Web Blast: More Cool Carry Options

More Cool Carry Options

By John Connor

From The January/February 2011 Issue Of American Handgunner

Carry 1

Here’s another version of the Pocket-Roo Holster Combo by Tuff Products. This one is set up for Ruger’s LCP with a Crimson Trace triggerguard laser. In this case, the `Roo-pocket neatly holds a spare mag. There is also a “`Roo-pocketless” model which fits better in smaller pockets, like my vest. I’ve been packin’ a Ruger LCR in one for a while now and I really like the surface texture and balance between flexibility and rigidity of the material. Tuff makes `em to fit several different compact poppers, so check them out online.


The flagship holster of Lawman Leather’s lineup is their long-running favorite, the original Dirty Harry Shoulder Holster. Now, I understand they can make it for virtually any handgun ever produced, including all those big-bore hand-cannons.


carry 3

If you’ve got a little Beretta, a Bauer .25 or “Baby” Browning, Triple K Leather’s #190 Thinline is a great choice for concealment – a smooth, snag-free design which won’t “print”, and keeps your mini-pistol snug and secure.


Carry 4

Here’s a couple more views of the Tuck-N-Go Inside the Pant Holster from Galco Gunleather so you can see exactly how it works. The sorta double-hook design places your piece where it’s completely concealed by your tucked shirt, but can be accessed with a quick tug. Your Roscoe is carried straight upright with no cant or tilt. Though the triggerguard is completely enclosed, the open top makes for a fast draw, and the reinforced mouth makes re-holstering smooth and sure. With the holster and long shank of the J-Hook tucked inside your pants, the shorter shank goes over the waistband and down behind your belt. The only thing showing is the short, unobtrusive upward-hook which grabs the bottom edge of your belt. It’s really comfy, too.


Carry 6

Carry 7

Them good ol’ boys at Gum Creek Customs in Oxford, Georgia, have come up with an innovative carry option for drive-time: their Vehicle Handgun Mount. Check the photos – if your ride has a “lip” in the panel beneath the steering column, the mount can be easily attached and secured at both top and bottom. If there is no lip, no problem: Gum Creek’s Universal Vehicle Mount Adaptor goes around the base of the steering column. You can use their holster, or the rig adapts to a wide array of both OWB and IWB holsters, including kydex holsters by BLACKHAWK!, Fobus, Safariland and others. You can find more detail on their web site, and if that’s not enough, just give `em a call – they’re nice folks.


Carry 8

carry 9

You might be a one-holster handgunner, but if you change pants every now and then – we sorta assume you do – you can’t wear the same ol’ black or brown gunbelt all the time without running afoul of the Fashion Police – or a squinty-eyed spouse. Jim the Belt Man can fix you up with high-quality gunbelts in bullhide, horsehide, shark or elephant, with inner stiffeners or without, Velcro-secured ends or not, in your choice of colors and buckles. Does Jim know belts and guns? That’s all he does – gunbelts – so you can bet he knows his business. There are very specific guidelines for measurements to make certain you get the proper fit, so be sure to follow the instructions on his web site. Above top, some of his bullhide belts, and at bottom, that casual beauty’s made of premium horsehide.


carry 1011

In print we showed you a pocket holster by ThePocketHolster.Com with their “Anti-Print Panel” in place. Here at left is one without the panel, snuggling a Kel-Tec .380 with an ArmaLaser, and at right, I wanted to show you one in Timber Brown – just `cause I like it. They got the thickness of the leather just right, I think, neither too thick, making it bulky and inflexible, nor too thin, makin’ it floppy. When you’re trying to accommodate such small, lightweight pistols, protecting and concealing them without losing the advantages of their dimensions and weight can be a thorny problem. ThePocketHolster picked out the thorns for us!


carry 12

carry 13

I just had to show you a couple more examples of Karla Van Horne’s artistry in leather. Purdy Gear is a full-custom house, and she just takes your thoughts, your wishes and needs, sketches, old photos, whatever, and turns `em into holsters or complete rigs. At top is a Black Mountain Rig, an old style Slim Jim that, as she says, “Pretty well covers the gun from top to toenails. No hammer loop, thumb tab or safety strap needed. The belt, shown here as a shotgun but available with rifle or pistol cartridge loops, is done up in a tapered billet style — mighty comfy if you have to do a lot of bendy stuff or sit down a lot. It’s also long on comfort if you have to be out in the heat or if you have a rotten back.”

The stamping pattern is one of her personal “signatures.” The outer border (repeating 9’s) and the middle one (chain & 4-point star) are turn-of-the century originals from Juarez, Mexico. This outfit would be right at home on a movie set, or around your waist at a SASS cowboy shoot.

At bottom is “Ryker’s 500,” a rig she made for a Southern gentleman; a proud possessor of a Smith & Wesson 500, who wanted his holster tooled to match all the wild kudzu growin’ around his place. Karla said “it like to made me crazy doing it, but I got ‘er done!” She doesn’t recommend edge lacing due to the wear factor, but this fella thought it was “too cool for school!” and insisted. She also hand-tied those “acorn” knots on the ends of the hand-braided hammer loop. Ain’t it pretty?

You’ll note that a lot of Karla’s work is old Western style, but she gets jiggy with all kinds of designs and just about whatever you can think of. If you call her to make your leather-dreams come true, be prepared to chat for a while, because she makes every holster to fit the individual’s body, shape and style.


Carry 14

For the ladies, here’s another winner from Galco Gunleather – the PAX Holster Purse. Noted lady shooter, women’s self-defense trainer, Annie Oakley Award winner and author Paxton Quigley did the design, elegantly executed by Galco in fine premium leather. Check out the photos: Featuring a concealed “silo” for artillery and full lining, it’s fast becoming a best-seller.


Carry 17

I can’t say enough about the hand-formed quality and durability of Jerry Evans’ work at Haugen Handgun Leather, but have to show you this: In print, you saw that fine cowhide “Huntington Wedge” holster, and yeah; Jerry does great work with cowhide – but what he really loves to do – and does a terrific job on – is working with exotic hides. Above is a black shark holster he made for my Glock 37, and a python rig he did for 1911 government-size. Both have crocodile-skin reinforcing “lips” and although I don’t wear them daily, they’ve held up beautifully. If you order from Jerry, be prepared for a wait, but I guarantee you the wait will be worth it!


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