Win A Tussy Custom 1911 .45 ACP

And Help Interface Doctors Help Children!

InterFACE is an international volunteer surgical team providing reconstructive surgery for children with congenital and acquired deformities. Their team, people I know personally, consist of plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, speech therapists, dentists, psychologists as well as other dedicated volunteers. This group of professionals travels to various sites in Latin America to provide these services for free — to children who would otherwise have to live their lives with severe deformities.

Since 1975, this all-volunteer group have taken their “operating room in trunks” to sites yearly, to perform follow-up treatment — and see the final results of the miracles they so often perform. My wife, Suzi, has gone with them and seen the results of their efforts personally. She came back greatly touched by what the doctors and nurses do for the children. What they do is, literally, life-changing for these kids and their families.

InterFACE recently lost one of their key sponsors, and their program is in danger of being cut drastically. We offered to donate magazine space to a raffle of a custom 1911 to help out, and renowned custom pistolsmith Terry Tussey of Tussey Custom quickly jumped on board, volunteering to build a gun. Springfield Armory graciously supplied a stainless steel 1911, several makers supplied parts, and Terry supplied many parts from his own inventory. The result? This stunner of a custom 1911 from Terry’s own skilled hands.

All proceeds of this amazing raffle opportunity will go to directly support the doctors and nurses who travel on their own time to perform the healing surgery on these children. Tickets will only be sold for a limited time (through March 30, 2012) so act quickly to benefit this great cause — and for the opportunity to win this stunning 1911!

You can enter by going to They’ll accept PayPal, and most charge cards. You may also send a check, and make sure to include a phone number and e-mail address if you have one. Make the check out to InterFACE, and send it to: InterFACE, 4619 Blue Spruce Rd., Bismarck, ND 58503. If you have questions, Dr. Davis Bronson can help you at (417) 540-1768 or at his e-mail at:

The winner will have to comply with all legal requirements for firearm ownership in their state, and will need to supply an authorized FFL from a dealer willing to accept the gun from Tussey Custom. The winner is responsible for all transfer fees at the receiving dealer. The winner will be contacted by InterFACE within 5 days after the drawing on April 16, 2012.

Help these doctors help these kids — and just maybe win a great pistol at the same time. Let’s give these doctors a helping hand!

Check out the InterFACE homepage to learn more about this great group of doctors and nurses at: and then go to to sign up — help out!

Among The Custom Features Are:

•    S&A engraved grip screws
•    S&A Magwell with Colt style lines
•    Caspian grip safety
•    Match 3-lb. trigger
•    Novak adjustable night sight
•    TruGlo front fiber optic night sight
•    Ramped, throated and polished breech face
•    Caspian extractor and ejector
•    Ed Brown hammer
•    Carry bevel performed
•    Stealth comp (an $800 option!)
•    Checker front strap
•    Undercut trigger guard
•    Brushed finish with aluminum oxide on radius
•    Carbon Creations grips
•    And much more!

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