What Tactics Can Protect Our Rights?

I Dare You…

We know some of you don’t care about gun rights. You just want range time or some hot new gun in order to smell burning powder and bust a few caps — nothing wrong with that. If there weren’t love for the sport, it would have died.

On the other hand, we know lots of you are scared witless that big government and anti-rights bigots will destroy our precious right to arms, and leave you defenseless. No amount of cold-dead-finger posturing seems capable of stopping that — and getting yourself dead may not be the best approach, you think? So, what can you do?

I hear it all the time: “What can I do to help save our rights? I’m just one person.” First of all, everyone is just one person, so you inherently have the identical power to act that everyone else does. If you’ve done nothing to increase your power, then sure, you’re a low-power lackey. Fortunately, it’s not a terminal condition, and you’re the one who can fix it. And it’s easy.

Go to dinner. I said it was easy, right? Here’s the catch — invite a handful of good friends or shooting buddies along. Pick a place that’s quiet, like the side room of a joint, so you can have a long talk. You may have to look around to find a good spot, and make sure they’ll do separate checks. Man, that’s hard, going around to local haunts and checking them out, even if you beer up along the way, hey? Are you man enough (or woman enough) to try this? Pick a date and let everyone know.

After everyone arrives and mingles, tap a glass to make the universal call-to-order sound, welcome your friends, thank them for coming and spend the entire evening talking about one single subject: “What can we do to help preserve our rights?” Don’t get side tracked, stay on point, and be bossy if you need to. This gives you real power — power in numbers, leadership and the constitutional power of the right to assemble, which can move mountains. The group will come up with ideas that make everyone nod in agreement — that’s what you’re looking for.

Then Do It

As a group, decide to do whatever it is you come up with. You’ll feel the power, it’s exhilarating and like politicians, you’ll hunger for more. Ask everyone to come back next month, bring friends, and do it again. Put e-mails on a list so you can easily organize. Now you’re a community organizer, and you know where that can get you. Do you have the guts to invite friends to dinner and help save the world? Or are you a completely witless, incompetent, insecure woosy, complainer with no cojones like everyone says you are?

Okay, sarcasm off now. I can almost hear you saying, “Is that all there is to it? Isn’t there something else I could do, something more … umm … high caliber?” Well, yes, there is, but I had to see if you could make it this far. Organizing marksmen is a giant step. A giant step, very high caliber. If you can’t get that far, no sense in aiming further downrange.

State representative H.L. “Bill” Richardson, who founded Gun Owners of America, wrote a book about how politics really works, called Confrontational Politics. It’s strong stuff. All the seemingly bizarre political news stories actually make sense, because as Richardson puts it: “Politics works, just not the way you think it does.” Get it at gunlaws.com. Read it. Then consider these ideas too:

• Constantly build your e-mail list. That’s how we get word out because the “news” media hides the facts from you. When good bills need support and bad ones need to die, you’ll have a finger on the controls.

• Learn how to follow gun bills in your state legislature — it’s online and easy — and you’ll gain knowledge, which is pure power. I dare you.

• Join your state gun groups, because that’s where the rubber meets the road. Spend the few bucks and position yourself for serious impact.

• Take people who have never gone shooting, to a range. This makes converts, they have fun (you do too), and they end up wanting more. More power in numbers, and power in new contacts, because they typically spread the evangel of gun ownership as a wonderful hobby, exciting sport, and life-saving fundamental right at the core of our culture.

• Want something even harder? Join the not-choir. Go to a meeting of the left, see if you can stomach it, and listen and learn. Don’t talk or you’ll get yourself thrown out or hated (easy to do). Requires extreme composure and fortitude. Dress business-casual, not bubba.

• Stop winning debates. If you win all your debates you’re losing, because “a man convinced against his will is of the other opinion still.” You don’t want to win debates, you need to learn How to Win Friends and Influence People, which is another great book you should read, it’ll make a man out of you.

Alan Korwin is the author of nine books on gun law. He runs the GunLaws.com website, and is the manager of the TrainMeAZ.com campaign, which you should check out.