Web Blast: Reloading Revelations

What’s New And What’s Still Cool!

By Dave Anderson

From The March/April 2010 Issue Of American Handgunner

reloading 1

Dillon 1050

relaoding 2

Dillon 1050/Red Nine
While the 550 is a progressive reloader, the 1050 is virtually an ammo factory.
Looking back now I realize I never knew true happiness until I bought the 1050.
Finally, I could load ammunition faster than I could shoot it.

The pistol in the second photo is a “Broomhandle” Mauser with matching stock/holster. This variation,
the “Red 9” was made in 9mm and had the number 9 carved in the stocks and painted red, to avoid
confusion with those chambered in 7.63 cal.

Reloading 3

Hodgdon Titegroup
Introducing a new powder takes time and patience. Titegroup has been available for a while now but plenty of reloaders are still working their way through kegs of powders already on hand. Nothing wrong with sticking to what is known and proven but don’t pass up good new products.

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