The Recipe

Every die-hard Skeeter fan knows this load by heart. There’s no need for writing it down, because it’s the only load you’ll ever need. The load consists of a Lyman Ideal 429421 cast bullet, designed by Elmer Keith, himself. This bullet is seated over 7.5 grains of Unique powder and stuffed in a .44 Special case, sparked with a large pistol primer. Velocity runs close to 1,000 fps, depending on barrel length of your shooter.

This load is easy to shoot, recoil wise, by most shooters and capable of taking care of 90% of your shooting chores. What the 10% can’t do, I haven’t a clue. Compare this to the .44 Magnum, which runs 400+ fps faster, has considerably more recoil, and which few can handle, at least initially. It takes time learning how to control the recoil. Most don’t need all the horsepower for the majority of their shooting needs. The .44 Special can handle everything with better manners.