Rim Rock Bullets for Reloaders


Here’s the famous Rim Rock Bullets logo!

Frankie (left) and Frank Brown (right), proprietors of Rim Rock Bullets.

The humble cast projectile is as old as firearms themselves. Made mostly of lead, this malleable metal allows alloying, giving us performance enhancing qualities for desired results. Hardening lead provides more penetration, while softer allows for more expansion. Everything in between is up to the caster’s desires.

For those who’ve yet to pour bullets from the silver stream there’s another option. Custom cast bullet shops like Rim Rock Bullets come to mind. While recently on a spring bear hunt, Andy Larsson of Skinner Sights and I took a day off to visit the proprietors of these fine bullets, Frank and Frankie Brown.

For a bullet caster, visiting Rim Rock was quite the experience. They have all the same equipment as most casters, only in mega-sized quantities. Plus, as you can imagine, they have other automated machines to really crank out the bullets, size them and even gas check them automatically, while under the watchful eye of their skilled employees.

Rim Rock provides bullets for cowboy action shooters, hunters, plinkers, commercial ammo manufacturers and everything else in between.

If you’re like me, you’ll love this article as it has lots of pictures and is shorter than usual. Plus, it’s about cast bullets!

How’s this for some alloy? Each of those bundles weighs approximately 1,000 pounds.

Sorting the good from the bad. You wouldn’t believe how “picky” these guys are!

Spice of Life

Rim Rock offers over 300+ different bullet styles and calibers. Bullets can be custom sized, along with alloy hardness. Choose from the many style Rim Rock offers, such as cowboy, gas checked, hard cast 12 & 15 BHN, top shelf and special & SPG lubed, to name a few categories. There’s plenty of variety for your needs.

An automated gas checking machine

A whole pile of 405-grain .45-70 slugs ready for lube/sizing.

By the Numbers

Last year Rim Rock cast over 800,000 pounds of bullets. A single casting machine can go through 1,000 pounds of alloy when running non-stop with larger bullets. A single employee can hand size/lube 28,000 to 30,000 bullets using a Star Sizing machine. How’s that for arm cranking ability?

Bullets are cast on automated machines under an employee’s watchful eye. Bullets are hand inspected and boy are they picky! The great thing about cast bullets is you can simply drop them in the melt and cast them over again.

A bag of over 5,000 gas checks indicates the type of
volume Rim Rock is used to doing.

Jamie inspects culled bullets where the gas check failed to stay on the bullet.

Bullets by the Pound

Rim Rock has a great service they offer where you can order up to a pound of bullets to check bullet style, how they shoot, or if they will chamber in your in your gun. This way you won’t waste your hard-earned cash on something that doesn’t suit your needs. For a mere $8, the cost of shipping, you can pick up to a pound of different styled bullets. How’s that for customer service?

The casting machines use eight molds during their cycling process.

Industry Leader

Rim Rock proudly provides cast projectiles for Buffalo Bore Ammo, The Hunting Shack, Atomic Ammo, and Bullseye Shooting Sports. Some bullet styles are cast strictly for certain venders. While visiting, I saw large barrels of finished bullets ready for shipment and let’s just say there was a lot of them!

Free Shipping

Face it, there’s very few things heavier than lead. But get this! Online orders over $140 worth of bullets and you get free shipping. This only applies to online orders, not phone orders. So, it’s worth your while to login and get you some bullets for the shipping savings. Orders are routinely shipped and received from order to doorstep in two weeks, or less. Due to today’s crazy times of demand, this may vary, but usually not.

Barrels of bullets ready for shipment to commercial ammunition plants.

Other Options

Rim Rock is willing to order custom molds with a minimal first order for commercial businesses.

From big to small, Rim Rock has the bullet you need. A .50 caliber slug next to a .22 caliber slug.

Cast is King

If you’ve yet to try casting bullets, here’s a great way to get introduced to shooting them. Once you see how effective they are, you’ll be hooked. Rim Rock is a top-notch outfit who are very customer oriented.

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