Hunting With Sixguns

October was made for hunting and the day was perfect. The oppressive heat of summer had given way to frozen mornings and warm afternoons, while the green...
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Sixguns More Or Less?

All sixguns are revolvers. Yet all revolvers are not sixguns, nor have they ever been. Smith & Wesson's Model 619 and 620.
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Revolver Know How

The trigger on your revolver is difficult to press, requiring more force than it should to complete the firing cycle. But, only on two or three of the...
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Ruger’s Biggest Bore:...

In 2015, thumb-busters had a bodacious year with Ruger finally releasing a long awaited 5-shot, single-action Bisley.
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Old West .44s

While the .44 Winchester Centerfire (.44 WCF aka .44-40) most certainly was the ultimate .44 handgun cartridge of the Old West, it was far from being the...
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Real Vs. Repro

It sold initially for $17.50. Today, with limited wear, an early Colt Single Action Army might fetch $90,000. These prices should catch the eye of any...
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HK's USP Expert

Today, consumers are understandably agog at the company's VP9, and the P30L continues to draw longing stares every time someone watches a John Wick movie....
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Next-Level Combat Handguns

Should life go sideways at home, at work, in North Korea or aboard the International Space Station, you really won’t find a better defensive tool.
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Property of the Emperor

Immediately after World War One, Japan’s military began to expand. The desire to expand the Empire required an influx of modern weapons. Handguns like the...
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10-round Hellcat Pro 9mm pistol from springfield armory
Springfield Armory Hellcat...

For those living in locations requiring restricted magazine capacities, the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro 9mm pistol is now available in a 10-round variation.
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The Shadow Systems...

It has been such a treat watching Shadow Systems thrive. They started out as an idea in 2016 and have since blossomed into something truly epic. Their CEO,...
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Taylor's & Company 10mm 1911 FS Tactical
Taylor’s & Company 10mm...

The new Taylor's & Company Full Size Tactical 1911 pistol chambered in 10mm is the latest addition to the company's 1911 family.
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Rimfire Handguns

Develop A Rimfire Routine

You study for tests, train for marathons, practice for soccer games — why not train for concealed carry? Choosing to carry a firearm is a decision not to...
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There’s A Lot Going...

The .22 conversion is almost as old as the autopistol itself. Shortly after the adoption of the 1911, Springfield Armory began experimenting with ways to...
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Customize A $200 Gun? Of...

I suspect Ruger had an inkling of the pending home run about to be hit when they released the price-point Wrangler SA .22 revolver. In one, well-thought-out...
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TaurusTX 22 Competition
From The Rental Wall:...

Rimfire handguns are some of the most fun around, especially when it comes to competitive shooting. That's why Nic Lenze pulled the TaurusTX 22 for today's...
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Better Shooting: The...

I know of no better tool for learning handgun skills than a quality double-action revolver. For me, the Smith & Wesson K22 is about perfect.
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Rimfire Accuracy: Pure,...

Handgun hunters can benefit greatly from shooting a .22 rimfire. Most everyone will agree to this, but I find myself overlooking the obvious sometimes....
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Your Range Training Partner

The Umarex GLOCK 17 Gen5 T4E First Edition is a faithful replica of the real GLOCK 17, and its manual of operation is so similar it can be used as a...
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Practice Without Using Up...

American Handgunner's Tom McHale finds a way to practice his handgun skills without using any ammo. Modeled after its award-winning 9mm counterpart, the...
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Umarex Is Changing The Way...

Introducing the new ReadyAir Airgun Compressor by Umarex. A newly patented oilless technology to fill up PCP reservoirs easily and quickly.
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Air Saber
AirSaber For Handgunners?

American Handgunner's Tom McHale has some First Look fun with Umarex's AirSaber air archery arrow rifle airgun.
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Full-Auto Fun With Beretta

American Hangunner editor Roy Huntington has his First Look at Umarex's Beretta Model 92A1 BB Pistol and takes a tin can down.
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When you live in the suburbs, most neighbors tend to frown upon the idea of constructing a shooting range in your backyard.
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Miscellaneous Handguns

Use Your Sights In A Gunfight?

Fortunately, technology has erased the need for compromise. It’s now possible to have precise sight alignment without ever taking your focus from where it...
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Review of Bond Arms Stinger
Review: The Bond Arms Stinger

In this video from American Handgunner, Nic Lenze reviews the Bond Arms Stinger.
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Ronnie Wells Grip Frames...

Consistency is the key for accurate handgun shooting. This includes loads, stance, whether you’re using a rest or not, trigger press, follow through and grip.
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The SilencerCo Hybrid 46M

Amidst a cluttered landscape of sound suppressor manufacturers these days, SilencerCo remains firmly ensconced at the top of the heap.
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A Budget-Friendly Carry Optic

AMERIGLO, the American-made leader in tritium, fiber rod, and custom OEM iron sights, has recently announced their all-new AMERIGLO Haven red dot sight.
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Colt's Great Eight: The...

Colt offered 1st Generation SAA revolvers in 36 different calibers. Considering 2nd and 3rd Generation models, what are the Great 8 Colt SAA cartridges of...
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