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Black Magic


We gun-guys are very fortunate these days to have many choices for metal finishing. We have bluing, which can be

Safety Sensibility


The crusty Master Sergeant stood at the front of the room slapping his crippled leg with a whip-thin swagger stick

Taming Triggers


Questions about triggers and sights dominate the majority of discussions in all gun shops. I have written about sights and

Sight Sense


Of the thousands of questions gunsmiths answer, questions about sights top the list. The most common is, “I’m getting old



As long as there are human beings, there will be those who choose to reside in the devils lair. In

Silencer Stuff


The proper term is “suppressor” and the slang is “can,” but the old original word I grew up with was

Drop-In Springs?


If I had to pick two subjects that come up in gunsmith’s shops I would have to say “springs” and

Colt Rising


Like the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes, I’m seeing more and more fine old Colt revolvers coming out of