What’s A “Best Bullet”

And Is There Such A Thing?

My phone rings, and I hear this all the time, “What’s the best bullet for my (fill in the blank here).” And it’s an easy answer: There’s no such thing as a best bullet.

Yep, that’s the way I see it. Of course the eternal argument of cast vs. jacketed rages on, at least for the revolver guys — although the Black Powder and Cowboy competition shooters seem to have settled their part of it.

“Best” usually turns out of be for some specific purpose, and I can usually answer that with several examples of something capable of doing the intended job. But “best” still escapes me, as usually a few bullets in any caliber will fill the bill, and in some calibers and use — dozens will.

Plinking with revolvers or auto pistols is something we all do. Cast or swaged lead is the cheapest and can usually be found in factory or reloaded ammo. Swaged is usually the cleanest of the two, as the “smoke cloud” produced by cast slugs is unpleasant and somewhat unhealthy to breathe. Frankly, inhaling the fumes produced by firing any shot is not a healthy practice. Nor is casting bullets without more than adequate ventilation, just to remind you.
By J.D. Jones

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