Best Of — Gunny Sack

Hoffner Beast

By Mark Hampton The Hoffner Beast certainly is. Police officer, anti-terror expert and self-defense trainer Brian Hoffner designed it as

Echo-Sigma ASRS

By Roy Huntington Echo-Sigma survival kits have graced our pages before for good reason — they are always 100 percent

Malkoff Hound Dog

By Roy Huntington Gene Malkoff is like a custom pistolsmith, only he works with high-performance flashlights and light systems. Like

Cammer Hammer

By Roy Huntington Bruce Cockerham and Bob Corkrean called me out of the blue and wanted to chat with me

GunSport Pro Plugs

Some people are simply bothered by muffs, and indeed, some muffs can interfere with proper cheek placement on a stock,