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As hunters and shooters, we’ve never been so blessed to have such an abundance of quality ammunition serving a wide range of applications. It has been difficult to obtain certain rounds in the quantity we may want lately, but I’m confident this dilemma will work itself out over time, as the buying frenzy slows. Today’s factory line-up boggles the mind, and if you don’t reload, you can rest easy. Chances are good, if you want it, someone is making it, or about to introduce it!


For instance, Winchester introduced the new .17 Winchester Super Magnum rimfire cartridge not long ago. This .27 caliber case necked down to a .17 caliber bullet will surpass both the .17 HMR and .22 WMR rimfire cartridges, launching a 20- and 25-gr. polymer-tipped bullet, plus a 20-gr. JHP. I can’t wait to get my hands on a custom single-shot pistol barrel and set up camp near a prairie dog town.

Winchester also introduced their Razorback XT offering in .44 Magnum. Their 225-gr. hollowpoint bullet will surely stop a big mean hog in his troublesome tracks. This bullet profile includes a 6-position beveled-style designed for weight retention and positive penetration — perfect for big boars when they raid your garden.


Lately I’ve been shooting Federal’s Vital Shok ammo in one of my .44 Magnums. I’ve always found Federal ammo consistent and — just as important — accurate. Their personal-defense ammo comes in a multitude of calibers. After reviewing several 10mm Autos, I appreciate the performance of their 180-gr. Hydra Shok JHP. From .22 rimfire to the mighty .500 S&W Magnum, Federal provides an assortment of premium ammunition.

Big Green

Remington has you covered with a lineup, including ammo specifically designed for everything from home-defense to target shooting. Their Express Handgun Ammunition covers a comprehensive list of options with bullet weights and styles for both pistols and revolvers. There’s something for just about any specific purpose you might encounter under the Big Green tent.


Hornady’s Critical Defense line is purpose-built for concealed carry guns. Their FTX bullet offers controlled expansion and is custom designed for individual loads. My wife carries the Critical Defense Lite in her .38 Special, featuring a 90-gr. FTX bullet with manageable recoil. What’s really neat about this line is a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Critical Defense Lite goes to help fund breast cancer research. Pretty neat, huh?

Hornady’s Critical Duty .45 Auto +P features a new 220-gr. FlexLock bullet to prevent bullet clogging while busting through barriers. Hornady always seems to maintain innovative rounds in their complete line of quality ammo.


With nearly 350 options available, DoubleTap Ammunition keeps adding to their lineup. Some shooters, me included, often have questions regarding exactly what ammo they need for a particular purpose. DoubleTap makes it easy with their color-coded line, featuring Hunter, Defense, Tactical, Safari and Longrange categories. Check out their website for more details.


Nosler has jumped into the personal-protection ring with their new Nosler DEFENSE line of handgun ammunition. The Nosler Bonded Performance bullet features a tapered jacket and a special-engineered alloy core for reliable expansion and penetration. These rounds come in 9mm +P, .40 S&W and .45 ACP +P with Bonded Tip and Bonded JHP bullets. These offerings from Nosler are ideal for home-defense and concealed carry.


I’ve been shooting Cor-Bon ammunition for as long as I can remember. Today, Cor-Bon’s defensive ammunition is certainly top-shelf stuff. Their high-octane ammo is fueled by proven JHP bullets and is available in most popular calibers. Handgun hunters have a great variety of effective hunting ammunition to choose from, too. On a recent safari in Uganda, I was confronted with a Nile Buffalo staring me down. The problem was solved quickly with Cor-Bon’s DPX Hunter ammo.

Buffalo Bore

The fine folks at Buffalo Bore continue to produce premium ammo for personal-defense and hunting. Most common cartridges are available with quality bullets, like Barnes and others. Combining top-end components with consistent accuracy, Buffalo Bore produces magnum performance for today’s demanding shooters. I have their number memorized.

Black Hills

Black Hills is well-known for their quality and consistency. Their handgun lineup is available in most popular defensive calibers. They also produce tactical match ammo, and several branches of our Armed Forces use it. Cowboy Action folks can find just about any cartridge they need. I can’t keep track of how many hogs and Whitetail I have taken with their .44 Magnum ammunition, but enough to know it simply works! And the remanufactured .223 ammo is a prairie dog’s worst nightmare.

Regardless of your specific ammunition needs, today’s manufacturers produce premium ammo for demanding consumers. Keep your credit card handy, as the ammo piplines are filling up again!

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By Mark Hampton

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