Best Of — Gunny Sack

Eley .22 Ammo

By Roy Huntington Okay, quick — who’s been making ammo since 1828? Extra points if you can guess who makes

Keymate USB Light

By Roy Huntington If you want to give your favorite gal the key to your heart, start with giving her

Lyman Borecam

By Roy Huntington Iknow you’ve always wanted something like this, because I’ve always wanted something like this. We’ve all wondered

Clickspring Fire Piston

By Roy Huntington Chris from Clickspring is a delightful young man who does incredible machining videos on his website (

Offhand Gear

By Roy Huntington Okay, this gets wife-Suzi’s approval, and not many things get that rating. Tired of the Barbie-pink “this”

Bottle Breacher

By Roy Huntington Making Forbes magazine’s “Top 25 Veteran Startups” list, former Navy SEAL Eli Crane and his wife, Jen,