Web Blast: The .44 Is Still Special

John Fires Back

By John Taffin

From November/December 2009

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Taffin Special 1

A true Classic– a Colt Single Action .44 Special.

Taffin Special 2

Colt offered the New Frontier .44 Special in both 2nd and 3rd Generation versions.

Taffin Special 3

The .44 Special is still a viable hunting cartridge especially when
chambered in a Colt New Frontier.

Taffin Special 5

Another older .44 Special is this Colt New Service rebuilt by Milt Morrison.

Taffin Special 5

This may well be the best factory produced .44 Special in the last
100 years; it is a Freedom Arms Model 97.

Taffin Special 6

A .44 Special Colt New Service Fitz Special built by Andy Horvath;
shown forcomparison is a Colt Detective Special .38.

Taffin Special 7

Andy Horvath’s rendition of a .44 Special Colt Fitz Special.

Taffin Special 8

Is this accurate enough? Ruger’s new 4-5/8″ .44 Special.

Taffin Special 11

Taffin Special 12

Taffin’s latest .44 Special is this Colt New Service Target Model from the 1930s.

Special Taffin 13

Taffin Special 14

Taffin shoots his latest .44 Special, a Colt New Service Target.

Taffin Special 14

Shooting a Great Western .44 Special Buntline.

Taffin Special 15

Targets fired with custom .44 Special Rugers by Bill Grover and Hamilton Bowen.

taffin special 15

This custom .44 Special was built by Ben Forkin.

Taffin Special 15

Custom Ruger .44 Specials by Andy Horvath and Ben Forkin shoot great.

taffin special 16

This ivory stocked .44 Special was built as a tribute to Skeeter Skelton by Bill Grover.

Taffin Special 17

Shooting the Smith & Wesson .44 Special Triple-Locks.

Taffin Special 18

Taffin Special 19

Even replica Single Action .44 Specials shoot great; this one is by AWA.

Taffin Special 20

Elmer Keith sits on the back porch of his Salmon Idaho
home with his 7-1/2″ Colt SAA .44 Special.

Taffin Special 21

Old .44 Special Smith & Wessons still shoot great; Triple-Lock,
1926 Model, 2nd Model Hand Ejector.

Taffin Special 22

In the early 1970s Skeeter Skelton encouraged converting .357 Magnum
Ruger and Smith & Wesson sixguns to .44 Special.

Taffin Speical 24

Two great .44 Special sixguns, a Colt New Frontier ivory stocked by
Nutmeg Sports and a Smith & Wesson 1950 Target.

Taffin special 24

Even before Colt resurrected the .44 Special SAA, bottom,
Great Western was offering their .44 Special Frontier Model.

Taffin Special 25

This pair of 20th Anniversary Shootists Holiday USFA .44 Special SAAs, #1 and #2,
have been stocked with “B” Western stags by Precision Pro in honor of Taffin’s
boyhood movie hero, Wild Bill Elliott.

Taffin Speical 26

This custom Ruger .44 Special by David Clements is made even more versatile by
the addition of a .44-40 cylinder; stocks are by Larry Caudill.

Taffin Special 26

The custom Ruger .44 Specials were built by Ben Forkin using Ruger and Colt barrels.

Taffin Special 26

A pair of easy to pack short-barreled .44 Specials by John Gallagher on a
50th Anniversary Blackhawk and a Three Screw .357 Blackhawk.

Special Taffin 27

A special pair of Specials by Andy Horvath. Top sixgun uses a
Smith & Wesson ribbed barrel.

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November/December 2009

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