Why The Man Of The House Should Be Armed

By Felicity Bower

I like to shoot as much as any other red-blooded American girl who shares this passion. I’m no longer a girl, but I like the word — it keeps me feeling young and, you know, feeling like one of the girls. Call me names if you want, but I think the man of the house is the one who should be armed and, if push comes to shove, the one who should be ready to defend our kids and I. This whole silliness about “men and women are equal” is pure bulldiddly as anyone with half a brain can see. All girls know it, but we don’t let on (usually), because of the advantages. And the men are either too dumb — or they like it that way — or maybe it’s just too convenient for us girls to spill many beans.

Ladies on TV news play along and it’s time for it to stop. There’s a reason why women don’t play on football teams, and you know it. There’s a reason men and women compete separately in every sport requiring strength or speed. Women are the weaker sex, and that’s all there is to it. When women throw the shot put in the Olympics, they always throw slightly short of the men. That’s the best versus the best. Always. But the women throw a shot nearly half the weight, 8.8 pounds vs. 16 … I rest my case.

Sure, you can find a woman who can beat a man (or has a better mustache!), or one pro who is better than another pro. Some female somewhere is an outlier to the group, but it proves nothing. Trying to make the case proves you’re an idiot. Thomas Jefferson was flat wrong when he said, “all men are created equal.” They aren’t either. Everyone knows it but no one will say it flat out loud. Well, there it is … I’ve said it. We’re all entitled to equal treatment, but respect the differences or be seen as a fool, fool.

It’s A “Man Thing”

Because boys and girls are different — and boys are stronger — we like different things based on the strength difference. We just do. You can argue, but it’s true, and you know it.

Anyone can go to a gun show. It’s a free country (still). So, who goes? Men mostly — it’s 95% men (great place to shop for one, by the way). When I go, there are very few sisters around to visit with, but we all spy each other, and look each other over, like women do. And the men look us over too, don’t you boys? It’s non-stop ogling, and most of you aren’t subtle about it a’tall. Hey, we don’t mind, we dress for it, and some lap it up, like the hussies.

There’s hardly anything at the shows for us to buy and it’s all because guns are basically a “man thing.” Freud thought so, too. But, it all circles back to my main point (my man point?): If someone is going to defend my home, I want it to be my man because it’s his job. He’s better at it than me, more naturally inclined toward it and he practically wants to do it. A gun is an equalizer, but it takes strength.

I can defend us if necessary. I know I can, and I will if I have to … don’t dare me. But he’s prepared — he likes it, practices with his buddies and reads about it in magazines like this one (we have so many lying around and he won’t throw any of them out!).

Sensible Division

We have a division of labor to help run our household. He does the barbecue and I set the table and clean the dishes; he carries packages and makes home repairs, I do the laundry. You probably run your home in a similar way, since every couple I know has similar divisions of labor. If we ever had a break-in, God forbid, I know what we’d do without even having a plan — which we do — worked out together.

My man would get one of several firearms, as would I, and while he’s carefully investigating from cover, I’d be corralling the kids into a safe area, dialing for backup. There’s more to it than that, but I’m not going to tell you everything. What I’m saying is the man has the primary responsibility for the family’s safety; I like it this way because it feels right.

America has lost some of this simple home wisdom. Some of the junk on TV makes it seem like if you believe in different roles for men and women you’re doing something wrong. Well I’ll tell you what’s wrong — that notion. You have to believe the evidence of your own eyes, heart and soul. And remember being the woman of the house is a wonderful and natural responsibility. You should assume your role with pride, and allow your man to have his role with equal pride.

Felicity Bower has been writing for Alan Korwin’s company Bloomfield Press, for nearly 20 years. It’s the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in the country. He invites you to write to them or see their work, at gunlaws.com.

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5 thoughts on “Why The Man Of The House Should Be Armed

  1. Rita Kroeber

    As a single woman with no children, I count on my own resources to protect myself and my home. I am not unique. There are other women like me out here, and we are armed. I’d like to see Felicity Bower write an article on “Why the Woman of the House Should Be Armed.”


  2. Chem

    I totally fail to understand this article. Is it satire? Just really poorly thought out and executed? I have some thoughts in these areas but the article is neither well reasoned or articulated.

    You guys publish what you want but so far it strikes me as amateurish and beneath what I have come to expect from this periodical.

  3. Colin Miller

    I should say to begin with that, generally speaking, you guys do a first rate job. I love your publication, and get a lot of good information and entertainment out of it. This article does not follow previously fulfilled standards.

    When I first read this, I had trouble believing it got past the editor. It is so full of erroneous assumptions and poorly connected logic, that while I appreciate knowing that the writer’s viewpoint is out there, the article itself is hardly worthy of the magazine.

    I can forgive the writer. I believe that she is probably sincere, and given the limited experience that she has obviously has with women competent handling firearms, maybe her viewpoint makes sense in her limited circle of experience. Maybe she does live in a social circle where women are taught, and believe, that they cannot handle firearms as well as men. If those women are not comfortable handling a gun in a high pressure situation, then, sure they should leave it to somebody who is. Then again, that has nothing to do with sex.

    I feel tempted to get into the details of statistical analysis, comparing bell curves, and what that really means, but I think this isn’t the place for it. I’m also tempted to get into hand to hand combat, as it relates to body size, and as it relates to sex, as I have some experience in that regard, but it could also spin out on a very, very long tangent.

    I can understand that somebody might have the writer’s viewpoint. I don’t understand how an Editor would let it be put forth in American Handgunner Magazine, as a Gun Rights article, telling an entire readership what is best for them, based on a narrow understanding of a limited sample of American culture.

    First off, I don’t know who the Editor believes that is reading their magazine, but I know a lot of gun owners, men and women, who would find this offensive, illogical, and some other words that are not constructive. My wife has taken personal insult, and begun a far more involved response, which you may see soon, in one way or another.

    Let me offer one portrait, a small snapshot of your readers who do not fit into the writer’s understanding.
    Both of my daughters have some proficiency in shooting sports. They enjoy doing it on their own terms, from time to time. They don’t enjoy it to the degree that my wife and I do, but to each their own. My 12 year old daughter, who participates in competitive wrestling, beats boys of the same age and weight on a regular basis, and can manhandle most boys her age. I can personally testify that she’s got a mean head snap!

    My lovely wife, is very much a woman in the conventional sense, does not have a mustache, and enjoys turning heads on a regular basis (and if you’d like to call her a hussie for that, I’d urge you to do it to her face, and I’ll let the two of you work it out). She owns more firearms than I do, and is proficient with all of them. We have matching 12 gauge shotguns. They’re both black, identical in every way, and they both shoot a slug or 00 buck shot with identical stopping power.

    My Father and Mother in law, excellent people, are both Avid gun enthusiasts. I don’t know who owns more guns between them. I don’t know if either knows exactly how many guns they have. When it comes to wielding a handgun, my Mother in Law is slightly better than my Father in Law. They both enjoy going to Single Action Shooting Society events, and go head to head, neither having a decisive advantage overall.

    What is more, my Mother in law, Debbie Street, who taught me how to shoot a handgun, not only broke ground being in the first class of the California Highway Patrol to graduate women, she set the shooting record with a perfect score, a record that remained unmatched, for men and women, within the academy for quite awhile.
    “In 1974, for the first time, female cadets entered the CHP Academy alongside their male counterparts. By the end of the 16-week Academy, a female cadet, Deborah A. Street, had captured the pistol shooting award with a perfect 300 score.”
    She also kicked the asses of a few men in hand to hand combat training, and while on duty, beat down an attack from a 300 pound man using only a flashlight.

    You could say, “Well, these women are exceptional, outliers so to speak.” Yes, they are exceptional. They are not just exceptional women, they are exceptional people. Lots of women are exceptional people. They are everywhere, and not in short supply. Telling people that they should try to forget being exceptional, and accept their ‘traditionally’ designated gender roles makes absolutely no sense to me.

    The statement, “Some female somewhere is an outlier to the group, but it proves nothing. Trying to make the case proves you’re an idiot” proves a point, but probably not the point the writer intended.

    By the way, I can do laundry and clean dishes just fine, thank you very much. Any man who has problems with either needs to get out of the gene pool, ASAP, for the love of God, if not in consideration for the survival of the Human Race.

    Secondly, what does this have to do with Gun Rights, at all? Is it an appeal to so called traditional family values? Really? Are we looking to evoke ridicule from gun control advocates? Do we want to give opponents of gun rights ammunition to point out how backward and ignorant we are? I can’t see this as a good idea.

    Love you guys, especially the work of Mr. Venturino, Mr. Connor, Mr. Ayoob, my personal favorites. Keep it up please!

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