Best Of — Gunny Sack

SB Tactical SBPDW

By Michael O. Humphries Look, we all know MSR-based pistols are way cool. But, are they practical? They can be

Catch 22 Dispenser

By Roy Huntington I stopped by to visit Marble Arms (think: rifle sights, etc.) at the SHOT show this year

Arredondo Squib Pro

By Roy Huntington If you haven’t had the delight of experiencing a squib round (where the bullet gets stuck in


By Roy Huntington I’ve used Alumagrips for years and they ride on a couple of my “heavy use” guns. In

Eley .22 Ammo

By Roy Huntington Okay, quick — who’s been making ammo since 1828? Extra points if you can guess who makes

Keymate USB Light

By Roy Huntington If you want to give your favorite gal the key to your heart, start with giving her