Best Of — Gunny Sack

Bullet Blossoms

Roy Huntington Scott McGeough is a shooter. He’s also a former naval officer, current merchant marine officer and volunteer fire

Steel Will Gekko 1550

By Mark Kakkuri This folding knife boasts no single exceptional feature and yet has nothing you’d want to change. Basic,

Gunbox 2.0

By Mark Kakkuri Sitting on a shelf in our living room for several weeks now, silently and unobtrusively standing guard,


By Mark Kakkuri Problem: Holster clips that clip but don’t hold very well. They slide too easily off a belt,

Kershaw Barge

By Mark Kakkuri You and I have been carrying folding knives in our pockets for decades. And I’ll bet you

Grayman Dua Knife

By Mark Kakkuri It’s about as non-descript a knife as you can find, but beautiful in form and function. Grayman’s


By Mark Kakkuri I’m usually not one for comic-style emblems on my carry gun but in this case I’ll make

Kramer Holster

By Mark Kakkuri I know you’ve heard of Kramer Leather, an icon in the industry if ever there was one.