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Stinger Lite Pipe


Go ahead, hit your forehead and say “Duh, why didn’t we think of this before?” right along with me. That’s

Nosler Match Grade Ammo


In chatting with the Nosler team recently, I was reminded yet again why this old-school family-owned business continues to survive

Gerber Goodies


I’ll bet lots of you sorta’ grew up with Gerber Legendary Blades. Their world-famous Mark II combat dagger was stuff

Compact Survival Kit


We reviewed Echo -Sigma’s “Get Home Bag” ( in the Sept/Oct 2012 issue. Their stuff is rock-solid and well-thought-out. With

Donson Grips


Stuck for a gift idea for yourself? Yeah, I said that right. If you’ve been smart and avoided the gun/ammo-buying

Range Pack Pro


Lugging most sports gear bags to the range is a pain. The majority are floppy, have uncomfortable handles and are

DMT Sharpener


You carry a knife — right? — And I’m willing to bet it might be sorely in need of a