What Did You Say?

I ask a question of every class I teach: “Have any of you ever had a gun go off sometime when you didn’t expect it?” In every group I teach, usually 10 to 12 people per session, at least half of the people present have had the gun “go-bang” mode. Accident, accidental discharge, negligent discharge, premature discharge, unauthorized discharge, call it whatever you like or whatever is politically correct to you. The intriguing part to me is most of these people are gun people of a sort. Not always hot-rod experts, but gun owners, and all of them have spent money to come to school in an attempt to become more proficient. Naysayers will tout, “What a buncha idiots … yeah they better go to school.”

Maybe the nayers are correct — except think of all the people who own guns who have never been to school and will make no attempt to do so? One other subtle nuance is the fact a bucket full of the “go bang” folks are cops and military people and honest gun experts, so it isn’t just the village idiot. At least the people who come to school are trying to get more competent, and that’s more than I can say for the vast majority of gun owners.
By Clint Smith

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2 thoughts on “What Did You Say?

  1. Don Haines

    Only once, when I was 12 and with an unfamiliar pistol at the range. As I brought the gun on target, it went off. I simply had not learned the break point of the trigger.

  2. Lawrence Otwell

    I have always heard the truism that there are 2 kinds of shooters: those who have had an AD and those who are going to have one. Not sure of the validity, but saying you won’t surely will mentally set you up for a fall. Mine involved shooting a string at the range and being interrupted by an adjacent shooter. After dealing with the question, I removed the mag and dropped the striker (muzzle downrange). Was surprised that the gun went “bang”. Actually hit the target, so no harm done except for my ego. Lesson for me was how important those interlocking “4 Laws” are in making sure than even a momentary lapse in attention doesn’t result in tragedy.

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