S&W M&P .380 Shield EZ

Carry Quandary — Quashed!

Pocket Power Perfected

Springfield's XD-S Mod. 2 .45 Is Mechanically Elegant
And Armored-Vehicle Tough!

Ruger Custom Shop SR1911

Hand-Crafted 9mm Fun-Gun!

Kimber's Rapide Black Ice 1911

Hang On Tight To This 10mm Express Train

Taurus G3 9mm

A Working Man's Workhorse

Springfield Armory's Micro-Compact Hellcat

A paradigm makeover for 9mm carry guns?
TAC SHIELD's Tactical Gun Belt —...

The Tactical Gun Belt from TAC Shield has a state-of-the-art design that offers an easier, more comfortable carry, whether carrying IWB or OWB.
Read Full Article Shari LeGate
Bradford Knives: Precision tuned Steel

Chris Reeve Knives would become a full-blown force to be reckoned with in the cutlery industry and win Quality in Manufacturing awards year after year at...
Read Full Article Pat Covert
How I Destroyed - And Resurrected -...

As a freshly minted gun owner, I got a bug up my butt to buy an old Walther. Money was tight, so I was looking for deals on the auction boards. One caught...
Read Full Article Tom McHale
Smith & Wesson Relocates

When Smith & Wesson announced they were moving a major part of their operation out of Springfield, Massachusetts, where it has called home since 1852, to...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Red in Tooth and Claw…Wild Boars...

A big male European boar reaches more than six feet long and weighs around 220 pounds. These animals are grouchy, mean and ravenous. Lured by the smell of...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
Should You Heat Treat Your Hands by...

Ever since I started casting bullets with those Lee six-cavity molds, my tolerance for heat has increased. I got some after using their two-cavity molds for...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
How Much Ammo Do You Need to Carry?

When you carry a handgun, whether for competition, hunting, or self-defense, the question arises how much extra ammunition is enough?
Read Full Article Dave Anderson
Gunnysack: Hornady Security Keypad Vault

Hornady Security’s Keypad Safe is quite the upgrade from the barrel key lockbox I previously had, offering not only a quicker way to open but a much more...
Read Full Article Serena Juchnowski
Gunsmithing: 1911 Pistol Sear Spring...

What's the “funny three-tined spring thingy” in the 1911 grip? That’s the sear spring, so hang onto your seat and here we go for a simple explanation...
Read Full Article Roy Huntington
SCCY DVG-1 Striker-Fired Compact Pistol

The SCCY DVG-1’s machining is flawless, packing quality in a striker-fired compact pistol package that retails below $300.
Read Full Article David Freeman


A Robar Single...

In December 1996 I was invited to participate in a unique class conducted at Thunder Ranch, then located in Texas.
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Walther’s Q4 SF

When Agent 009.5 found himself stranded in a country with more consonants in its name than vowels, with a job to do...
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Colt Rising

Like the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes, I’m seeing more and more fine old Colt revolvers coming out of...
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Think of this as an “ultimate” dot sight — only better. It’s bigger than most pistol-sized sights, but that...
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Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield Plus
Smith & Wesson...

The latest major firearm manufacturers to announce a micro-compact, high-capacity 9mm pistol, Smith & Wesson...
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Unique: 5 Grains...

Complaints about Unique being dirty, whether it’s the “old” Unique or the “new” Unique abound, and I...
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