Got a GLOCK? Not an MOS optics-ready version? No problem. GlockStore is offering a quick turnaround slide-cutting service to make your classic GLOCK slide optics-ready.

The company offers three options to suit your preferences. The “No Co-witness” cut assumes optics only and places the optic cut far back on the side, removing the rear “iron” sight. The Combat Cut does the same but adds a dovetail groove in front of the optic so you can add a backup “iron” sight in front of the red dot mount. The “Co-witness” cut machines the optics cut in front of the existing rear sight dovetail, so you leave that in place for backup traditional sighting.

If you don’t already have a red dot sight, just choose what you want from a long list of options, and GlockStore will do the cuts, mount the optic and return your slide. If you already have one, they’ll simply cut the slide as needed. And all in 10 days or less.

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