’s light weight – 3.2 ounces – belies its superior strength and ease of carry. Both are just waitin’ to become iconic…

Your great-granddad may have cherished a Kissing Crane folder like this three-blade Stockman – and now you can too. Kissing Crane knives from Hallmark Cutlery represent great quality for the money and features like these genuine ram’s horn handle scales.

You’re probably already familiar with Al Mar Knives’ big Eagle Classic and mid-size Falcon, both usually clad in black micarta, suitable for “tuxedo or tactical” applications. But now check the Eagle, at left, with deep, rich honey jigged bone scales! Sans pocket clip, it comes with a fine leather cover to slip into a suit coat pocket, or that ruler-pocket on your old carpenter jeans.

Those two Falcons, at right, are wearin’ cocobolo grips. One is equipped with a thumb stud for opening and the other with a traditional “nail nick.” They also come with nice leather covers bearing the Al Mar “chop,” and you’ve got just the right pocket for one of these, don’t you? They’re only available in limited runs, so you have to watch for `em and jump fast!

Here’s Greg Lightfoot’s extremely popular M1 folder, and believe it or not, it’s one of Greg’s least eye-poppin’ designs. But ergonomics and smooth operation also have a beauty of their own, don’t they? This one has a 3.5 inch blade of BG 42 steel, and sand-tan G10 scales. Now you’ve gotta see the rest of his work!

A lucky few can afford Darrel Ralph’s fully handmade Madd Maxx bayonet-blade custom folder. But, by combining some aspects of precision-machined “production” operations and hand fitting, the price comes `way down on his HTM (Hand-Tech Made) DDR MAXX 5.5. The elegantly profiled blade is CPM S30V, and the frame is 6a14v titanium, with machined carbon fiber inserts. It’s available in a DLC black or satin finish, and manual or spring-assisted action. I’ll bet you’d be the only kid on the block – or in the boardroom – with one of these!

Are you looking for a slim, lightweight, compact fixed-blade backup you can wear around your neck, inside your waistband or dropped in a pocket? Try this Enyo from Spartan Blades USA. Founded by two career Army Special Forces vets, Spartan Blades debuted with a bang on the knife scene, quickly gaining a reputation for excellent designs and superb workmanship. Get the Enyo because you need it – then get one of its big brothers because you gotta have it…

Dwaine Carrillo is a different kinda dude; a university-educated and accomplished artist, and a self-trained precision machinist and knifemaker. Dwaine has quickly gained an extremely loyal cult-like following who keep him workin’ like the devil trying to fill orders. Just take a look at his Tunnel Ratt folder and you’ll see why. His knives are as beautiful as they are tough – and boy, are they tough! The Tunnel Ratt is a titanium and G-10 framelock with a wicked-lookin’ powerful-cutting 154 CM blade.

Dwaine’s AirKat Knives are in such demand that right now he’s only making the Tunnel Ratt and his TripWire II – which I’ll be spotlighting for you in a future article.

Got an FN pistol that needs a partner? Just a few minutes before hitting “SEND” on this stuff, I learned FNH USA has signed a collaborative agreement with Strider Knives to produce a folder and two fixed blades to bear the FN name.

The FN-1 is a light duty tanto blade folder with titanium handle and pocket clip. The FN-2 is a medium-weight fixed blade with a G10 handle; and the FN-3 is a larger fixed blade with a MIL-SPEC cord handle. All three have CPM S30V blades.

The prototype photos are crappy and details are scant, but they’ll be sold through Strider and their dealers, and more info should be up on the Strider Knives web site by the time you read this. Happy hunting!

One final note, folks: When you get your new knife – or knives – here’s a way to take really good care of `em, okay? I highly recommend the Gear Care Kit from Sentry Solutions, packed with goodies to keep your knives and other tools protected and workin’ smoothly. If you spend time around salt water, add a Marine TUF-Cloth, and you’re good to go!

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