Will You Shoot To Save Your Gun Rights?

By the time this issue of American Handgunner hits the newsstands, the Fourth of July will be upon us, so it will be almost too late. More specifically, it will almost be too late for you — not some other guy, but you — to go to your local shooting range and ask if they’re joining in National Training Week.

If they are participating, they’ll be busy and there’s plenty in it for you. If they’re not, it’s not too late for them to join in. Will you ask? Or will you sit on your fat butt and just gripe about ammo prices and the guy in the Oval Office?

National Training Week encourages everyone to go to the range and practice from July 4-11, celebrating Independence Day with fireworks, firearms and freedom! The idea behind this event is to get everyone to practice gun safety and marksmanship around The Fourth. Can anything else be more wholesome and patriotic?

The very day firearms helped set us free is the perfect time to exercise our right to keep and bear them. You, as a gun owner, can build on this theme, help overcome the virtual blackout in the lamestream media, and make it happen. But you have to do something. This column will tell you how you can help and the key idea behind this event.

Ranges nationwide are offering the public free firearm rentals for an hour during the week of National Training Week, for the seventh year in a row. Is there anything else to say? Wouldn’t you like to rent some cool firearm you’ve wanted to try — for free? Of course you would. Everyone would. This is the big draw and it works really well. All you have to do is let your local gun store know, and get them on board.

The gun rental itself is free for an hour, but you will likely need to buy their ammo and targets and pay for range time — enabling them to make money while you save some. Everyone wins. This represents a big incentive for newcomers, one of the primary goals of this weeklong event. Ranges feature extra classes, discounts and more. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Taking Action

In order for this to come to fruition at your local range, you need to jump in your car, drive over to the range, find the managers and talk them into it if they’re not already. Be the champion, the patriot, the guy who is determined to make it happen — the guy who actually does something.

It’s all spelled out online; simply visit gunlaws.com, and in the upper-right corner, click the National Training Week emblem. Three easy steps and a ready-made promo are there, endorsed by the NRA, GOA, Second Amendment Foundation, Second Amendment Sisters, the Appleseed Project and more.

You can print out the promo and 3-step instructions ahead of time, making it easier for you. Or, when you get to the range, ask the managers to go online and look for themselves. They can print fliers and add their contact information in handouts and print banners as big as their building if they want, using any local quick-print shop. It’s so easy even a knuckle-dragging, gun-toting … well, you get the idea.

But there’s no time to waste. If your local range hasn’t yet spread the message, they need to get on this quick to get the word out. Emailing customers and passing out fliers to those who come in the gun store will surely prompt a response, especially with free gun rentals involved!

And don’t let them forget to set up special classes for ladies, first-time shooters, youngsters and entire families coming in together.

You experienced shooters can try out guns you’ve only been dreaming about — maybe the cannon-like .454 Casull or one of the newer .500-caliber magnums. Or on the other end, maybe a titanium lightweight hammerless with an integral laser would pique your interest.

The icing on the cake is the idea of gift-giving on Independence Day, rivaling a child’s first long gun under the Christmas tree. Today, we need to bring aboard new adult shooters, who, thanks to political pressures, are considering their first gun. The day responsible for making our freedom possible is the perfect day for the gift of introducing new people to our sport. It’s the reason why I wrote my 14th book, Your First Gun, to help potential new gun owners in their decision-making — and it’s a gift you can give to someone you know who needs it. As I like to say, “friends don’t let friends go gunless.”

Are you convinced? Will you do something to protect your rights? Look up National Training Week, get excited, then drive to your local range and make it happen. Don’t think about it. Do it.
By Alan Korwin

Alan invites you to write to him or see his work, at GunLaws.com.

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