What's Inside?

The March/April 2020 issue of American Handgunner Magazine has a little something for everyone. Opposites attract in the dual SIG SAUER cover story from Massad Ayoob while your favorite gun writers cover 1911s, revolvers, carry guns and even pistol caliber carbines — plus a chance to win a GLOCK 48!

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Cover: SIG SAUER P320 XFIVE Legion & P365 XL

A double-feature cover story, Massad Ayoob examines SIG SAUER’s P320 XFIVE Legion and P365 XL. One a full-size heavyweight competitor with new tungsten-infused grip module, the other a hard-hitting lightweight designed for carry, Mas puts the extreme opposite handguns through the ringer.

“What particularly impressed me was the P365 XL performed so reliably when it came out of the box bone dry. Big thumbs up for that.”


Chiappa Rhino 200DS A revolver perfect for space detectives — and you (Frank Jardim)

Pistol Cartridge Semi-Auto Carbines – Modern and versatile, even Duke likes ’em (Mike “Duke” Venturino)

Retro Time Machines – Shades of Miami Vice with the Tec-9 and -22 (Tiger McKee)

One for The Street, One for The Field – Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 M2.0 Compact and Model 648 (John Taffin)

EAA MC1911SC Ultimate – The “ultimate” 1911 with a view (Will Dabbs, MD)

Expert Columns

Handloading – Reasons to reload (David Freeman)

The Sixgunner Sortin’ out the GLOCKs (John Taffin)

Handgun Hunting – Bipods, tripods and shot placement (Mark Hampton)

Better Shooting Leaning left — left handed, that is (Dave Anderson)

The Insider Generating some patina (Roy Huntington)

Giveaway: GLOCK 48

Best thought of as a single-stack version of the ever-popular G19, the slimline GLOCK 48 leads our Mar/Apr prize package. Also included is a 3-Can Ammo Crate from MTM Case-Gard perfect for staying organized at home and on the range, plus the small but versatile VZ Punch Arrow dagger for a total value of $662.99.

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