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Lee Precision Challenger single-stage press
Lee Precision Challenger...

The third-generation Challenger features everything that made the Challenger the world’s bestselling single-station press. Plus, they've added an...
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H&R .22 Magnum Revolver
H&R .22 Magnum Revolver

During a recent visit to Brandon's Gun Trading Co. in Joplin, Mo., something in the used gun case caught Roy Huntington's eye — a hard-chromed H&R .22...
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Original S&W 1917 .45 ACP

When FMG's Roy Huntington purchased this original Smith & Wesson 1917, it was a bag of bits and pieces. After some tinkering and tuning, watch and listen to...
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Henry Big Boy Revolver video thumbnail
Henry Big Boy Revolver

What's better than one Henry Big Boy Revolver? Two! Roy Huntington shares a quick look at this classically styled .357 Magnum six-shooter before sending...
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Springfield Armory's New...

FMG's Roy Huntington provides a first look at Springfield Armory's New TRP Pistols.
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Rock Island Armory RIA 5.0E 9mm pistol
RIA 5.0E: The Do-All 9mm

Famed American designer and architect Charles Eames once said, "The details are not the details. They make the design." And when you see the Rock Island...
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From The Rental Wall

A Quick Look To Help You Decide What To Rent Next Time At The Range
cz ts2 tactical sport
From The Rental Wall: CZ...

Today on From the Rental Wall, Nic Lenze takes you to The Shootist in Denver, Colorado. While there, he samples the CZ TS 2, a competition-ready 9mm with a...
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TaurusTX 22 Competition
From The Rental Wall:...

Rimfire handguns are some of the most fun around, especially when it comes to competitive shooting. That's why Nic Lenze pulled the TaurusTX 22 for today's...
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SIG SAUER P226 Legion
From The Rental Wall: SIG...

You should never choose a gun based on its looks, but that's exactly what Nic Lenze does in this edition of From the Rental Wall. Take a look at the SIG...
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Gun Cranks

With Brent, Tom & Roy
text on blue background that reads
Be Prepared! Water for the...

There's one thing more essential to survival than food, and that's water. After all, it makes up about 50% to 70% of your body weight. This week, the Gun...
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Red text that reads
Be Prepared! Food For the...

The Cranks are back! This time, for a multi-part series on emergency preparedness. Let's kick things off by talking about food. How much land does one...
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red and white text on a dark blue background that reads
Should You Customize Your CCW?

How custom should your carry gun be? This week, the Cranks tackle yet another controversial topic — this time, at the suggestion of Roy Huntington.
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Insider Tips

For Beginners & Advanced
How To...

Responding to multiple requests from readers, American Handgunner's Roy Huntington provides a step-by-step guide on field-stripping S&W Revolvers.
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Reloading .38...

You've shot some brass ... now what? Using a Lee Precision reloading kit, American Handgunner's Roy Huntington breaks down the art of reloading .38 Special...
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Coat Pocket Carry

Is shooting through a coat pocket/purse just like how its shown in the movies?
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Product Featurettes
Colt Ace .22 Conversion

FMG's Roy Huntington shows how you can have some cheap fun with your favorite 1911 using the Colt Ace .22 conversion unit.
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Standard Manufacturing 1911 Damascus
The .45 Caliber 1911...

Announcing their new 1911 Damascus handgun, Standard Manufacturing has designed a firearm using techniques dating back to medieval times, but functions for...
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IWI's Tavor X95 Rifle - A...

Designed to be one of the finest infantry rifles in the world — the Tavor X95 bullpup rifle from IWI.
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Gun Cranks Share Gear
Carry An Extra Magazine...

What's a "Snagmag?" Roy Huntington explains how he carries an extra magazine holster concealed, but easy to access.
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The World's First...

Special Assignments Editor Roy Huntington finds he can customize his holster to his firearm, multiple times with 1791 Gunleather's Ultra Custom Concealment...
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Have Your Holster Be...

Brent Wheat remarks on his simply rugged good looks as well as the excellent craftsmanship of Simply Rugged Holsters.
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Product Reviews

A Look Behind The Pages

Writer, Will Dabbs, MD takes a close look at these factory striker-fired pistols that are redefining the polymer platform with numerous upgrades and...
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Ruger Introduces...

American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington takes an Insider Action look at Ruger's Lite Rack LCP II now available in .22 LR, shooting it side-by-side with...
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American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington reviews Kimber's EVO SP (CS)
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