Best Of — Gunny Sack

Gunbox 2.0

By Mark Kakkuri Sitting on a shelf in our living room for several weeks now, silently and unobtrusively standing guard,


By Mark Kakkuri Problem: Holster clips that clip but don’t hold very well. They slide too easily off a belt,

Kershaw Barge

By Mark Kakkuri You and I have been carrying folding knives in our pockets for decades. And I’ll bet you

Grayman Dua Knife

By Mark Kakkuri It’s about as non-descript a knife as you can find, but beautiful in form and function. Grayman’s


By Mark Kakkuri I’m usually not one for comic-style emblems on my carry gun but in this case I’ll make

Kramer Holster

By Mark Kakkuri I know you’ve heard of Kramer Leather, an icon in the industry if ever there was one.